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Saturday, February 27, 2010

back to my native language

it seems that i had developed quite a severe typo disease in which every single thing that i post up at fb have typo in it...i failed...so i'm gonna rant in malay till i overcome this poor excuse of illness,,

sesungguhnya dalam bahasa mesia saya dibenarkan guna bahasa rojak tahap luar cakerawala..hohoho..sudah lama saya x guna bahasa skema...satu hari saya akan bwat entry tanpa tapisan di mana saya x akan sama sekali mengedit entry tersebut dan anda lihatlah bagaimana severe penyakit typo saya lately..since lappie lama saya bwat hal, saya telah mendapat virus ala2 rheumatoid arthritis with severe spam and delayed neurotransmitter response..huhuhu, ntah ada ke idok nama penyakit gitu, wallhualam I x tau..

supposedly hari nie ada lawatan gi loji kat ampangan batu but then atas2 sebab ada manusia yg spek matanyer x cukup nak tebal lagi, ia terpaksa dibatalkan...sungguh ku x berperasaan hapa2 ketika itu...dah x de rezeki (ayat sedapkan hati) namun klu kita melihat dari sudut terangnya (direct translation, y'all) saya dapat memenuhkan folder vocaloid saya dengan megahnya...ntah tetiba gila jap ngan bishies dari vocaloid (kamui gakupo, kaito and kagamine len) those guyz deserve love, like seriously...gakupo's voice gonna get you going for hours, drop dead sexy that man is...and totally pwn-ed that shota..my shota fever didn't diminish yet so laling might found a few more shota drawing shoved at her face..

sekyus mi, i wan tu go en rit bek mai fan fik (can you translate this??hahaha)

++dancing samurai?? ftw++

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

sirah junjungan and other randoms

today is the first day that i got to see a live performing theater. the cast are from fakulty -insert name here, i don't remember- from uitm. a remake of erma fatima's sirah junjungan. the theater quite good actually, seeing that the cast are amateurs and all that. they got the props right and the mood there, though there's a few slip up. totally amazed at their abilities to act their part, the props adjustment, lighting and audio, not forgetting the chareography of the fighting scene. cry at a few scenes actually.. it's the last day of their performance here at puncak alam.i'm glad i'd buy the ticket and watch the show. lucky enough to get a quite okay seat..ah

actually i planned to hog the net for the whole day..hahahaha...i'm not in a mood to share today..i'm hogging. go fruk yourself if you're upset..uhuhuhuh

ah, and i'm gonna up my latest sketch here. a quite simple sketch. a lil bit obsessed on drawing male right now that my female character had started to show theur deformities. girls, i'm gonna draw you next time. just let me get this over..i want to draw yummy body of male...but still failed OTL

next tyme i'm gonna draw the triplet that sang imitation black..kaito, gakupo and len..huhuhuhu..visual kei bishies..ugh.wish me luck

++still hogging the net.got problems?++

otai skool talk (1) : dedication and request

during my school time, an organization can get quite a profit if they offer dedication and request on certain occasions like teacher's day or sport day ( hidup zuhal!!). i'd never been in the organizing team, i'm the one who sits prettily at the side and fuss over my vandalized table, trying to figure out any space that left for me to write. i never really buy one, rather hoping someone buy it for me..the funny stuff is the dedications..we've all pretty much childish and too caught up with our obsession ( anime rulez, baby!!) and the dedication go like this -->

to: naruto(??)
aku lagi berkuasa.hahaha
from: gaara(!!)

to: shep and muji
makan lolipop ni kongsi. lebih kasi aku balik
from: ajk koperasi
(from bai, obviously. she bought us three 50 cents lollipop and demand one more for herself)

there's lotsa dumb thing we wrote there.my colleague tend to wish me stop obsessing over some anime character (i'm an avid sasuke's fan back then. I converted to be naru's fan after graduating school) and claim it for themselves. sometimes i just buy the cheapest thing to dedicated to myself, just to make myself satisfied (pathetic, i noe..OTL). don't blame me meh. i'm not actually at the top of social ladder..if there's a classification to put at myself, i'm definetely been put at either koop group, the manganime fan or plain selekeh group...almost at the bottom stairs of social status. but i'm left alone with my own device so i'm pretty comfortable at my position. no pressure babe. i miss koop.uni's style of dedication is weird. there's full of bitchy-ness..hahaha

++aku mahu request mahal ntok aku++

Sunday, February 21, 2010

i totally doomed..oh, and a new lappie~~

my pa gave me his lappie so that i can get rid of the old one (thanks aenda) and i don't really customize everything there yet..i downloaded paint tool sai only to be in despair as my tabby won't cooperate with it OTL i don't know what to say, even my ps css3 is also against me. i got a trial verse from the net and it had expired..should i install ps 7.0? very classic~~ at last i resorted back to traditional media. digital thingy have to wait for a lil bit..lately i try to do rough sketches using my color lead pencils and directly inked it with my merry band of 3 years old drawing pens.
after 2 page of random inking i drew this..the inking is still halfway done. the low quality pics is due to my webcam (bless him) and those random fingers is me *wink* *wink* those are my OCs, i think..dia(mond), spade, club and heart..yeah, lame name. i know...orz.I'm actually glad that my inking skil don't totally regressed, though i admit the random sketches i made before this were horrible.

++trying hard to ink the bloody thing.it's been 2 days already++

Thursday, February 4, 2010

my side of room....at college

this is koko which have been given to me by kyoko (that explain the name) holding my new bag. it's a lil bit pink (?) i noe

Oyen ( given by laling) and Leman, who somehow have an asexual feeling with a pen, holding her/him (?) close..I'm telling you the latest pose is absolutely lewd..ah, i cannot post it here.and that chick up there who's been holding all the memos..i don't give him a name yet.any idea guys?

this is my side of room. (I'm not gonna show the other side..it's unspeakable) look at those cats littering my wall, and my lappie..those white on the screen is actually the broken part. and I draw those thing on the window, gonna show the detailed part later and the highlight is the temedobe poster..u see it?see?? my papa and daddy...this is the detailed part of what i draw at window. it's a rough sketch. took about 10-15 minutes...pencil first then inking right up with marker