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Saturday, December 4, 2010

let us talk regarding...

men in (ktm's) ladies coach
-personally i think that they are either blind, too stupid to read and understand the big bold pink notice or just don't have enough balls to go at their respective coach. pun definitely intended

fb link on dream hubby, good man should... etc
-personally i think that they just have to stop looking for unrealistic dreams and ground their feet to something solid and face it, life isn't what is it. sumpah den naik jelek tengok komen macam "omg so sweet~" "oh, laki seperti ini lah dicari olehku" coz i think that ppl yg comment like that seriously need life, even more so than i do. and that is saying something

sore throat and cough
-it's annoying.even with the super-duper creamy big delicious yummy vanilla McD's ice-cream it won't heal. but it soothe it for a while. just wait till it get worser,tomorrow perhaps? aww~

harry potter 7 part 1
- a total awesomeness, watched with and equally awesome buddies, with humongous size pop-corn, and newly-bought hand mitten, with o-god hpdm fanservice, a disturbing image of both voldermort and dumbledore (it look like a part from yaoi manga), ron being a sweet chara, laling's sudden obsession of talking bout bulu dada, and the whole lot more. it's bloody awesome

++can't think much due to fatigue and cough++

Sunday, November 21, 2010

cerita dongeng

hatta AntarA selang tiga pat lima bulAn..maKa dipAnggilNya SultAn kerAjAan negeri berdaulat itu akan panGliMa terhandalnya, PanglIMa BawaNg. Adalah diketahui SekAlian penduDuk di Dalam negri itu akan kesaktian panglima terbilang itu…telah disaksikan sebahagian penduduk negri baGaimana gAhnye BeliAu menumpaskan angkatan tentera gelap dari benua omputih deNgan hembusAn nafasnye yang berbau bawang puteh itu…maka, berdecitlah anak-anak buah Van hellsing dek takut deNgan bau Yang teramat kuat itu……sumpah, Van hellsing tidak kan membawa tentera draculanya menyerang tanah melayu ini..

maka datang menghadap ke atas duli tuanku si laksamana bawang…maka selepas diangkatnya sembah kepada orang tua bermisai lebat itu, maka titah tuanku "hai laksamana bawang..adalah hari ini beta memanggil kamu mengadap adalah tidak lain dan tidak bukan tetapi untuk menyampaikan satu berita gembira".maka bergegarlah balairung seri itu dengan gelak tawa baginda umpama ketawa syaitan mendapat habuan…maka, dengan Segala sopan santun dan maki hamun di hati…panglima mengangkat sembah..

"ampun tuanku beribu-ribu ampun….apa gerangan khabar berita yang tuanku ingin khabarkan pada patik yang pacal ini?"

lantas baginda tuanku duduk di atas singgahsana beliau yang nampak sangat penuh dengan pembaziran… "akan kukahwinkan dikau dengan puteri sulongku atas jasa baikmu pada tanah ini.." maka, terkejutlah panglima itu…….dicatatkan di sini apa yang terlintas di hatinye…..

={ THE HELL???!!!! he’s not really going to marry me with thatprincess???oh come on!!this old man is insane!!!princess,my ass!!!!she’s not even worth to be call a girl….what with the bulky masculine figure that she have?plus that so inhuman voice and brute manner…and what’s more with the beard???omg….i’m totally screwed up!!!!!}=

namun demi mengenangkan orang tua bangsat itu pemerintah negara itu….lantaran bersetujulah panglima itu di atas permintaan yang macam haram itu daripada baginda….perkahwinan meriah diadakan lantas mereka hidup seperti mana seorang suami dan isteri yang lain hidup…..namun….adakah ini satu pengakhiran? atau mungkin satu permulaan????


++this is something that was written before++

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


i wanna date!!!

but i can't take papa to date with me. papa can only date daddy.daddy only.and no one else.nu uh.you hear? papa is exclusively for daddy.

then that leave me with.......TACHEEE!!! COME WE GO ON DATE~~~~woohoohoo. we eat a lot, and do stupid stupid stuff. we stalk your little brother and that cute little blonde of his. o yeah~~


i need to stop reading fluff, and flangst and read naru!harem or naruxothers be true to only sasunaru

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

scratch dat




Friday, October 29, 2010


it makes people go crazy
even makan still pegang note nak study
sometimes konon nak break n lepak tengok tv
omigeezers, u stuck dekat 2 jam depan drama hari ini

i see my notes and i naik gelabah
huh, banyak lagi yang i x geledah
i salin nota x sudah-sudah
at last fius i putus and i think i goreng saja sudah~

exam, ko buat aku naik setan
ngapa nak apal nota macam load muatan 8 tan
kalau ade roti tekap doraemon dah lama aku makan
tapi doramin tinggalkan aku g honeymoon kat taiwan~

aih, setan~~

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

otokke??? -contain too much hetalia ramble-

i can't make up my mind!!

I use to really ship usuk before, though i still like gerita. but then somehow, sometimes, GerIta overshadow USUK~not to mention the tears that fall when i read this pairing doujin, it almost the same amount wif usuk. when they make the chibitalia arc into anime i really ship hrexchibitalia~they got the saddest story..ever! though feliciano got ludwig when he grow up. but then when spain oyabun and his cute lil henchman arc is out i couldn't help to think that "ah, oyabun, romano, why so cute~~buuyoo"

seriously, with hetalia you can't really stick to solely one pairing. I used to ship asakiku before usuk but then suddenly asakiku got shadowed by usuk. it's quite rare for me to ship both blonde partner but well. come to think of it, i don't mind iggy being paired up with whom. there's some fruk stories that r quite good. esp when the dysfunctional family is in the picture.lil!america and lil!canada is so cuuuute~buuyoo~

then come the romaheta vid that i watch on utube~ROMAHETA!!!WHY SO EPIC!!! i mean it! it totally epic. I can understand why it got so popular in japan till the maker have to stop it, just so that the game wouldn't outshine the real series. to think something that a fan made can get this high recognition. though the game is done by amateur, the plot of the story is totally cool~game program got error (all kiku's fault, that otaku.tho i can understan his desire) and bla bla bla. the particular player choose Al as her main chara and the story progress on from there, gaining EXP and weapons, cure all infected person from error. the Holy!Italy brothers is totally awesome. meh, i'm really weak when feliciano show his melancholy and serious side. i got goo-goo if i saw him like that.he in that state is total moe~ah, and you must like Ivan in this game.that yandere sister of his, also cool.there's quite many good romaheta MAD vid at utube. aaah~~so many idea pop up when i was watching this.eh~ i think i might doodle a few. I really want to draw Holy!Italy but the cross~eh, i find a way so that i don't have to draw em.

i am in so much passion when i write about romaheta i can't stop. here let me try to give some MAD vid to this game

this vid is a little light with emotion but it portray some important event in the game.game goes error, chara flood in 2D world, the bad trio kicking up some ass (triangle attack FTW~) etc. but it only goes up till they have to destroy error so called power source.

this one is appealing to you if you have watched the game vid. lean a lil bit on the emotion side. though liecht's word to natalya when they're in Ivan (whatever that mean) was very touching~ liecht, you're the little sister that everyone want.omomomo

help me decide~~what to do~~hetalia got so many new chara popping up~aiyo~should i just ship every pairing??i think i should?? yeah, i should.let's not restrict our choice and enjoy.more fun with the pairing.yeah, since my doujin collection consist variety of pairing, IMMA SHIP ALL PAIRING. SLASH OR HET, BOTH ARE WELCOME TO BE SHIPPED BY ME!! ♥ ♥ ♥

f*ck, i ramble too much.is it because all the kueh raya give me too much sugar and get me hyped up?ee~~h, maybe coz the vids i watched non stop. test tomorrow will be damned. for only a litt...lot of tyme tho.

