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Sunday, December 21, 2008

senile-my latest state

recently i made an account in deviantart. it goes under the name of kaizudeadhead. suit to say there will be no other drawing uploading in this site by me..

++menyelongkar lukisan lama ntok dinaikkan ke da++

Monday, December 15, 2008


the only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never any use of oneself

-oscar wilde-

I found out about Oscar Wilde when I was reading one of my many Harry Potter fanfic. After a vain research about him in wikipedia, i now have little grasp about his life. the most noticeable thing about him is that he's an Irish play writer, remarkably famous during late of Victoria age and a flaming gay. Wait up, the term bisexual may apply more accurately since he's married and have two sons. the gay thing aside, i found that most of his quotation are full of sinister remark about society at that time and somehow it implied in the world that we live today. maybe because the way he's thinking is different from everyone else.one that I particularly notice is the one quoted above.

in term of the quote, i have to say that he correctly speaking of it. no one really use the good advice for him/herself. i rarely do so. i bet other people does the same, unless i'm such an abnormal person that i think differently from other people, well in a certain aspect i do. good advice are to be heard, stored in your brain, waiting the right time to make its appearance.tell me, how many of u actually listen and do what other told you to do so? i for one never really do. advices sound nice when u're in trouble but mostly it's a mere nice words, said only to please you. yet it comforting.really...

i think i'm off, finding someone to give good advice on how to treat my current mental illness..

++currently hallucinating...hey, it's that naru i see? geez++

Thursday, December 11, 2008

~cuisine bliss~

if u're on ur break...the most heavenly thing that u will have in ur home is ur favourite dishes...

for example...

Udang Pictures, Images and Photos

yes...my beloved udang goreng...i'm in love with udang goreng..gimme!!!

Ikan Keli Stim Pictures, Images and Photos

hohoho...ikan keli...although i preferred it to be masak lemak cili api..since i got d pic from other site..don't bother..

Cheese Cake Pictures, Images and Photos

a slice of my fav cake...ehehehe

McD Pictures, Images and Photos

u know what is this...though u can get it anywhere besides ur own home..wait, u can't get this at home..and cake too...sorry my mistake though..

++currently hungry..++

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

sem break thingy...

tick tock tick tock

turn on my lappie

type in my password. hint: two hottest bishies eva..*giggle*

log on...*pliing*

uh,hello Sebastian. hello Ciel. long time no see. *wave hand*

click, click


the fox in fire logo pop up.

type in!!!type in!!!

blush, giggle, laugh, frowning, cursing, typing, watching, hearing, feeling mushy

click, click

god, 4 am already???

click click

bye guys...tomorrow we'll meet again 'kay. *throw kisses at Ciel n Sebastian*

log off


++routine had become boring, yet the content is aways something++

Monday, October 27, 2008

hell time over!! translation: no more practical!!!

three weeks of hell!!!!

yup, i've just gotten myself a trip for one to hell, no thanks to Ketua Program kejururawatan. ah, how i (miss) that trip.i even get to go to various places...

first week, there's beringin..(sing-it-along:pohon beringin~~)it's more like a simulation to the real hospital.most of my time here were wasted on fooling around, going in out of others' lab sesuka hati, trying on the patient's clothes (so besar,saiz xxxxl kut), play with the wheel chair (wee~~) and duduk bersama senior, chatting (that's what normal girl do when they want to kill time, really). nothing much happen here. the only significant thing that happen here is that we did the last office or like other call it, LO. it nothing to do with jason lo but LO is what we do to the deceased. so sedey maa...(not really). with lagu salam terakhir as a background music and surah yassin humbly being recited by whoever-is-the-one-who-recite-it-and-get-it-recorded-so-that-you-can-play-it-on-your-phone, i do the LO to one of my senior.(T-T) *sniff* that take place on friday

ok,here comes meyat hidup!!!say peace~~~
after you see this picture, i'm sure, you'll be next.muahahahaha

