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Thursday, April 28, 2011

this make me happy today

although i have to take like three paper today ( I count the osce's papers in), I managed to smile. why? it's all thanks to this

storyboard book by pandabaka.go google

it's like an early birthday present for myself. yes I consider buying myself something that is not food and priced more than RM5 is a sort of present to self. Really, I don't care if people says I'm pathetic cause spending RM 6.40 on this is totally worth it. I always want to print this one out, seeing it all nice and binded up, I just can't stop smiling since I first seeing it like a book. I keep smiling and my friends are laughing at me, saying that my blissful face is totally one of kind. eh, I think anybody would laugh if someone take an empty book, and her pencil and her eraser with this loony grin and keep staring at it without blinking for like, a minute or two, grin still on face. Oh, and I still don't put anything on it yet. I dunno, this book seems so precious to me. I am thinking of doing a BL oneshot, without being graphic and all. coz, u know, shoujo is totally not my stuff and I don't have enough will on me to do a fantasy manga.and I'm in no mood to draw girls. let us all pray that with this new story board book I manage to do at least a oneshot and publish it somewhere (frankly, I don't know many place which host comic or manga and the like. the only one in my head is smack jeeves. any suggestion?)

my 2 May plan? go to shah alam, buy myself a piece of cake, and eat roti canai, and find that bloody Pentel pencil that I've been hunting for a month now. oh, i might consider big apple...or should I buy samudra's kek pisang? I can finish the long one by myself.hmmmm~~oh, and I might hunt for knitting needle.

++should I try screen-toning too?++

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

before i go barmy and totally lost it

i want to put it up here~~~

my own to do list no matter how stupid this sound and how i noe myself work.but hey, one can hope kan?

++reloading a bazooka for tomorrow test++

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

yay for stalking???

okay, I regressed. I 've got too many free time and I decided to stalk the nextgen of harry potter. okay specifically albus severus and scorpius. pssh, u guys noe how much i adore a blond and a brunette together.heh

deciding to give you an eyeful of how cute they (the official actor) are

bertie gilbert as scorpius malfoy..i totally pwn this boy.
arthur bowen as albus severus potter. dem, y so cute????
my favourite picture of the potter kids. from left to right: al, james and lily  

++yeah, i ship AS/S.kill me++

Monday, April 18, 2011

yay for class doodle (18+)

apparently sitting in a class that consist of presentations equal to free time to draw and crack ensues.

warning: there's some..okay a lot of nakedness in one of the picture.if it is not your type of drawing please be aware. nothing sexual in nature, just nudity.

okay, this is what i draw at the start of the class

this is what happen at the back of the same paper.yes, I'm on crack

++life couldn't get any sweeter when you can doodle to your heart content++

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

it's 1 am...

it's well past midnight and I still want to type all these stories that i just got today. and a few old ones that I'm gonna throw here.

Today, when I was at ICU for my practical session, I have a chat with the staff nurse that I'm tagging with. I dunno how we deviate to this topic but she told me that almost all the patient in bed one to bed four lodge complaint. And their complaint were similar.They say that there's a little kid playing around their bed and basically that kid will annoy them and keep disturbing them. She also said that the nurses work there wouldn't see a thing that the patient been complaining about. If there's only one patient from one bed that complaint it, they might regards it as delusion or something like that. but if two or three person lodge a similar complaint on one single thing, wouldn't it be different? plus, there are always the fact that kids under the age of twelve aren't allowed in ICU so what are kid around the age of three or four doing there?

the isolation room in the ICU lodge almost a similar complaint, but it's a complaint of a woman.

eh, and this one ain't really scary and it happen quite recently, this semester to be exact. I was staying at my uni's college as an illegal tenant for a few days due to certain event that I have to attend. We stayed at R6's prayer room. each of the hostel there was installed with a lift. And the lift is the kind that have some automated voice in it. so, as far as I know, these automated voice only said a few stuff, like (naik ke atas-going up) or (turun ke bawah-going down). I'm not sure whether it ever said which floor is it. so, it was around 10 pm-ish and I was alone, waiting for the lift so that I can go to sixth floor. when I got the lift it was empty, so I was alone there. then there's the usual automated voice saying that we're going up (naik ke atas) and yeah, naughty me are mimicking the lift sound and say stuff like (naik ke atas, pergi ke kanan, pusing ke kiri-going up, turning right, turning left) loudly in the same tone. but when I reach my floor, instead of opening up instantly it keep closed for a few seconds (more like minutes, idk, it felt like that) and the automated voice said something like (sila keluar, ada orang yang sedang tunggu di bawah-please get off, there's someone waiting at the lower ground). I don't really remember what it said but it was something like that, I was freaked out because I never heard of this phrase since I stayed hostel for a year and the door is still closed. Once it finished speaking the door opened and god knows how hard my heart are pounding. I seriously hope that what I heard is something that are really installed for the automated voice. well, one can hope right?

There are some spooky story in the house I stayed now but I didn't dare to write it. It's 1 am now and we, malays have some belief that saying that the midnight is not the scariest time at all, but when it come to 1-3 am, that's when you have to be aware and behave.

++just have the urge to share++

Saturday, April 9, 2011

random stuff on me

my awkward 9 years old self and
lil bro + lil sis.
  • I've been to paediatrics ward, labor room, post natal ward, ICU, emergency department, mental institution, post natal ward, medical ward, surgical ward, orthopedic ward, neurology ward, ENT ward, obstetric ward, community clinic (specially on natal-care and children). I've never been to specialized clinic or OT.
  • I daydream whenever I'm on a vehicle. especially when I'm alone.
  • I prefer classic literature than the teensy romance novel. twilight? FTW. charles dickens way better
  • I'm not big on watching drama or anime. I prefer something more conservative like manga or books or fanfic, whatever
  • when I was 7, I weight 17 kg. According to my health record, that's it. oh, and I height like 132 cm?
  • I always prefer blonde character. and I'm a sucker for peeps who got beautiful dazzling light-coloured eyes
  • I rarely get sick.
  • The first movie I watched was Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix at Terminal One, Seremban with my bro and my ayunk, Bai. I was 18.
  • The first time I went to Mid Valley, I'm 19. That's the time when I first enter uni.
  • when I was in primary school, I always put my ambition as either a doctor, an accountant or a teacher. to justify these unrealized 'ambitions' I am a nursing student, which also will work in hospital, I took accounts for my SPM, and I teach my bro and sis. does that count?
  • the first yaoi pairing I knew and adore is sasunaru. now, the list have become slightly...okay, not-so-slightly longer.
  • I refuse to eat squid because I have a nightmare of them getting out from people's stomach after they eat em. I mean, everyone that eat squid at that place have some kind of seizure after they ate, and collapse, and squid get out from their stomach. I refuse to eat squid afterwards. till now.
  • my name was given to me by my late paternal grandma. that's why it sounds so classic. seriously, zanariah? hapakah?
  • my pa called me jet when she talk wif my ma. my relatives and childhood friends call me zana. quite a few called me zanariah. and most people know me as chepa.
  • I came out with my pen name (kaizu deadhead) when I was 16, after I knew I failed my addmath and score B for my history test. 
  • I'm a 3.1 kg baby, and my birth certificate number is I 109897 yeah, I still remember it now 

++is that random enough?++