++papa n daddy is still my OTP, no matter what++

Thursday, September 9, 2010

random facts...about me

1."Sweating bullets" is literally what happens when chepazana gets too hot.

2.chepazana make onions Cry.

3.chepazana died ten years ago, but the Grim Reaper can't get up the courage to tell her.

4.chepazana does not "style" her hair. It lays perfectly in place out of sheer terror.

5.When chepazana goes to out to eat, she orders a whole chicken, but she only eats its soul.

6.chepazana doesn't go on the internet, she has every internet site stored in her memory. She refreshes webpages by blinking.

7.chepazana eats a bowl of diamonds every morning.

8.If you spell chepazana in Scrabble, you win. Forever.

9.chepazana once ate an entire bottle of sleeping pills. They made her blink.

10.When chepazana wants an egg, she cracks open a chicken.

++i hate people who nag++

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If they have given me the role as an ignorant useless bumbling head who is so irresponsible then I'll gladly assume the role. thankyou.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

hidup yang penuh suprise

come bebeh, we all buat entry ala2 coretan hidup. bukan selalu kowt. den kalau dah start nulis Bahasa nieyh alamat grammar semua tunggang langgang. jangan harap ada selitan simpulan bahasa mahupun peribahasa kali ini. Kalau Puan Zubaidah, cikgu BM den tyme skolah dulu baca entry nieyh musti kepala die posing. ntah camne anak didik die semua bahasa malaysia buleh lulus. Once masuk uni jerk, semua tunggang langgang. takde semblance langsung dengan hapa yang dah diblajo di sekolah. dulu kalau suruh buat karangan BM lepas r laie nak siapkan dalam masa 2 jam dua muka surat setengah. belum campor manusia spesis eager ya amat buat ala2 novel sastera karangan fakta tuh, la ni, cuba hangpa suluh bagi kat budak2 uni suruh buat karangan biographi diri sendiri, belum tentu struktur ayat dan grammar depa betul. semua lingkup.

And..apa kena mengena suprise ngan entry kali nieyh? den pon x taw. kowt nampak cam sedap nak letak buat tajuk entry aku bantai r letak. huh. aku dah terkejut gaban dah minggu lepas kawan sekelas aku tyme aku f5 PM me dekat Fb saying that she's getting married this september and the reception event will be on disember. tuh lagi haru, angin takde ribut takde, malah monyet atau king kong pon xde, alih2 pokok bergoyang. 5,6 kali den tanya betui ke idok.dah sampai seru~biorlah.janji eko bahagia bersama ye. bebudak batch pon kan kemain bahagia jadik auntie n uncle x official baby aleesya (anak incik halim sama puan ezi). xde anak sindri, anak orang lain pon jadik r. tumpang rasa megah sekali.hehehe.

tyme raya nieyh ingat nak jumpa ngan cewek beta, baiduri (wajib ketemu setiap cuti sem), my dear ted (our dvd dah sampai.QAF.all five seasons~so gonna have fun watching those blasted series) and dearest laling and kyoko, kalau buley. aku maw jumpa sama ana juga, sama raj, sama bebudak sekolah yang rasa cam nak ngadap muka aku laie. kalau agak dah dekat pat lima taun x jumpa aku saya nasihatkan jangan buat gaya teddy a.k.a. cik zaity murni sulaiman. dah elok aku dok lambai die dari jauh boleyh die datang and tanya aku ngan musykilnya "ini sharifah zanariah ke?". dey, xkan aku boley tetiba tukar jadik paris hilton kowt. huk, tyme aku terserempak ngan atiq azman lu tyme kat ampang aku kene perhati die semayang sampai abis.dua tiga kali die lalu depan aku wat dek.aku tengok gaya dah sebijik da cam atiq zaman sekolah lu,once aku panggil baru die maw sapa aku. hazirah zamri je ku ingat die tegur aku lu.dekat sacc mall tyme tuh.aku pandang die, die pandang aku.then die sebut nama manja intan payung aku "cik pah ke?" alkisah jadik r cerekarama sekejap kat situ.

kesimpulannya, kalau nampak manusia muka cam sharifah zanariah,try2 r tego. aku taw aku dah x seselekeh dulu namun beta tetap beta. u all kalau jumpa manusia muke cam aku kat kedai buku @ komik sah r tuh aku.xde lalinnye.kalau nampak perangai die spastik semacam depan buku pastuh die bercerita ngan semangatnye ngan orang sebelah die, sah r tuh aku.nak kuatkan lagi dakwaan anda, sila curi dengar perbualan manusia rupa iras2 aku tuh. kalau ko dengar ayat camni: "u noe, last i tengok papa die nye series daddy x kuar laie.dah bace fanfic baru? ah, taw x ader madvid?u should listen to len's new song. n got a lot of doujin bersepah merata kat disk srive i....." see, anda mungkin x paham bahasa apa yang die cakap namun ianya adalah bukti bahawa anda jumpa sharifah zanariah yang sebenar,tahniah. saya cakap tak pernah masok akal.

sekian, assalam.

++what the??++

Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm not a child anymore.

I would not let the past haunt me.

and so does the Present.

no matter how terrible it can be.

if this is what people said running away from reality

I don't care

I wouldn't run

if not for the fact that reality suck so much

that it disrupt me

I try not to shed tears alone

and I try to bring them out of the mess

once I garner enough strength

I try my best

to not be a fucked up adult

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a month before eid: the ramadhan

ramadhan, a much awaited month. since this is the month before eid, where people celebrate and have a good time of it. all the fasting done in ramadhan really make eid a beautiful day to celebrate. but ramadhan is one of the nicest month that the hijriyah calendar have.it's a month for everyone.

yes, fasting can be really tiring especially when you have the day full of lectures and classes to attend. not to mention the sudden burden of lots of assignment and all procrastinated works waiting to be done. not to mention that ramadhan fall just right in the middle of the semester, where lecturers all rushing to cover up their syllabus, all the missed class and giving assessment. it's taking a toll to your mental and physical state. plus, once you get home you got to prepare all the food needed to break the fast. here comes the hectic in the kitchen. with bawang to potong, cili to blend, sambal to make, kuih for dessert. sometimes you don't even know what to cook today.

try to go along the road of your neighborhood, on foot during 530pm to 7pm-ish. you can smell different food from different house. just now, around 7 pm i just get a sniff of cempedak goreng, one of my fav kuih.the sweet smell of it~yum. of course when you talk about ramadhan the food that only exist during ramadhan come into your mind. kuih samosa, kuih pelita bulan, all type of nasi kerabu, murtabak. try to visit one of the nearest bazaar ramadhan, it's like a small food festival was held there. yet today i didn't get to visit one at all. i even don't have nasi to eat when i break my fast today. not even a kueh.just my favourite lipton's green tea. and a piece of chipsmore. my headache is killing me. only managed to eat maggi goreng, side dishes are fried egg and 3 piece of udang goreng kunyit. too pissed of to a lot of thing maybe.and my headache, again.

still having my headache.thus i don't even make sense of what i post today. i got to think for tomorrow's menu.it's my turn to cook tomorrow. should i just make sardin masak kicap, some fried udang and telor and of course sayur goreng, resipi ehsan ayang saya, cik noorbaiduri shaibani.nama penoh laie tuh i letak kat u taw.

and somehow uul got to say something on my behalf and i got back half of what i share for barang dapor. guys, i'm sorry for being a picky eater but i can't help it.say whatever you like but i never complain if i can't eat what i usually have.seriously.if u didn't cook my type of food, i keep quiet and eat my own food.just the kuah and nasi.not that i gonna die kalau i x dapat apa yang i x dapat.i makan lauk kosong.actually sangat senang nak jaga i.macam jaga kucing, u guys sumbat ikan.bagi nasik.ada kicap.satu jenis sayor i x sentoh so beli jerk ntok u guys.i even brought my own udang datang. tapi you guys guna lah klu u all nak masak.bukan i nak makan sensorang pon.janji tinggal sikit kat i. x yah bayor.halal.kongsi r makan.cam x bese.jangan kate aku x syukur.aku wat hal aku.tengok, tetiba aku emo pastuh tulis mende takde kaita.takpe, bukan ada manusia sangat yang follow blog aku nieyh.ye, ketahuilah manusia.saya macam kucing kalau nak jaga.ngehehe.

