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Sunday, August 30, 2009

dear bloggie

dear bloggie,
i'm actually in a midst of browsing through utube ogling over tom felton aka draco malfot.why? i dunno...it just an urge that i got...since this is the only time that i can actually fully utilize my pa's lappie to open up this site and write something...i might as well do that.

dear bloggie,
since last i broke my lappie screen i have been ignoring you..it's been like a few months since i last write here...i'm starting to get active in my facebook and decently active at DA.just last night my lappie had gone through a major system brokedown.i can't open up the net or else it will go..CRASH!! like that.i'm pretty sad about it..totally..the only bright side of thing is that i have actually bought an external hard disk and save almost all my precious data there...so i'm not actually unprepared for the so-called broke down..i'm anticipating it,frankly said.

dear bloggie,
life at uni had been bitch this sem..there's a lot i have to do, and my uni had gone a bit haywired due to H1N1..those week worth break that they suddenly give had make my life gone crashing down..now we all are struggling through valiant effort to keep up with new schedule...and those miniature batu cave's stairs are killing me.