second week-kajang
home sweet home..really.kajang is hectic as ever, you never really get a rest. i met many people here.cliche word: macam2 ada. i've got to met a makcik that sakit mental, guess what, she can speak english quite nicely,but well, she IS mental. there's a patient that are old and she got skin like a dried tomatoes. picture it guys. there was someone dead. i get to help the nurses to transfer the dead body to keranda bergerak (i kinda didn't know what that thing is so i used my own term). all in all, i got my first cross here *yeah!!*

my ward at kajang-ward 3; medical female

third week,selayang- worst eva!!
infection!!!!!!!!!!for god sake,the first time i got here, i've gotten myself a cough. i don't care if it's a mild one but it's kinda well more-to-annoying cough. the patient here didn't cough, i'm the only one. how's that? the nurses at my ward are quite strict,they don't hesitate to bully you all over but then you realise,it's only to teach you. the patients are nice.they chat with you and all that but madam toh,one of the patient is a bit fussy. sabar je r....i practically jump when the shift over at friday night. it marked the end of this hell tour.

this is madam TOH,the fussy auntie yet very generous with praises..

kesimpulannya di sini, praktikal x berapa nak sihat dari segi minda dan fizikal *COUGH,COUGH* ok, gua kena chow, nak makan ubat batuk cap ibu and anak...

-batuk dalam keadaan mengerikan-

Friday, September 26, 2008

messed up once again.....

since i can't read the latest chapter of naruto manga so i try to find whether naruto shippuden second movie is available yet but then, it didn't...so i try to find other things to look at and i found this clip. basically it took scenes from the movie so roughly you can get the idea what the movie is all about. but one good thing about this movie is that everyone from the rookie nine is there. even sai is there. it's a rare occurance that all of them are in a one single movie
. sorry if i bored you all with the naruto talk, i'm a narutard neway, can't help it.....*grin sheepishly*

miss em all

Saturday, September 6, 2008

dugaan bolan poser...

people alwayz say that Ramadhan is actually a month that is full of challenge. few things that happened to me prove it well...hehehe


almost exactly at 5pm everyday since puasa start, the sky will turn gray and here comes the rain. if u hav an umbrella,save it coz it didn't actually help in any matter. the wind is too strong then the umbrella goes terbalik. it's ok-lah kalau u r already dah setel buying stuff nak bukak pose. my case is diffrnt, the bus didn't come after we(me n me frenz) wait for bout an hour, n then we hav to walk about 2km++ wif a book dat lagi berat dari beras then biler sampai kat bazaar, hujan pon shuu~~ turun kan kemain lebatnyew.wif brg shopping yg brat kan kemain,diri kat bawah kedai burger sambil tgk abang brgr tuh goreng beger dkt stengah jam pastu redah ujan masuk building. then time nak naik lif lark,punyer r lif penoh.ikot ati cam nak naik tangger tapi biler pikir my house at tgkat 20, xper. 2 kali miss naik lif pastu sampai atas baru bley semayang...time tuh lam kol 630 pm.haru btol..hujan masih berlarutan tetiap kali nak trn bawah bli mknn.


all of my class student(lam 50++ people) abes class at 4.we all wait for bus like half hour kot then the bus sampai.not to mention time ktorg jalan nak g tempat g bus tuh ujan kan kemain lebatnyer hah.so bas yg sempit tuh penuh r ngan bebudak degree nursing..time sedap2 we all lam bus skali bas tuh jadi sempot. pak cik tu lak maneuver bas tuh ke tepi."ah,sudah..abes r.bas rosak""boyz g lah tolak!!""pe lak,ktorg 4 org jerk,yg majoriti g r tolak"last2 we all resort pade sesi menconteng wap dekat tingkap sambil tunggu another bus pick we all.once again we all g bazaar berujan..haih..sabor je r



klu kita tgk gambar yg terselit kat atas nieyh mmg sangat bermakner but then aku rase we all dah banyak x ikut the don't tuh..we see evil.how?well,as a nursing student u r all expected to at least be open minded.well,actually we all kne blajar assessment tuh smua last weak,tapi lctrr x smpat abeskan.so,ktorang terpaksa blajar assesment tuh smua time bolan poser.secara x langsung,aku raser cam aku tgk porn atas name pendidikan.huu,x taw lar pe laie yg aku kne tgk kat spital nanti time posting.dah r lepas raye.ngeri tul.


besa r aku kalau nak balik follow skali adek aku yg kat politek shah alam tuh...x disangka2 tren teramat lah pennuh time tuh...nyaris2 x dapat masuk...bila ditengokkan memang dah x boleh dah orang pakai perumpamaan 'macam sardín'diorang pakai perumpamman baru dah.macam sorang pak cik lam tren tuh cakap"dah macam nasi impit dah nieyh"mentang2 lah nak rayer...hakhakhak..kat kajang baru bley ddk..haru btol..

so moralnyer d cnieyh,bebanyak r bersabar.
dunia dah berubah,zaman dah moden..


Sunday, August 31, 2008


two tiny hands linked together
their old memory give a sincere smile to each other
he knew that he is the only light that he can grasp
yet he just stand there, seeing the light disappear
and he knew that the other will fall into darkness
if only he can open his eyes and take him back
too bad that the Weaver of Fate inclined that
the sun will stay in the day
cherishing the life of others
except him
and the moon will stay in night
agonizing in the world of darkness
without him by his side

-i wrote this last night after i watch naruto epi 134.u can actually guess i wrote bout which guyz if u watch dat episode.it sound a lil bit gay but tell me,who d hell care coz i don't give a damn!hehe-

the art of being discreet by the infamous chepa

Have u eva wonder, how can one talk so hush-ly, voice impossibly audible to others when they're on phone? believe me,it's a wonder. And this wonder is what i called the art of being discreet. I noticed that a few of my frenz can actually do this, some have d ability while others are hopeless(which include me).well, I can't really put this act either annoying or somehow compromising. It will be compromising when we were learning,studying our ass off,trying to stamp our brain with god-knows-what-written-on-the-thick-obnoxious-book. But it get annoying when you try to sleep and here goes the hushing voice,sometimes high enough to be audible but most of the time are hushed mumbles.oh, don't forget the annoying occasional bitchy giggles. Hello, someone try to sleep here?!Knock some sense into that puny lil' brain will ya' coz I'm itching to throw a kick to ur face,puke my gut out at ur skinny worthless figure and stamp my feet on ur damn nokia phone.Yes lady and gentleman.Being discreet is not actually pleasant at all,albeit people that can actually bear with it.I dunno why they go all so secretive over a phone call but I have some presumable theory:

1.they have sore throat(as if!!)
2.they're sleepy(hell,sleepy person won't talk for hours)
3.they're feeling mushy("ala awak nie...teeheehee..mana dew,awak nie kan~~" imagine saying that with a faking-bitch tone that pura2 manje)
4.they need to jerk off(u can't actually do d dirty talk loudly or people will throw out n die!)
5.they talk bout something that they don't want others to know(i.e how long u hav been wearing d same underwear for weeks.ha ha)
6.they don't want to disturb people who r asleep(how bout d one who's trying to get one??)
7.they r malu-malu(g mati r!!!)
8.they want to show-off dat someone from the opposite sex called them,let it be boyfren,admire,etc(tell me, is d guy who call ya' a multi-billionaire genius blond bachelor wif oh-god-so-sexy figure n make u melt when u stare into his bright blue orbs that is full of love coz if not,then don't.bugger.)
9.they juz want d other party's bill goes up(n dat explain d slow,long,dreadful erm....... everytime they talk.i don't hav any objection for this)
10.they all sesaje nak sakitkan hati korang(coz they know u go all over bitchy bout it n will write it in ur blog.that's a way to get known by others)

aku tulih mende nie sesajerk n ini personal view.klu korang nak flame coz aku mencarut or coz korang terasa,ske ati janji aku puas!!!