++have to stop writing or else jadik lebey emo++
++listening to:rock kapak at sinar.fm++

Sunday, August 1, 2010

latest project

the last one is vocaloid fanart.
this tyme it gonna be ciel and alois from kuroshitsuji. i don't think of the color scheme yet.i can't even picture how this lineart will end up be. the lineart is kinda messy since i'm trying my newly-developed pen which evolve from pen mata tirus to pen mata khat.it's hard.really.instead of changing pens with others that have finer size, i have to control my grip and my flow.so screwed up.consider this as experimental piece. both lineart and color wil be experimental in this. alois's smile is so hard to draw that i almost gave up drawing him.

may i have the will to color. this gonna take me the whole day.

kuroshitsuji belongs to toboso yana, one hell of mangaka.

++considering the idea of sleeping at 1217am. still early meh++

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i got bored -R15-

so i'm gonna rant on shits here. i ain't got nothing to do and i'm outta my mind. i don't know why but i really want to use lotsa improper and crude language in this post.so warning ahead, that this post ain't for you untainted virgin mind or whatsoeva. i didn't expect that many people clicking the fucking link on my profile at FB or you memorised this site. no bloody way you guys gonna do shit like that.

and so, i have an epiphany to write in my blog.what else to do? i've done my daily chores of cleaning my DA account and playing the effing game at FB. and i roam around to watch anime (currently following kuroshitsuji 2,uraboku, and hetalia) and the shitty fanfic site that only got updated like once in a full moon. no new chapter was up for komahoshi, fucker.i've been waiting for that shit to come up since january.and i lost the link to where i can read kuroshitsuji and god knows why i am so partial to blonde.why do i need to really be partial to them? it's not like i can find a single person here in malaysia. it's fucking impossible. why is it so hard for me to look away from a blond character?? and those hunk that got this fancy eyes color, and oh god, yummy abs. and why the fuck do i have to watch a show like that? or go to that site? fuck those who taught me, but god, i love you guys for that. now, why the hell, really, that i can stumble upon this series. i'm not even done yet with the one that got this loads of romance and fluff in the air but then i found this one that apparently focusing on sexing up another guys right through the weekend and then the unwitting daily questions of life being arouse throughout the series~the us series was quite bold. i'm gonna find the uk version and compared this two series together and have fun watching guys.yummy yummy guys.

oh, and a very potter sequel gonna come out on youtube this saturday. crowds are getting impatient waiting this so fantastic things to come out. i'm not supposed to hold high hope in case i dissapoint myself when i watch it but i cannot help it.this shit, it's fucking awesome. i'm so laughing my ass off when i watch the first series. i'm at the point where i can re-enact every single shit that they spew out of their awesome mouth. And i just found out that you can actually fake your ass with this ass-looking thing snugged inside your cloth,ok more like your pant.and your crotch too? (for man, women got their breast looks bigger by position,push-up bra and extra padding)

now,sleep tight asshole

++feeling just the tiniest bit of bitchy today++

Sunday, July 11, 2010

tahi lembu jantan

I'm not cut up for any movie that contain death scene.especially the one that involve accident,killing and the like. I dislike movie that have things go boom and there's super gun to shoot the enemy with this super cool pose. I don't like movie that the character play with other's life like it's some shit. I hate horror film that involve lotsa bloodshed. Film that contain how easy people die but just slipping on the road and got hit by car.






i'm gonna cry

++choco didn't work this time++

Monday, July 5, 2010

a bit on kuroshitsuji 2

WARNING:CONTAIN SPOILER (for those who hadn't watch it yet)

seriously the whole tyme i watch that series i kept frowning at my own screen. Alois is totally on different level from ciel. that brat are like totally lose screws up on his head (might due to circumstances that are quite disturbing at the start of the episode). his clingyness,random mood swing (bipolar maybe?) want some glittering BL awesomeness? don't worry,Alois and Claude can provide it all~those two...ok this is my personal view, i mean BL is awesome, when the fandom give only subtle hint of it,but if it was blatantly use as fanservice,is not really that awesome anymore.seriously.

i think the episode get to its awesomeness level when sebby came. though he wearing a long high-collar trench coat and a hat that almost cover his eyes, you can still detect his sexiness pouring out of him, carrying his beloved master in a big trunk,apparently want to find something at the basement of the Trancy mansion. okay guys, the main point here is that we're not gonna lose our awesome sebby and ciel. i was afraid of that actually.

now,kuroshitsuji off topic, laling called and told me she left her lappie.i pity her.ha ha.

++still frowning++

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the blessed stumbling

that girl have so many dreams
and most of it are far-fetched
she dreams of a good ending
or a lovely fairytale story
she knew life was harsh
so she root for her dream
she set up her sight
up to the wide sky
as ignorant as it seem
there, lay all her dreams
never then she set her view to the ground

one day, she stumbled
knocked off by a painful reality
her eyes that never set upon the ground
she see it for the first time
her dream she sees
right across her standing
it was like a blessed stumbling
she then realized the wrong in her doing
if she lower her gaze
and broaden her view
in the reality she find the true

++after this the omake++

alkisah poem ini diilhamkan oleh diri saya yang asyik pandang kat bahagian atas pokok mata kucing di rumah saya, dengan harapan adalah sebarang dua biji buah yang boleh dikunyah~alih-alih,ntah macam mana saya TERpandang bawah dan TERnampak rimbunan mata kucing kat bahagian tepi pokok yang alahai dekat giler ngan tanah~betapa saya rasa bengap sekejap.tapi buah tuh x masak lagi~hadoyai

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

hari guru dedulu (2006)

ah, nie ala2 mengimbas kenangan lama r nieyh..exkyus mi, saya nak rant macam orang tua. opcoz, klu cakap pasal ari guru the most memorable one would be the one that when i'm form 5. eh, preparation hari guru tyme tuh involve satu batch kowt, bukan takat kp jerk.habis dibantai segala keringat kitorang nak wat mende alah tuh. tido lambat semata jerk. eh, dalam satu bulan tuh, kami bwat kes beramai2 (5/5) pastuh pk 1 (puan abidah konchong kah?) kowt tyme tuh bersara the day after hari guru. aku pon x ingat sangat.

alkisah den dah x ingat dah biler dorang start issue order ntok prepare hari guru but after that sumua orang busy. kowt setiap manusia lam blik study tuh ader keje memasing. klu x silap aku, aku masok group hias pintu dewan. kowt kebetulan tyme tuh bilik study tengah giler bwat origami crane. jenuh nak wat crane tuh beramai. kredit kat raihana sebab bagi kitorang buku citer dier yg ader cara nak wat crane. kitorang ikat crane tuh dalam 4-5 ekor satu benang then we hang kat pintu. malam nak hari guru tuh sedikit haru nak siapkan dewan. budak2 backdrop laie hantu nak wat keje.kowt semata nak menampal petak2 tuh.lambat gak r balik dorm tyme tuh.budak dah berkrioh baru kami menapak polang.

