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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Things that is on the top of my hate list right now

Is cliffhanger…
Yup, fucking cliffie, where it hangs you by thread and guh, you feel like it will snap anytime.

I read fanfics on daily basis. I’m an addict. Fact: I rarely read WIP. In fact the few fanfics that are WIP and I’m following religiously is HPDM Number Seven by Sara Holmes (yes, she made good HPDM fics. I give u my word. Go search her on ff.net. In fact I did cry reading her ASS fic ‘hello’) and Merlin’s Loaded March by footloose. I think I did pamper her with praise before in this blog but god knows, a praise given is a praise due.

So yeah, Footloose had uploaded the latest part of LM : 10 Means to an End. And I downloaded it. And I practiced some kind of saintly patience by holding to read it off until my net go kaput. And I read it. Once my net go kaput, I read this delicious 100k epic (by far the longest part she ever did, but seriously the most cliffie that she did. Other parts can’t compete moar with its cliffie-ness)

And my lips are bleeding. Partially because it was dry and I cant stop peeling the dry skin. And I keep biting on it.

I go through so many emotions reading it. Footloose had a way of writing in which you will be sucked in, fall in love with her world and her characters, and make you feel along the read. Be warned: I’m putting up shitload of spoilers just because I can.

This part is definitely hotter, with bunch of smutty scene cleverly done. There are a few Vital Moments (lets go with VM, yeah?) we have in this part. So much that my head screamed (that may be due coz I’m reading it from 12 am straight till 630 am, with occasional break of midnight cooking and Merlin rewatch).

VM 1: They fucking elope.
-Remember that they did the bonding over their matching tattoos for a year and a day? (either in part 8 or 9, cant remember much. Need to reread the whole series) They decide to fuck that, run alongside each other while holding hands to Gaius and get handfasted the pagan way. I think Merlin was the one who ask Arthur to elope, the man had been tense since the cage-fight medieval style in part 9 and that help Arthur to relax somehow. The handfasting ceremony is simple, but magical, in every sense of words. And yeah, the sex afterward? Fucking hot.

VM 2: NWO do some badass stuff (of the evil sort)
-breaking through the Pendragon company, wrecking havoc, copying BAMF prototypes, what else? And it seems everyone is jumbled up I don’t even… The NWO, the Directory, M-something and other secret agents are all full of their own agendas. And the men with a bunch of dragons that pop up just at the end of this part (I’ll assume that they are Dragonlords), it’s effing thicken the main plot. I can totally sympathize with Arthur. They have suddenly one up him at this part and yeah, you just so can feel for him.
VM 3: The Battle
-It’s messy, it’s epic, and Excalibur really had it bad. GUH, and Merlin, and Kay (I’m liking him somehow) and Gwaine and Percy, and oh, everyone!!

VM 4: Morgana
-is a legit Seer and Leon's fiancée, who can lash out and hurt people with her words and shoot in between two eyes like BAM!!

Always a VM through the story: Arthur & Merlin
-Yeah, Arthur is a bit o mess in this part, Morgause hanging him on thread, which then Merlin counteract by eloping, then the Pendragon hacking, which lead to him radio-lost somehow and made Merlin and team nervous as hell and I’m only telling you the plot. Apakah? Okay, they really upped their relationship, they are fucking serious and it was really never this tense before. They both have a few of their hard moments here, and they always keep one another on toe. And I manage to restrain my tears when they have that conflict about letting Merlin be the bait, just because Arthur somehow play his card wrong. and it just feel real yeah, none of those exaggerated stuff. Always in-character. Huh.what the.mind cant process words rite now.

Me gonna sleep.huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

ETA: I wrote this one waaaaaaaayy back when I just finished up LM 10 and I got no net access. I need to vent.seriously.I didnt make sense much.but yeah.

++penanam anggur official++

btw laling. sorry for your loss. I'll pray her with al-fatihah. :snugglescozIcantdobearhug: