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Friday, April 30, 2010

the first production

i dunno if you can watch it or not but i'm trying to put it up here. some shit i pulled up. i think i'm gonna try making a better one using the first three drawing and try developing it from there. i have the rough storyboard ready already. just hoping i have enough will to try~~

++yeah, i totally lost it.alleycats?++

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


stand for ajaran negara purba. that's why lah ramai yang x paham.dude, sapa kata aku cakap pasal anatomy and physiology? no effing way lorh.

kamon lah~~zaman skarang dah takde orang dah panggil rahim tuh uterus.orang dedulu jerk..tuh, zaman tok kadok dulu depa pakai lah segala istilah macam aram tuh der..what, y'all x tau kah? orang dedolu kalau depa nak nak beranak depa lari jumpa mak bidan, dorang seru lagu nieyh:

"mak bidan, o mak bidan. come, I bid thee. your expertise are needed"

then, sekonyong-konyong mak bidan tuh datang ngan sireh senyonyoh celah gigi, kain batik hutang bhai kampung atas kepala. cara orang dolu2 tutup kepala.

"such loud voice you had there young chap. come, pray tell what is that so important that need my seeing immediately?"

lantas berkata orang muda, termengah-mengah beliau menjawab.

"my wife. her membrane had ruptured just moments ago. her contraction had become more insistent and the interval have become shorter too. her breath are labored, may due to insufficient of oxygen in blood or it just her systemic response for labor process."

mak bidan pon tutup mata, tangannya mengusap dagu ala2 cam orang dalam wayang gambo dok posing gaya berfikir tahap kritikal.

" ah, so the lady have her labor process initiated. using some logical theory on positive feedback involving hormone such as oxytocin, estrogen and progesteron, the pain going to be more severe by each minutes. come, young man. inside you go and help me to prepare. we got lots to do and no time to waste. don't be haste and later show me the way"

inilah perbualan orang dolu2 yang saya record 2 abad lepas. moral of the story is actually anp full of incomprehensible term and analogy that it must come from era yang kita x taw...ntah sapa ntah yang bijak sangat nak panggil ganglia tuh ganglia, veterbrae boleh kerat jadi 4 part. cell boleh main mesej guna hormone n nerve n segala haram r yang wujud lam badan.it's like their own maxis lah tuh.

minta maap.sebenarnya den tengah tensen sama test den tadik. den poie dulu lah ek.anak da nangis mintak susu.

++cursing anp++

Thursday, April 22, 2010

new de-stress method

huhuhu, i didn't know why but lately photoshop have been my way to escape things and de-stress. that thing above is one of the thing that i fully done digitally. since i suck at background i didn't do one, lol. i still fail when it comes to color the cloth. i just don't know how. oh, btw, final had started. just finished with my first one and whoop, once i got into my room, connected my internet cable and open up mangafox, walla~~ new chap of Naruto is up...i got to scream myself out at the last page.yummy yummy evil!papa at the screen. it just like all those author at fanfic always describe him as evil!naru. sebijik.hahaha. sometimes i have my doubt that masashi secretly followed fanfics and doujin alike, just so that he won't have lost any idea in developing plots.

++glad no one was around when she screamed KYAA!!++

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lalalala~~it's like I put a title for something so formal, like an article or something like that. But the truth is I'm gonna bitching about people around me.

Which is better? Bitching it with other people or put it up where anyone from whichever part of the world can read? I opt for the latter


Uh, suddenly I don't know how to start it. And don't say shit like 'babe, of course you have to start from the beginning'.


My class, it's like a man eating world there. Those people in my class, they are the type that you gonna face right up once you enter the world. you guys know how it work out there. We got hierachy. Those with power and influence going to stay at the top while the more useless or socially retarded can take pleasure licking the bottom part of the ladder and being stomped. And if those hierachy had somehow got messed up, then you have to find a force that gonna stick with you, through the end.

Most people are innocent, naive and sweet when you first met them. Guys, first impression is vital. If you fail to give a good impression you can say goodbye to the top position of society ladder. From first impression too you can choose your colleague. Colleague is important if you wanna make it through safe and sound. Colleague going to support you if you have problems, and they help you with stuff and you got to be more relaxed out there. But beware, there are some rotten individuals in your colleague. They have their own piece of nasty habits and intentions. The longer you know someone, the more of their nasty habit make appearance. Then we got into the backstabbing phase, where this people say shit about that person to another person then this another person said to his or her friend which in turn said to another person and poof we got a lot of bullshiting happening at once, with the story geting more and more twisted and suddenly this person show up and make it worse.

And that's how we ruined people's standing in the society.

Sometimes people confide their secret in you. And we trust other people not to let this secret out. Then it turn out that this person dissapoint you. What can you do? Bitch about it to other people lah.

I'm rambling. I dunno what shit i pull up here. Screw society. Screw all. So long, sucker.



++keeping her mouth shut after this++