waktuh tuh, kami sebagai senior kuasa paling atas sekali telah mengissue order pada anak2 riang junior terchenta kami, "kome x dibenarkan pakai baju kaler ijau nanti. kami semua dah chop dulu" hahaha. nak wt citer, taun tuh kami ndak wat t-shirt batch. kami bantai beli kain ntok satu batch bwat baju. trima kasih kepada bebudak yg tinggal kat klang n gi carik kain bundle itu. lantas tyme hari guru tuh, para form 5 bley nampak ngan gemilangnya pakai baju kaler ijau. yg mane x siap wat baju tuh pakai baju bese kaler ijau. peraturan ini hanya diaplikasikan pada pelajar puteri sahaja.

aku dah x ingat dah kitorang watper dulu hari tuh.yg aku taw perhimponan pagi ader cam biasa. uh, klu x silap start ngan sukaneka kowt. aku da x ingat pe sukaneka yg kitorang bantai kat situ. aku ingat ader pertandingan wat roti canai yg paling bergaye skali. lawan antara guru ngan murid. acara demo wat roti canai dijalankan dengan menjempot abang bangla dari kantin pak wan. alkisah ada r junior putera nieyh, teramat bergaya dia muncul, siap pakai topeng laie.tapi die yg paling style wat roti canai. and then x lupa pade acara hias kek oleh para cikgu lelaki. adakah ustaz solah yg kuar g 7-E kat sebelah semata nak bli hiasan tambahan. koat depa letak chocolate ferrero rocher atas kek tuh. dengan whip cream segala, wallualam~walaupon kek tuh nampak cam x lalu jerk tapi still edible. aku dah x ingat sangat yg lain, ader kowt sukaneka lain yg involve student ngan cikgu, buat baju lah~~kejadah laie. aku da x ingat sangat.

lepas rehat baru kitorang gerak gi dewan ntok main event. dibwat nye kami beratur di sepanjang jalan sebelom sampai ke ke dewan~ala2 perarakan gitu~once depa masok dewan kami dok sembur depa ngan cebisan kertas warna warni n also belon bli tyme outing kat kajang. sekali lagi kami guna kuasa veto senior kami ntok duduk kat depan skali, blakang chekgu2. vip seat kan. yang den ingat tyme tuh mustilah lakonan bebudak putera.kowt aku gelak sampai kuar air mata. cikgu yahurin depan aku laie best. siap pas tisu kat orang sebelah bwat lap air mata. x abis gelak babak nieyh aku dah terburai gelak ntok babak lain. eh, personal favret aku babak sambutan di india. suyut yg paling ngetop skali, skunk bebetol kat india wat medic..hehehe.irony sungguh.lepas tuh mende ntah kitorang wat, ader acara dari cikgu2 n penyampaian hadiah kowt. tyme balik tuh aku tengok burung2 origami kitorang makin sikit. ah, teacher shaz laie best, siap tanya kitorang bley amik ke x burung tuh. "nak bagi kat anak kat umah" uhuk, tyme tuh memang bahagia tapi penat x yah cakap oh~hehehe

skunk aku da sampai da x taw r bebudak batch aku menghilang ke mana. bertabur merata dunia.aku tulis mende nieyh pon pakai bantai ingat jerk.kowt ader yg salah x taw r. aku xde bli cd sambutan hari guru tuh. aku gegila nak copy mende alah tuh ngan manusia yg ader tapi aku x taw sapa yang ader mende alah tuh. kowt sesapa yang ader bagitaw r den, xde pon send jerk fail tuh kat gue. nescaya gua akan jadi manusia yg paling bahagia kat muka bumi ini. den bertrima kasih pada saudara ajiz sebab naikkan vid lakonan tyme tuh. dah bertaun aku ngidam nak tengok balik vid tuh, tercapai gak hasrat aku. kowt aku x taw nak gelak ke nak nangis time tengok balik mende alah tuh last2 aku bantai bwat dedua sekali.huhuhuhu.pada ex-hamidianz yg kowt terbaca, aku rindu giler ngan kowang sumua. tapi sebab aku nieyh kan bz kalah menteri, ssh aku nak jumpa korang. klu jumpa pon dapat cakap sepatah dua pastuh out. message x yah cakap r, klu phone aku sek abis kedit jerk adios lah.

moga kamu sumua berjaya dalam pekerjaan kamu sumua. XOXO

tabah r korang klu baca mende alah nieyh sampai abis.kowt panjang giler aku menaip.tuh pon aku dah cut short. x laie merapu r. salahkan vid hari guru yang aku jumpa tuh~bwatkan aku rasa nak tulis pepanjang jerk.hehehehe

++satu2nya manusia yang amik nurse lam batch aku++

Sunday, May 16, 2010

changing career ~video maker~

of a sort..

I don't really know what got into me lately but here, watch this freaking crap. and yeah, give much love to my buddy.

yeah, this was pretty much a self promo of sort.hahahaha~~ got too much time on hand. ah, i think i did another one too.gonna put it up here

if i got one more screw loose, I'm gonna do 'nother stuff juz like this.ftw.hahaha~

++mr.technical give life to my net.woot++

Monday, May 3, 2010

the importance of editing

Okay, I admit that I'm a lil bit photoshop illitrate. I only know how to use brush only. But lately i know how to use one more function. I couldn't help but vouch that this function is like another vital function that you cannot miss. That is the (hue/saturation) and (color/contrast). Damn, i admit i only found out that ps have it.i usually either use paint tool sai or window picture viewer to do that. Excuse me all photoshop sifoo(master) out there for not finding this function earlier.

This piece was done totally in photoshop (that include the lineart, with help from my dear tabby). The first picture was how it looks like without editing. Ps got a better range in editing, you can choose to change the color scheme, depth, brightness,contrast etc. At this particular piece, i made it darker and make it more contrast, i change the midtone to be more bluish and the shadow lean more toward magenta and yeah the background suck. "orz . and after i go my own merry way of adjusting shit, it became like the second picture, which you can see have a better depth of color in it and more sharper. The bad side of this is that your mistake is going to be obvious too.ugh.

For the gakupo fanart, I did the lineart in my sketchbook and scan the picture into my lappie. The lineart a little bit blurred at first but I adjusted it at Microsoft picture manager so that it's presentable. This particular piece was colored in paint tool sai using mouse since that bloody thing won't cooperate with my tabbie, f*cker. As you can see the color are pretty dull. I did the editing using Microsoft picture manager again since it is pretty simple to use. This all happen before I know the function of editing at Photoshop.

++turn 21 today++

Friday, April 30, 2010

the first production

i dunno if you can watch it or not but i'm trying to put it up here. some shit i pulled up. i think i'm gonna try making a better one using the first three drawing and try developing it from there. i have the rough storyboard ready already. just hoping i have enough will to try~~

++yeah, i totally lost it.alleycats?++

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


stand for ajaran negara purba. that's why lah ramai yang x paham.dude, sapa kata aku cakap pasal anatomy and physiology? no effing way lorh.

kamon lah~~zaman skarang dah takde orang dah panggil rahim tuh uterus.orang dedulu jerk..tuh, zaman tok kadok dulu depa pakai lah segala istilah macam aram tuh der..what, y'all x tau kah? orang dedolu kalau depa nak nak beranak depa lari jumpa mak bidan, dorang seru lagu nieyh:

"mak bidan, o mak bidan. come, I bid thee. your expertise are needed"

then, sekonyong-konyong mak bidan tuh datang ngan sireh senyonyoh celah gigi, kain batik hutang bhai kampung atas kepala. cara orang dolu2 tutup kepala.

"such loud voice you had there young chap. come, pray tell what is that so important that need my seeing immediately?"

lantas berkata orang muda, termengah-mengah beliau menjawab.

