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Monday, March 30, 2009

i got to be this hetalian???WTF??!

Hetalia: Canada Pictures, Images and Photos

this is canada.bear in mind that this is a fanart.his real name is matthew williams. god!! i don't want to be him!! let me have england.give me uk!!! *pout*

Hetalia: UK is a Pimp Pictures, Images and Photos

see the one in the middle?? *wiggle brows* that's my uk a.k.a arthur. oh, world domination!! he got france a.k.a francis licking his pansy-high-heeled-looking-boot *in denial with dat*, though i can say that he look like he want to lick his ***, canada kneeling by him and USA a.k.a alfred on his hand. wait up.this pic look a lil bit ahufgwcveuf or is it juz me??wateva..i'm so gonna raep him...uk-san~~*grin*

p/s that arthur pic is also fanart.please find the ori one by urself. hetalia owned by hidekaz himaruya

++thinking that uk will make a nice uke.woot++