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Thursday, February 12, 2009

and so i lie

i want to put tis up at deviant but then suddenly aku pikir...wat semak jerk, bkn canggih pon aku kaler mende alah nieyh.laiepon artline die aku dah campak kat situ...so korang tatap r tetiap lksn yg aku kaler pastuh aku x nak campak kat DA kat cnie.slagi aku rasa aku x pandai kaler slagi tuh lah aku x kan campak lksn berkaler kay c2.aku tensi.kira aku tipoo r time aku kater aku x up lksn kat cnie....

++maafkan aku++

and so i do talk bout valentine too

now everyone, pick a glass of your choice and held it high up coz we're going to make a hell of toast to

  1. Man that happily deflating their purse for their girl, happy condemning your money
  2. girl that manage to coax up their lovely little man to abide their very tedious whimsical request, happy bitching
  3. man and girl who are out in joyous day indulging in a blissful day full of youthful love, may you all grace the day as graceful as you can coz next year, a more potential partner shall replace the other place, so now, happy spending time with your loved one
  4. girl who make an ultimate sacrifice by presenting her whole self, heart and soul, body and mind to their beloved on this screwed up day, happy planning your soon-to-become-pregnant self
  5. man that are eager for this day to somehow prove his masculinity in a very bestial approach, please put on some protection. happy protecting yourself from STD or in case you have a loophole in your brain, that's a short for Sex Transmitted Disease
  6. all playgirls who have different present from different male, grace yourself please and share with us some of those delicious and exquisitely expensive chocolate. happy sharing. you can keep the flower for yourself. we're allergic to it.
  7. all playboys be sure that you have a very secure hiding place. this blissful day is not what you should really looking forward with horde of girls hunting you down with means to terminate. happy 'hide-and-seek'
  8. all the cute girls but single, known bestowed that you are still appreciated, by mean less that you yourself love thyself. happy glooming and dreading with your current condition that are lack in the male company department.
  9. all the cute guys but single,shall you gays better off be gay rather than to stay a single and not making any effort to pick up any single cute girls for this was the better option top retain your precious life. happy converting yourself to homosexual or asexual. whichever float your boat.
cheers for those enjoying valentine while you aware that there is nothing really beneficial come out of it. cheers for those who know that Islam is not that please with this kind of thing.cheers for those fools.cheers for yourself.

++happily watching her fave pairing making out on valentine++

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


i may practically aware that most of you have a very tight schedule. yet the latest,dramatic,damned verse of pure bad luck struck me and i think somehow i was gifted with the most eff-ing schedule.my pharmaco lecture changed her lecture time to thursday where i will have my lesson from 8 friggin morning till 10 f**king pm.

i shall die before i endure such continous lesson.

with luck guyz

++balding her head off,stressed out++