"my wife. her membrane had ruptured just moments ago. her contraction had become more insistent and the interval have become shorter too. her breath are labored, may due to insufficient of oxygen in blood or it just her systemic response for labor process."

mak bidan pon tutup mata, tangannya mengusap dagu ala2 cam orang dalam wayang gambo dok posing gaya berfikir tahap kritikal.

" ah, so the lady have her labor process initiated. using some logical theory on positive feedback involving hormone such as oxytocin, estrogen and progesteron, the pain going to be more severe by each minutes. come, young man. inside you go and help me to prepare. we got lots to do and no time to waste. don't be haste and later show me the way"

inilah perbualan orang dolu2 yang saya record 2 abad lepas. moral of the story is actually anp full of incomprehensible term and analogy that it must come from era yang kita x taw...ntah sapa ntah yang bijak sangat nak panggil ganglia tuh ganglia, veterbrae boleh kerat jadi 4 part. cell boleh main mesej guna hormone n nerve n segala haram r yang wujud lam badan.it's like their own maxis lah tuh.

minta maap.sebenarnya den tengah tensen sama test den tadik. den poie dulu lah ek.anak da nangis mintak susu.

++cursing anp++

Thursday, April 22, 2010

new de-stress method

huhuhu, i didn't know why but lately photoshop have been my way to escape things and de-stress. that thing above is one of the thing that i fully done digitally. since i suck at background i didn't do one, lol. i still fail when it comes to color the cloth. i just don't know how. oh, btw, final had started. just finished with my first one and whoop, once i got into my room, connected my internet cable and open up mangafox, walla~~ new chap of Naruto is up...i got to scream myself out at the last page.yummy yummy evil!papa at the screen. it just like all those author at fanfic always describe him as evil!naru. sebijik.hahaha. sometimes i have my doubt that masashi secretly followed fanfics and doujin alike, just so that he won't have lost any idea in developing plots.

++glad no one was around when she screamed KYAA!!++

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lalalala~~it's like I put a title for something so formal, like an article or something like that. But the truth is I'm gonna bitching about people around me.

Which is better? Bitching it with other people or put it up where anyone from whichever part of the world can read? I opt for the latter


Uh, suddenly I don't know how to start it. And don't say shit like 'babe, of course you have to start from the beginning'.


My class, it's like a man eating world there. Those people in my class, they are the type that you gonna face right up once you enter the world. you guys know how it work out there. We got hierachy. Those with power and influence going to stay at the top while the more useless or socially retarded can take pleasure licking the bottom part of the ladder and being stomped. And if those hierachy had somehow got messed up, then you have to find a force that gonna stick with you, through the end.

Most people are innocent, naive and sweet when you first met them. Guys, first impression is vital. If you fail to give a good impression you can say goodbye to the top position of society ladder. From first impression too you can choose your colleague. Colleague is important if you wanna make it through safe and sound. Colleague going to support you if you have problems, and they help you with stuff and you got to be more relaxed out there. But beware, there are some rotten individuals in your colleague. They have their own piece of nasty habits and intentions. The longer you know someone, the more of their nasty habit make appearance. Then we got into the backstabbing phase, where this people say shit about that person to another person then this another person said to his or her friend which in turn said to another person and poof we got a lot of bullshiting happening at once, with the story geting more and more twisted and suddenly this person show up and make it worse.

And that's how we ruined people's standing in the society.

Sometimes people confide their secret in you. And we trust other people not to let this secret out. Then it turn out that this person dissapoint you. What can you do? Bitch about it to other people lah.

I'm rambling. I dunno what shit i pull up here. Screw society. Screw all. So long, sucker.



++keeping her mouth shut after this++

Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby and me ( not a movie tittle plz)

Somehow I manage to show to them that a freak like me can actually handle babies way better than those smart-ass who only knew the basics in books and totally forgotten on how to take care of their siblings (given if they have any experience in doing so).

I'm posting at post-natal ward at 6D at Sungai Buloh Hospital. That ward only admit normal newborn and mother without much complications after delivery. I manage to shut a baby that mother's away for treatment (ok, it's like he shut up once i hold him and then start to cry back and my colleague ask him from me and i give it to her and then he's still crying and she gave it to me but the baby still cry albeit only for a few seconds and then shut the hell up) and they have this disbelieve look on how i'm not awkward at holding newborns and feeding them supplementary milk. Though they throw a few comment on how brutal the way i handle em. It looks rough, yes but I actually handling 'em pretty well. My hands are still though i slouched when i held the baby and feed him and looks like a gangsta with a baby at her hand. I wanna take pic but someone told me that it is not encouragable to take pic wif babies. Plus it's not my kid so i'm cool.

And i thought i'm not going to change anyone's diaper. Yet, i'm still doing it.hahaha. newborn poop didn't smell ( or maybe i'm just plain immune to it)

Get a first-hand experience on seeing how the newborn receive their BCG. It's given Intradermal. The JM said something like if the BCG are given IM then the effect would be just like injecting plain water to the baby. Something like that.

I have to read more on breastfeeding. I have to teach the new mothers on how to do so. I even have to teach them on how to properly hold their babies. Although i have no experience on doing so ... yet. Somehow kak qhom, after reading one patient BHT state that she's felt challenged. One of the mom is actually 18 years old and the hubby is a year older than me. Wtf? Hehe. At least she got married.

Babies cutie, here (step) mama come.

P/s: i hate people who touch a newborn without a reason to do so. If you only want to coo or something like that you better read on health ed. Babies supposed to be bonded to the mom. Let the mum cuddle em. If i have a newborn myself, i wouldn't like anyone else to keep touching my baby like he/she was her kid. And watch ur hand b4 n after u touch newborn.they are prone.noktah



++teringat time beliau keje di nursery dolu++

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My daily routine during non-class day

This is basically my routine. Totally ain't like other's peole, with exception of few people, who I know have the almost similar routine. The one thing that you might find consistent in the picture is the lappie and also the bed. I basically live on the bed. I eat, i sleep, i draw, i bitch around, i surf net, i watch stuff, i read stuff, i'm doing my assignment, i'm on phone with my girls-it's all on this bed. It's like my sanctuary, my guilty pleasure. I keep snacks under my bed, within reach so that i don't have to walk to my locker (refer pic 3) and yes, the first thing i attend to at the morning is my lappie-whether to turn it off or just continue with what i left last night.

Koko just like to sit there and be pretty. He can only be use at night when i sleep. I only walk away from my bed to bath, pray, classes, assigment-related activities,buying food or when i have enough of her. I think this is the reason why i gained 2 kilos despite that batu caves that i have to climb for classes almost everyday in a week.

And i took my brunch, dinner and whatsoever all in front of my lappie. I can't really part with him now. Take it nasi lemak ke, nasi ayam ke, nasi goreng cina ke, I'll find a way just so that i can eat in front of the lappie. lazy me.

