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Saturday, January 15, 2011

saya seorang penghisap untuk ... (sila terjemah dalam bahasa inggeris sebaik mungkin ayat demi ayat)

yeah, letak r hapa2 fandom nye pairing, kalau dat pairing involve with some sort child to deal with (adopted, own child from previous association, godchild, mpreg, cauldron baby, potion mishap, come from the future kids, and yeah, hatched from a magical egg) i'm a sucker for that kinda story. this also applied in taking care of one's rival nye child.

in conclusion anything that involve current pairing yang i bace with their so-called-child.

ya,saya sangat suka tema famili.

excuse me, saya nak bwat gaya tonic-clonic nye epilepsy sambil berbuih2 mulut menjerit kebahagiaan.sekian.

++who the f yg sorok medication saya hari nieyh?++

Friday, January 14, 2011

empangan, dalam bahasa inggeris dan disebut menyerupai satu kata sumpah

I seriously consider to tell myself to fuck off.

so yeah I have some inferiority complex, a so-not-healthy dose of paranoid and whole ego shit going on, ignorant, liking my solitude too much that i might as well be a hermit,thinking too much about my wallet,lack of confident and pessimist.

burdening you with my insecurities,ladies and gentleman.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

this is win

this thing here, it's epic

can i say i want one too
:goes n hide:

++ppl thought o weird stuff++

on kuroshitsuji:sebby

oh-kay. so i got bored during mandarin class and i can't risk sleeping in class so i draw. somehow i sketch sebby.now, i have a little quiz for you. did you notice anything weird with this picture and the difference with the second pic?

and now, i point out what i want you to notice.
as you can see, silly me had drawn sebby totally out of proportion. and i got panic.and thank god i remember that there's a solution to this out-o-proportion's problem. it's PAINT TOOL SAI.i open the file on sai, resizing first the size of the head and then the body. but the thing is that this is the first tyme that i use this particular function so the result turn out to be awkward. i try my best to salvage it but i don't know what can be said for the final product here

i think i overdid it.god, who care?

-pfft.sebenarnye den teruja nak guna pensil kayu yang diasah dengan sharpener besor (jenis posing2) tuh yg sketch pon pencilling je pon.

++jenis manusia cepat teruja++

Monday, January 3, 2011

spouting out idea

eh,i'm actually thinking of opening up commission amongst my school fren etc etc etc. but i didn't really have a decent sample, yet i need the money so that i can support myself and not relying on my parents money.and i can't think of what should i commish. should i do sketch, or inked illustration, or colored one? or maybe chibi? eh, come to think of it, i never draw consistent chibi.

i seriously need to think this throughly.aigoo

and start doing portfolio and examples.


oh life, why must you suck so much.i don't want to go to starvation mode so early at the sem.

++reflecting and brainstorming++