Wednesday, August 20, 2008

naruto shippuden movie 2 trailer!!!!

ohmygawd!!!!!! I practically scream at this trailer..i try to enclose it here...both sasuke and naruto!!!!!! kyaaaaa~~~~~~

Sunday, August 17, 2008

my happy day!!!

ahhh~~~~~~~~I'M HAPPY!!!!!!

holiday decided to give us a week of bliss..now,now I can surf d net almost 24 hour without paying anything, since that's my pa's work..and god bless Dr.Hamzah, he let us go without any assignment.wait up, he did...he say:

"my assignment is that you all enjoying your holiday. and come back in one piece"

owh, how i love him....and i don't have to spend my money on food. n i have hours of time to spend on my bike.....hekhekhek ..juz, maybe, still lack of eye candy..

these two guyz

Monday, August 11, 2008

summary of the week...or not

ok..I'm not going to ramble bout my week actually...juz randomly putting the tittle up there...more likely i want to vent out my disagreeable on something....

obviously this someone had started to make my heart drenched in obvious disgust everytime she-yeah, it's a she-opened her mouth...and how bad can that be...my feeling for her is not that of hatred but a pure raw disgust....her voice juz make my hair stood up.don't even try to ever watch her face expression, it crawled under you skin like shit. god,even when i imagine her face i wanna puke. why, ever in this world there is someone who exist like she does....

i totally can't bear her so faking pronounce-it-like-a-british-words everytime she speak english..i'm disgusted...totally disgusted,gross,gross,gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

god, if this is not a place where everyone read this stuff, i swear you'll find lots of inappropriate swearing here

roger n out

Sunday, August 3, 2008

owh..take note of these artis

sometimes i go n seek 4 good eye candy at deviant art...some r really good..i'm listing them..mind,you should know who i'm referring to as eye candy..


the list will go on...
take time to know all the good artist

Saturday, July 26, 2008

dengar r aku mencarut

sebab kali nieyh aku x ley mak balimg kusi so aku mencarut kat cnieyh jerk....serius aku nak mencarut....agak2 cam x nak bade jgn bace....bwat twmbah dose jerk...aku dah warning...jgn nak flame aku after dis...

aku dah sparuh mati nak ngisi borang ptptn...antu tol...dah r smalam x makan,so dgn otomatiknyer aku ske marah orang x tntu pasal...

qtfweygfyubgunchcuihieufejbjbvfuiqvefhviywsvhjw qbwvuwfy yuyegt8yfwyvhjvyfywegfgf

sekian tima kasih

Thursday, July 17, 2008

penat weyh

the whole week had been...let me describe it in a word...


uhuhuhu....the time now is 1.15 pm...n I have a class at 2pm..a class that I shouldn't even have today...masalah btol...don't know r what's wrong with the lecturer..dah r nrs 411 kne blajar teory practical..hampas tol....

seb bek lom take into account crisis xde air itu ari....hampas tol...

dah r xde mood nak lukih...ah,wlupon ade certain gamba yg aku terlukis itu ari...aram tol....tapi aku x taw nak upload cnieyh ke upload lam ksk nyew site....

aiseh...aku nak kne gerak g semayang la plk..kang x sempat lak sakit tol..papai

Monday, July 14, 2008


nanti ko g tempat dia usha gamba yg len...


Team 7: Konoha High by ~xDplushie on deviantART

Saturday, June 28, 2008

slamat JAlaN romEo...

slamaT jaLAn romeo...Aku kan Pergi...seorang diri MEninggalkan ko...
pergiku bukannya apa..kalau tiDak KerNA mencari Ilmu di DunIA....
KelAk langkah kaki ini Menjejak bumi uitm,
akan kuutuskan padamu sms....

-yuuhuu....I dah de kt u nieyh....abislah u, I da grad nanti...I bagi jarum besar kat u-


p/s:khidmat masyarakat amat diperlukan untuk tidak menghubungi atau cuba bergaul dengan orang gila ini...terima kasih..