I really love my lappie~~


++my lappie is my love right now. And my bed too++

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A few not so good fact about me

  1. I'm a picky eater. I don't like greens, I avoid red meats and chicken. I can't stomach sausage. I'm not keen with shells-stuff (e.g clamps). I abhor cuttlefish (thanks to the weird dream I got when I was a kid) yet i do eat that dried cuttllefish with sugar (that one yummy). I totally in love with prawns and its family. I'm the one who slay fish for food. I also adore crab (snap snap). I can't really tolerate hot and spicy food. Oh, catfish is nice. When I was small, I don't really like durian. But now, it's okay. I can only eat instant noodle that is cooked on stove, or if I have no choice, cup noodle. I give beansprout to my friend. That's a few of my eating habit.
  2. I have a sub-aneroxic site in me. I called it "reaksi penolakan". If I reached my limit, my throat automatically do this weird thing and I feel nauseous. But I never really throw up. Can we really presume I have eating disorder if I actually hurl out everything? No, wait. I don't have any body image problem. In fact, I gain a few kilos already. Aiyah
  3. I'm clingy. To the fact that people might actually called me a Les. But no one had really said that to my face. Most of the time, the one that I clung onto have that thrown to their face.hahaha. I hold hands like lovers do when I'm hanging out at mall with Bai. We're both touchy feely. So we do all touchy feely stuff, but we're cool. I hug people (tha female) randomly too. Some of them might jump out their nerve when I do that, but I'm cool. I don't grope you guys right? Okay, maybe I did that with certain people, but I'm just fooling around. And I act sweetly with my friend that my gay brother called me a Lesbo. Especially when I'm on the phone with laling.
  4. I'm the type of person who sent subtle hint if I don't like something. If I didn't like someone making noise, I'm gonna be quiet for like hours, with nothing coming out my mouth to the point that when I start to speak out, my voice croacked, just like when I just wake up. But sometimes, I just glare. I'm not good at glaring, yet I think it can be passed as glaring. But the other time, I just speak right out what's the problem is. I tend to be blunt with my remark, and sometimes effing rude with it. If i have no choice, I'll be bitching about it with other people or at the blog. Sometimes, FB got the splashes too.
  5. I hate noises when I try to sleep. Especially unnecessary noise. I can bitch about that for hours.
  6. If I'm at my bedroom, I like my door to be shut nicely so that no sound from outside can leak in. I kinda grow some special sense with it that even when I'm sleeping, I know that someone had not shut the door properly and it woke me up. I'm weird just like that. Even with my back facing the door and I wear headphone with blasting music, I can still tell that the door is not properly shut. This door rule apply to my room at college.
  7. I also hate unnecessary noise wake me up. People who talk loudly when answering call, scraping chair sound, extra banging sound, my siblings shouting like little shit outside, it all woke me up.
  8. If I don't have my breakfast yet, I tend to bitch around. This goes on till someone shove a food right down my throat. This only apply at home.
  9. If I hate someone, I hate her/him with a fervour, and if I like someone, it gonna last like forever. So, don't have me at your bedside since the consequences is not really nice. I won't lash out but I'm gonna torture you mentally. Till you lose your mind.
  10. I'm an avid fan of BL and yaoi. My biggest fandom would be sasunaru. If people telling me that this is not normal and stuff like that, I'll probably ignore it. I don't care. Though I'm not at the ultimate level of fujoshi-ness, know this. I read, write,draw and watch every genre and rating of manga, doujin,anime,drama cd and fanfic. Hungary-san is my idol at fujoshi-ness.she's super awesome. And why the f*** I write a country name as an idol? Try google it with hetalia at the end. You'll find the answer.
  11. I'm a sucker for any blond character with bright eyes color (i.e Naruto, England a.k.a Arthur) and if there's any black-haired chara with an obvious asian feature they're gonna be paired up in my mind and be the latest fandom I ship (exception to Joker pairing, they're both blond)
  12. I can write long entry. I kid you not. And it's actually didn't cover 1/10 of my story.
++ah, the wonder of word2007++

Sunday, March 14, 2010

a useless entry ~~

...consisting of my dekstop screenshot..OTL

I just make a few useless customization (but held a very significant meaning to me)
I especially fond with kyuubi as firefox icon~~
and that's an Iggy flele shell -in pirate outfit-
papa's and daddy's symbol beside each other
don't ask about the HP skin for wmp~~ I dunno what's gotten to me~~
ah, and the lotsa hetalia icon~~nyaa

and my lappie littering with stickers. I'm childish yet I'm gonna be 21 in two month~~

++losing her insight on becoming adult++

Saturday, March 13, 2010

the most lovable, sincere...

Love letter that I have ever read~~

This is taken from Junjou Romantica series, under the arc of Junjou Egoist ( if I'm not mistaken, don't bother to find it back).It's a letter from Nowaki to Hiroki, when he's abroad.The one that Hiroki open up and read amongst other, the one that he finally get a hand on after Nowaki came back to Japan.here it goes:

Hello. Over here, it's quite...
...have you been? For now, I've gotten used to the new enviroment and I'm doing well. but recently my longing to see you has been growing more and more intense
and I can't help but laugh a bit wryly at myself.
I want to see you. I pondered why exactly I felt so discontent, and I realized that.
I don't feel any dissatisfaction about the classes at school here or the lifestyle,
it's just the simple fact that I can't see you that's making me feel insecure.
But I haven't even brought myself within sight of your back yet,
and I know that now isn't the time for complaining.
I won't be mailing this letter now, but one day I would like to show it to you proudly, with dignity
and to reach that I will keep working as hard as I can.
I have to admit something.Before I left Japan, I snuck a picture of you while you slept.
I look at it everyday. It's my sole support. I really do love your face when you sleep.
I'm sure I'd get a punch in the face if you found out, so I'll keep it a secret.
I've almost reach the bottom of the page, so I guess I'll end it for today.
I'll write to you again.
Hiro-san, I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you
I love you. I really, trully love you.
I miss you.

-kusama nowaki

ahh~~ I'd been screaming like a bloody fangirl when I read the translation of the letter every single time ( I can't keep track of how many times that I rewatch it) Of course this is not the first fictional love letter that I found from my reading but then, I have to admit that this one is totally sincere. It manipulate the simple language that were used in everyday's conversation, with none of that sappy language (e.g your eyes are beautiful like those of gems, smoldering me with every single gaze). this letter is straight forward, the content show how Nowaki really felt that time, too many things to say yet it cannot be fit in one letter.thus the random content. And the one with Hiro's sleeping face being his sole support, so cute -insert girlish fangirl screaming here- Ah. the highlight of this letter would be the many (I miss you) by the end of the letter, he can't write it enough. he keep writing the same thing. he really miss Hiro!! Nowaki you lovely bastard. I ♥ you!!

ah, I'm drowning in other people love letter~~feeling the love~~

++still squealing like a fangirl she is++

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm gonna be NR next time..and a little talk on my obsession

lately laling had been very suspicious when I thank her for no many reasons. thanks to her subtle hints I got to read skip beat, an absolute superb shoujo manga.. lately my mood had been a little messed up so I have a change with my reading choice. But that doesn't mean that I'm gonna quit Yaoi and BL and stuff cause so you know, I l♥ve it. period. Wanna know something that totally pathetic awesome? I had been an avid fan of sasunaru since I'm 16 years old. Ah~ the old days. those remarkable one transitional week. I keep smiling for no reason at all till my dorm mate had to make excuses for my behavior. owe you one , Paien. For a normal good person to still stick to this weirdo till the end of school day, you're totally awesome. because for one thing Paien is like, totally normal. And, once again laling managed to make me cry with only one call, telling me the spoiler for Naruto 486. but I think last week record was far more greater, since she can make me cry with only one sms. Let us hope that I got to read this week chap and the net is not cranky cause this chapter seems to be one of those chapter that indicate changes of things (or in other words, one more significant sasunaru moment. last week is one too? wtf with the tittle? so far yet so close? so corny. And man, look at papa, what kind of greeting is that? you don't really greet your so called rival-turn-best-friend-that-got-so-wacked-up-with-revenge-and-shit-then-betray-your-own-village-just-to-get-power-from-some-mutated-trans-and-put-a-hole-right-through-your-chest with stuff like I'm glad I met you. that like, totally wrong.unless you know, you ♥ him, hahaha).

