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Monday, January 25, 2010

dumping late nite sketches

daddy, embrace the fact that narusasu is in rage lately...hahaha
naruto belongs to masashi

if you have thin eyebrow, you won't make the world's (worst) parent/brother..heh
arthur ILUwho's your date tonight 'arry? is it -bleep-

yeah, i noe i suck so much at cg..though i like the hair

i'm on kuroshitsuji marathon..sebby that love cat is adorable

i can't help liking kiyomine and takara..takara and his height is absolutely adorable and kiyomine with his sister complex is totally helpless..let go of ayako babe
kiyomine and takara from komahoshi belongs to abe miyuki

++when i'm gonna sleep?++

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

did i ever tell you..

that i totally loathe the bitchy old hag next to me??

ha, I know for a fact that some of you known it as a fact.come on, who in their right mind gonna be comfortable as shit with this self-conceited bitch? I, for one,not.duh. it's not hard to later find out half of the population simply annoyed by her.what with the nagging attitude. let me tell you. grandma, act like your age or you simply be hated and dissed like shitload lump in a not-so-anonymous blog. i don't care how many people gonna care for my colourful language and FUCKING STOP FIDGETING!!!!!!! it totally got on my nerve..

you got a problem with the light? well surprise, i got a problem with your existence. let us see, it's not even an hour since you come back but the moment you show your pudgy face in the room, God, how my mood changed. AND I SAY STOP MOVING, BITCH!! going to report it to your band of merry man who, come on, get along with you with the promise of beneficial something, unlikely moron.

and do you know your laugh sound like a noise pollutant in the room? it so ugly i feel like throwing a knife to your face and slit the horrendous fat-covered throat with a dull blade, oh so slowly and shout the truth to your face..remember the time I so hypocritely be nice to you just so that you gonna treat me and your friend, her uneasiness shown when she ask me about you..apparently, you're a goo magnet for a hypocrite persons to flock by..easy prey..so easy that we laugh at your idiocy.

you're old as a hag,
thunderous voice that annoy the hell out of people,
don't you think that you should get your ego shrivell,
self-conceit, and my god, greatly delusional,
ever face the mirror?
they scream the truth to you
that your fat thigh can't compare
to those of hideous cow

omigod, i hate u so much that i don't know what else to say bout you..


++planning to kill that bitch++

Sunday, January 17, 2010

do i mess ur sidebar dat have lotsa blogs' name?

i don't know how i can open up the blog using my beloved (not!) lappie..it's a miracle, satu keajaiban, kiseki dan seerti dengannya. uh, starting to use multiple language in an entry means i'm not um...sane??

my mental have really take the toll of no rest.it make me physically tired too..i'm alone rite now inin my room, i wonder who want to be stay at the next bed??it's empty...my rummate went home.she got an appointment doing minor surgery to her teeth..i hope it hurts a lot...i really do~~hehehehe..my malicious nature started to come out...

uhuhuhu..i want new lappie..new lappie..new lappie..and i advice u all never use some horror movie rigtone cause it horrible..u cannot sleep nanti macam laling..huhuhuhu..padan mke u laling...but then i want the 1 missed call nyew skali...i maw bagi adik2 i dengar

++her entry doesn't make sense anymore++

Saturday, January 9, 2010

aiyoh..entry ini panjang n tunggang langgang

I'm updating my blog everytime new semester started..that's totally lazy of me~~ "orz

since my lappie can't access my blog, I (not-so-) sneakily use my roommate's lappie to write this entry..I actually wanted to upload some photo but it seems her computer can't read my phone yada yada so i can't..i want to show you my part of the room..her part isn't worth showing neway..
I'm actually sorta doing my assignment anyway which due this sunday..did i mention that i have class like..seven days per week?? god, i've been bitching about it a lot at facebook that i'm sure people will go ljkhgfd everytime i write bout it but man, this is harsh..

even on weekdays i feel like dying already tackling all those effing classes..now weekends too?the cruel thing about the sunday class is that:

  1. it's on SUNDAY (come on!!!)
  2. watching snails having race is more fun than this
  3. we've gotta hand in assignment for two topics every week..do you know how much hassle it is to do two topics in a week, reading those..those BOOK?!
  4. i'm in that hag's group, paksarela..bengeng towl
and ANP410 too..what the!! though all that, this sem seems to provide interesting topics, we basically will cover gerontology (older people stuff), paedriatics, sexual disorder, maternity nursing, community,mental health ( which laling advice to pay attention reaa~~lly well so that i "can cure yourself from delusions and all" ) and mandarin as extra language ( or luggage, whatever).

art-wise (?) i'm in my metarmophosis state ( or so). i'm into rough sketching (with my red and light blue lead) and colour pencils right now..come to think of it, it's been a while since i draw fanarts (give it naruto, hetalia,etc)..have somehow start to draw almost nude picture of both sex, getting me a strange eyes from my classmate who saw it. guys, next time I'm so gonna draw xxx and xxxx doing *bleeep* (check sketchbook) aiyah, already did..luper plak..ngahahaha..

social-wise, i'm far off being propose and all that shit while everyone around me seems to find someone (and a few spare tyre oso, preparation lah kunun) Bai have someone who is serious with her..jealous T-T. I'm looking at my temedobe poster right now, wondering why in the world no one like them around me?? *sigh*

economical-wise, i'm going to explain it hetalia style. it's like america-kun didn't respond well to his cold, which then affect other country which then minimizing my saving number (totally unrelated "orz) ..arthur i miss u!! (so random LOL)

personality-wise, i'm slowly attracted to the pink colour..the collection of my pink things have subconciously increased. And my mental status health are slowly deteriotating..in a brink of developing chronic delusion, severe case of insomnia and madness

a few things that i would like to recommend to you guys
  1. a very potter musical by starkids potter. it can be watched on utube.damn funneh.and god, voldie s totally pwn-ed...by me ( tights, voldie? *wiggle brows*)
  2. hetalia doujins, sasunaru/hpdm fanfics, and random BL manga just to satisfy your fujoshi site with lot of yaoi-ism and 18-R \\(>/////<)//
  3. faber castell classic color pencils. you can color gay rainbows with it..
  4. pilot color eno pencil leads which come in various colours...rough sketches are more enjoyable with em. i got red and light blue
  5. sms ur friends..they keep you sane
  6. have faith, be strong and pray
  7. pink..it despise laling so much that i subconciusly collecting it (?)
  8. stay sane, stay sane, stay sane
++can't focus, bleary eyes,waiting for laling's sms reply++