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

side effect

obviously,if u read something good...u'll get some new idea...so after weeks I didn't draw anything..here's something new

esp..to saykoji....

when ur done wif ur work...i really suggest u to read this fic

>the demilitarized zone
>humor,M,words >5000,sasunaru,complete...ita's there tapi dia pegang character baik....
ko kne bace email dworg smua...klaka nak mampos....tolak tepi *beep* r...

here's an email that naru sent to him

To: The Great Diablo

From: Irritated Minion

Subject: This year’s Bosses Day Gift


I had always thought that you were an asshole. Of course I did. Who doesn’t right? But, recent situations have shown me the error of my ways, O’ Dark and Evil One. Your patience, understanding and the overall respect you show to each of us… minions and duckies alike… knows no bounds. How could we have ever imagined that you where human enough to be an asshole? I believe, My Slimy Evilness, that you have the World’s Number One Boss Award in the bag again this year.

Keep showing us your true self and I believe you can consider that genuine simulated aluminum (foil) pocket watch you’ve had your swirling-red-eyes-of-evil on yours.

Oh yes, I formally retract my request for transfer. Better to serve in hell… You can check in but you can never leave… Or perhaps you’d rather pick your own damn hell related cliché.

My personal favorite? Hope to see you there.

Naruto Uzumaki

Vice President, Underworld Inc.

Watching my Soul die piece by piece

Sunday, June 22, 2008


I was not more than 8 or 9..maybe 10...
my brother who had always been a year younger than me had been annoying ever since I know him....and pretty much annoying till now..that means for the whole life i've been living..he's nothing but a scumbag..(*_*)

We lived at a 'sting garden' dat time.....exactly next to the national zoo..u can still see it now...n i still go there, occasionally though...well back to d heart warming story...when we went to our sekolah agama, we would pass a house that have a bell...yeah, a bell that u can only push to notice d household that someone is out there...right at your gate..and my brother...well,how can I say it...he actually had a bell-complex back then....whenever we passed the house, he will....

1.pushed the button

2.and run....(n me too....cause I don't want people to think me as d culprit....T-T)

and then that day came....(sfx: dudum,dudum,daaaa~~~)

he did his routine as usual....and run for it..and completely forgot that he left his bag behind..yes, that moron actually left his school bag behind..(curse,curse,curse x1000000000)

and so...as a good sister I asked him to go back n take that filthy bag of his...since he's such a scaredycat so this great sis of his told him "baik ko amik cepat...ko nak kena pukul ngan aenda ke??aku temankan...cepat r!!!" n so we went back there (we were halfway to our home) and guess who we met there???

yup..THE OWNER..with her irate face..and what most..she's holding the bag (how ironic) ....god forbid,I was shaking at that time...she gave us both a scolding n i'd plead sorry...(n that damn brother of mine juz stared at the floor all the time, without a single sorry came out from him..and this is all his fault..

as a cute,naivé little children, i cried..now that I'm big and all I think that that was super humiliating..but then the owner seems to take pity on us and gave us some sweets...she let us go but b4 we left,she asked us ....

"sapa ayah awak??" <=jackpot question
"syed azahar" <=jackpot answer
"owh,mak cik kenal dia...nanti mak cik bagitau ayah awak..dah,pegi balik.." <=jackpot reply

and we did get a scolding from our pa (though he laugh when he heard this back nowadays)....n i remembered clearly the look on my brother's face (on our way home) while we were munching down the sweets given -completely x bersalah- n to think that I can actually lecture my bro between sobs and eat up those sweets...I'm pretty amazed at myself..
haa...I'm a good sis after all that has to look over a bunch of brats..

p/s: kasim...ko better pay-off balik pew aku dah bwat...ko bley bwat muke x bersalah...lahabau btol....blanja aku topup!!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008


ermmm......wanna have my shoulder to cry on???
oh god!!!!!stop crying.......you can alwayz meet jiraiya whenever u want....just look at the old naruto's chapters.....go buy some shonen jump....for god sake, the ice-cream is melting!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


how cute can these guyz be...