Ah, I finally got a song that I want to hear today, many thanks to Ieka.she's super awesome to have this song and save me the trouble to rummage through the net just so that I have to find the song. It's been in a single playlist today. The final product of hearing the same song (everytime we touch) and mind full of crappy shit involving papa and daddy, thus this shit appear..

suddenly both of them looks too girly and daddy looks like some chic turn to vampire with the red eyes and all. This was actually a sketch that i took with my camera phone and bluetooth-ed to my pc and after much editing and all, this is the final product. I still need a lot of training when it involve coloring and all that.all hail to me~hahaha

ah, I might going to be NR starting next sem. My pa had given his green light to me. and there's people who gonna let me stay with them. I don't really have much trouble right now, except for some fugly bitch that i totally hate. I was hoping to get rid of myself from her presence. Let us just pray that everything is okay,kay?

this is somehow a long entry.There's too much to tell you guys this time.hahaha.
oh, disclaiming naruto and sasuke since it's masashi's. I'm almost at legal age where sue is something that gonna fall under my name.

++an awesome tips, if u see a blank space on between sentence, try highlight it++

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

imitation black: step by step on fanart

the step by step by the one who have to many time on her hand

the rough sketch. i use deep blue lead so that explain the sketch color. i have to rewatch the vid for a few times till i get the atmosphere and have to pause to draw the rough sketches of their clothes

I directly inked Len's dress with o.2 pilot drawing pen. there's a few addition I made to Gakupo.
finished with inking len yeah you're pretty Len, no doubt, but you're a boy. start to ink the foremost part of Gakupo (his hand). I got pretty confused with his hair I'm messy, lol thus i re-sketch it using my 3 years old mechanical pencil.
pretty much done with basic outline and start to ink Kaito. He's pretty easy though ink consuming..
Tadaa~~ the basic artline done. Since I'm a crap at cg-ing and I'm gonna make it a full monochrome illustration, there's a few addition that have to be done
start to color the black area. I've never really abide the light-and-shadow rule, i just go my merry way to do so. It less complicated that way. trust your instinct when doing so I'm not responsible if yours turn out bad. to make it less confusing I made a tiny little 'x' on every part that need to be inked black. do anyone tell you the marker, though xylene-free have the most awful smell?? that thing contain fatal substance, i swear
the most annoying fun part, re-inking part. There's a few line that needed to thickened. usually i have my 0.1 and 0.4 to do that part. the difference in line will make the artwork more 3-D.
pretty much done with illustration. I added a few elements just to ensure that the artwork won't look empty. I'm a freak so I have a crazy urge to fill every single empty space

screw this...i've got too many free time on my hand and i'm ignoring my assignment. sue me, but i have to de-stress my self. excuse me...those three smexy hot bishies just scream "draw me!!!" with those delicious outfit..huhuhu

the final artwork can be seen here click this magic link

++still running imitation black in her music list++

Saturday, February 27, 2010

back to my native language

it seems that i had developed quite a severe typo disease in which every single thing that i post up at fb have typo in it...i failed...so i'm gonna rant in malay till i overcome this poor excuse of illness,,

sesungguhnya dalam bahasa mesia saya dibenarkan guna bahasa rojak tahap luar cakerawala..hohoho..sudah lama saya x guna bahasa skema...satu hari saya akan bwat entry tanpa tapisan di mana saya x akan sama sekali mengedit entry tersebut dan anda lihatlah bagaimana severe penyakit typo saya lately..since lappie lama saya bwat hal, saya telah mendapat virus ala2 rheumatoid arthritis with severe spam and delayed neurotransmitter response..huhuhu, ntah ada ke idok nama penyakit gitu, wallhualam I x tau..

supposedly hari nie ada lawatan gi loji kat ampangan batu but then atas2 sebab ada manusia yg spek matanyer x cukup nak tebal lagi, ia terpaksa dibatalkan...sungguh ku x berperasaan hapa2 ketika itu...dah x de rezeki (ayat sedapkan hati) namun klu kita melihat dari sudut terangnya (direct translation, y'all) saya dapat memenuhkan folder vocaloid saya dengan megahnya...ntah tetiba gila jap ngan bishies dari vocaloid (kamui gakupo, kaito and kagamine len) those guyz deserve love, like seriously...gakupo's voice gonna get you going for hours, drop dead sexy that man is...and totally pwn-ed that shota..my shota fever didn't diminish yet so laling might found a few more shota drawing shoved at her face..

sekyus mi, i wan tu go en rit bek mai fan fik (can you translate this??hahaha)

++dancing samurai?? ftw++

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

sirah junjungan and other randoms

today is the first day that i got to see a live performing theater. the cast are from fakulty -insert name here, i don't remember- from uitm. a remake of erma fatima's sirah junjungan. the theater quite good actually, seeing that the cast are amateurs and all that. they got the props right and the mood there, though there's a few slip up. totally amazed at their abilities to act their part, the props adjustment, lighting and audio, not forgetting the chareography of the fighting scene. cry at a few scenes actually.. it's the last day of their performance here at puncak alam.i'm glad i'd buy the ticket and watch the show. lucky enough to get a quite okay seat..ah

actually i planned to hog the net for the whole day..hahahaha...i'm not in a mood to share today..i'm hogging. go fruk yourself if you're upset..uhuhuhuh

ah, and i'm gonna up my latest sketch here. a quite simple sketch. a lil bit obsessed on drawing male right now that my female character had started to show theur deformities. girls, i'm gonna draw you next time. just let me get this over..i want to draw yummy body of male...but still failed OTL

next tyme i'm gonna draw the triplet that sang imitation black..kaito, gakupo and len..huhuhuhu..visual kei bishies..ugh.wish me luck

++still hogging the net.got problems?++

otai skool talk (1) : dedication and request

during my school time, an organization can get quite a profit if they offer dedication and request on certain occasions like teacher's day or sport day ( hidup zuhal!!). i'd never been in the organizing team, i'm the one who sits prettily at the side and fuss over my vandalized table, trying to figure out any space that left for me to write. i never really buy one, rather hoping someone buy it for me..the funny stuff is the dedications..we've all pretty much childish and too caught up with our obsession ( anime rulez, baby!!) and the dedication go like this -->

to: naruto(??)
aku lagi berkuasa.hahaha
from: gaara(!!)

to: shep and muji
makan lolipop ni kongsi. lebih kasi aku balik
from: ajk koperasi
(from bai, obviously. she bought us three 50 cents lollipop and demand one more for herself)

there's lotsa dumb thing we wrote there.my colleague tend to wish me stop obsessing over some anime character (i'm an avid sasuke's fan back then. I converted to be naru's fan after graduating school) and claim it for themselves. sometimes i just buy the cheapest thing to dedicated to myself, just to make myself satisfied (pathetic, i noe..OTL). don't blame me meh. i'm not actually at the top of social ladder..if there's a classification to put at myself, i'm definetely been put at either koop group, the manganime fan or plain selekeh group...almost at the bottom stairs of social status. but i'm left alone with my own device so i'm pretty comfortable at my position. no pressure babe. i miss koop.uni's style of dedication is weird. there's full of bitchy-ness..hahaha

++aku mahu request mahal ntok aku++

Sunday, February 21, 2010

i totally doomed..oh, and a new lappie~~

my pa gave me his lappie so that i can get rid of the old one (thanks aenda) and i don't really customize everything there yet..i downloaded paint tool sai only to be in despair as my tabby won't cooperate with it OTL i don't know what to say, even my ps css3 is also against me. i got a trial verse from the net and it had expired..should i install ps 7.0? very classic~~ at last i resorted back to traditional media. digital thingy have to wait for a lil bit..lately i try to do rough sketches using my color lead pencils and directly inked it with my merry band of 3 years old drawing pens.
after 2 page of random inking i drew this..the inking is still halfway done. the low quality pics is due to my webcam (bless him) and those random fingers is me *wink* *wink* those are my OCs, i think..dia(mond), spade, club and heart..yeah, lame name. i know...orz.I'm actually glad that my inking skil don't totally regressed, though i admit the random sketches i made before this were horrible.

++trying hard to ink the bloody thing.it's been 2 days already++

Thursday, February 4, 2010

my side of room....at college

this is koko which have been given to me by kyoko (that explain the name) holding my new bag. it's a lil bit pink (?) i noe

Oyen ( given by laling) and Leman, who somehow have an asexual feeling with a pen, holding her/him (?) close..I'm telling you the latest pose is absolutely lewd..ah, i cannot post it here.and that chick up there who's been holding all the memos..i don't give him a name yet.any idea guys?

this is my side of room. (I'm not gonna show the other side..it's unspeakable) look at those cats littering my wall, and my lappie..those white on the screen is actually the broken part. and I draw those thing on the window, gonna show the detailed part later and the highlight is the temedobe poster..u see it?see?? my papa and daddy...this is the detailed part of what i draw at window. it's a rough sketch. took about 10-15 minutes...pencil first then inking right up with marker

Monday, January 25, 2010

dumping late nite sketches

daddy, embrace the fact that narusasu is in rage lately...hahaha
naruto belongs to masashi

if you have thin eyebrow, you won't make the world's (worst) parent/brother..heh
arthur ILUwho's your date tonight 'arry? is it -bleep-

yeah, i noe i suck so much at cg..though i like the hair

i'm on kuroshitsuji marathon..sebby that love cat is adorable

i can't help liking kiyomine and takara..takara and his height is absolutely adorable and kiyomine with his sister complex is totally helpless..let go of ayako babe
kiyomine and takara from komahoshi belongs to abe miyuki

++when i'm gonna sleep?++

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

did i ever tell you..

that i totally loathe the bitchy old hag next to me??

ha, I know for a fact that some of you known it as a fact.come on, who in their right mind gonna be comfortable as shit with this self-conceited bitch? I, for one,not.duh. it's not hard to later find out half of the population simply annoyed by her.what with the nagging attitude. let me tell you. grandma, act like your age or you simply be hated and dissed like shitload lump in a not-so-anonymous blog. i don't care how many people gonna care for my colourful language and FUCKING STOP FIDGETING!!!!!!! it totally got on my nerve..

you got a problem with the light? well surprise, i got a problem with your existence. let us see, it's not even an hour since you come back but the moment you show your pudgy face in the room, God, how my mood changed. AND I SAY STOP MOVING, BITCH!! going to report it to your band of merry man who, come on, get along with you with the promise of beneficial something, unlikely moron.

and do you know your laugh sound like a noise pollutant in the room? it so ugly i feel like throwing a knife to your face and slit the horrendous fat-covered throat with a dull blade, oh so slowly and shout the truth to your face..remember the time I so hypocritely be nice to you just so that you gonna treat me and your friend, her uneasiness shown when she ask me about you..apparently, you're a goo magnet for a hypocrite persons to flock by..easy prey..so easy that we laugh at your idiocy.

you're old as a hag,
thunderous voice that annoy the hell out of people,
don't you think that you should get your ego shrivell,
self-conceit, and my god, greatly delusional,
ever face the mirror?
they scream the truth to you
that your fat thigh can't compare
to those of hideous cow

omigod, i hate u so much that i don't know what else to say bout you..


++planning to kill that bitch++

Sunday, January 17, 2010

do i mess ur sidebar dat have lotsa blogs' name?

i don't know how i can open up the blog using my beloved (not!) lappie..it's a miracle, satu keajaiban, kiseki dan seerti dengannya. uh, starting to use multiple language in an entry means i'm not um...sane??

my mental have really take the toll of no rest.it make me physically tired too..i'm alone rite now inin my room, i wonder who want to be stay at the next bed??it's empty...my rummate went home.she got an appointment doing minor surgery to her teeth..i hope it hurts a lot...i really do~~hehehehe..my malicious nature started to come out...

uhuhuhu..i want new lappie..new lappie..new lappie..and i advice u all never use some horror movie rigtone cause it horrible..u cannot sleep nanti macam laling..huhuhuhu..padan mke u laling...but then i want the 1 missed call nyew skali...i maw bagi adik2 i dengar

++her entry doesn't make sense anymore++

Saturday, January 9, 2010

aiyoh..entry ini panjang n tunggang langgang

I'm updating my blog everytime new semester started..that's totally lazy of me~~ "orz

since my lappie can't access my blog, I (not-so-) sneakily use my roommate's lappie to write this entry..I actually wanted to upload some photo but it seems her computer can't read my phone yada yada so i can't..i want to show you my part of the room..her part isn't worth showing neway..
I'm actually sorta doing my assignment anyway which due this sunday..did i mention that i have class like..seven days per week?? god, i've been bitching about it a lot at facebook that i'm sure people will go ljkhgfd everytime i write bout it but man, this is harsh..

even on weekdays i feel like dying already tackling all those effing classes..now weekends too?the cruel thing about the sunday class is that:

  1. it's on SUNDAY (come on!!!)
  2. watching snails having race is more fun than this
  3. we've gotta hand in assignment for two topics every week..do you know how much hassle it is to do two topics in a week, reading those..those BOOK?!
  4. i'm in that hag's group, paksarela..bengeng towl
and ANP410 too..what the!! though all that, this sem seems to provide interesting topics, we basically will cover gerontology (older people stuff), paedriatics, sexual disorder, maternity nursing, community,mental health ( which laling advice to pay attention reaa~~lly well so that i "can cure yourself from delusions and all" ) and mandarin as extra language ( or luggage, whatever).

art-wise (?) i'm in my metarmophosis state ( or so). i'm into rough sketching (with my red and light blue lead) and colour pencils right now..come to think of it, it's been a while since i draw fanarts (give it naruto, hetalia,etc)..have somehow start to draw almost nude picture of both sex, getting me a strange eyes from my classmate who saw it. guys, next time I'm so gonna draw xxx and xxxx doing *bleeep* (check sketchbook) aiyah, already did..luper plak..ngahahaha..

social-wise, i'm far off being propose and all that shit while everyone around me seems to find someone (and a few spare tyre oso, preparation lah kunun) Bai have someone who is serious with her..jealous T-T. I'm looking at my temedobe poster right now, wondering why in the world no one like them around me?? *sigh*

economical-wise, i'm going to explain it hetalia style. it's like america-kun didn't respond well to his cold, which then affect other country which then minimizing my saving number (totally unrelated "orz) ..arthur i miss u!! (so random LOL)

personality-wise, i'm slowly attracted to the pink colour..the collection of my pink things have subconciously increased. And my mental status health are slowly deteriotating..in a brink of developing chronic delusion, severe case of insomnia and madness

a few things that i would like to recommend to you guys
  1. a very potter musical by starkids potter. it can be watched on utube.damn funneh.and god, voldie s totally pwn-ed...by me ( tights, voldie? *wiggle brows*)
  2. hetalia doujins, sasunaru/hpdm fanfics, and random BL manga just to satisfy your fujoshi site with lot of yaoi-ism and 18-R \\(>/////<)//
  3. faber castell classic color pencils. you can color gay rainbows with it..
  4. pilot color eno pencil leads which come in various colours...rough sketches are more enjoyable with em. i got red and light blue
  5. sms ur friends..they keep you sane
  6. have faith, be strong and pray
  7. pink..it despise laling so much that i subconciusly collecting it (?)
  8. stay sane, stay sane, stay sane
++can't focus, bleary eyes,waiting for laling's sms reply++