Wednesday, June 18, 2008

jiwang jap

Masihkah kau ingat
Pada waktu itu sekuntum bunga mekar
Kuselit ke rambutmu

Masihkah kau ingat
Ia menjadi mimpi dan menjadi rindu
Masihkah kau ingat

Masihkah kau ingat
kita berlari-lari di kaki langit mencari pelangi
lalu hujan turun kita basah bersama

Masihkah kau ingat
Masihkah kau ingat

Masihkah kau ingat
sekuntum bunga itu
Ditapak tangan ini
Ia menjadi layu
Lalu kugengam ia menjadi debu
Masihkah kau ingat
Masihkah kau ingat

Masihkah kau ingat
kita berlari-lari di kaki langit mencari pelangi
lalu hujan turun kita basah bersama

Masihkah kau ingat
Masihkah kau ingat

Masihkah kau ingat
sekuntum bunga itu
Ditapak tangan ini
Ia menjadi layu
Lalu kugengam ia menjadi debu
Masihkah kau ingat
Masihkah kau ingat

flower girl

aiseh jiwang.....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

hp parody

doing it on a sketch book......tapi quality gambo hampeh

Sunday, June 15, 2008

owh!!!new disease struck konoha....

konoha village here had received a massive shock when they came to realize that some of the shinobi had turned to pokemon!!!!!!SOS....whoeva has the cure to this problem,kindly contact Konoha current hokage, Tsunade-sama..


from left:kakashi, gaara(this one were in konoha when disease strike), sasuke, lee(above). naruto, sakura(above), shikamaru, shino

go on n guess!!!!

whoever got it right will get a present.......

Friday, June 13, 2008


chii....keep it up!!!!!!keep it until it clean...

Thursday, June 12, 2008


i feel like dancing....

CAramel Dansen!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008


god grief!!!u better hold on to ur words n save that retarded raven ass from being more screwed than eva!!!!!!see dobe....Itachi even gave u a *smile*......with d power o luv......yeah!!!!!!!!!

-s***,i'm screwed up!!!!-
-naruto 403-


ahahahahaha..take no notice of this thing...it's a crap yet saje je nak letak cni......

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

miss d old day....

make a comparision......d first piece i drew when i'm in f4 n d other one just last night...ala2 sesaje nak wat remake r.....nguahahahaha.....style akoo mmg de sikit tukar tapi bab len still hampeh...alalalala...trok btol...gegegegege

Saturday, May 31, 2008

coloured pic

Since I don't know how to use photoshop to do colouring n stuff,so I prefer to use traditional media........so here it is...a picture that were coloured using oil pastel....still..it really look like an amateur work...alalalahai...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm addicted!!!!!!!!

ehehehehehehe...elli finally give me this big red heart!!!!!!!*yippeee*it's d matter of time for me to propose her!!!it's too bad that i have to be a man in this game......x_X..*sigh*...I'm trying my best to buy everything in the shopping tv(it's on saturday-n it alwayz been d best day!!)...after I complete buying all the kitchen utensil-this gonna take up time- and buy a big bed-well,i'm a good person,i shouldn't let my wife sleep on the floor right??-i think i shall live the life of a young respective hardworking cute single farmer....aiseh....

Sunday, May 18, 2008

anOther work

Since I don't have any scanner n stuff so I juz use my phone camera...so instead of a good quality picture,please bear this low quality stuff.It still readable,though...hehehehehe

AnOthEr New StuFF

It's in malay...a very rojak one...tapi kita kan mlyu jati....walaupon rojak...Janji rock KaPAk.ah..btw,if u can't read the words...click on the image...well,if u don't know-lah...i'm juz telling...thank you...


I'm not really into this blogie stuff but since i had a lot of time now....I'll spare some for this site....but knowing me......I'm only going to rant on something reaaaally silly or maybe posting one or two of my latest artwork..( it had been a long time since I draw something decent enough to show to others-do not put your hope high...if there is..)...ah..take a look on the work....