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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

i read, i write


Really, tear-jerking fics are tear-jerking. Just finished reading this one angsty fics. God. HPDM fics really owned that section. Their brand of angst is totally different from the one that I read in another fandom (i.e Merthur and Sasunaru)

I have a weakness for HPDM that have those next-gen ppl wif them. Especially Scorpius. The fandom paint him as something lovely. I remember this one particular fic (forget title, the author is jinko in ffnet if I’m not mistaken). Scorpius is their son, through surrogate mother (not mpreg, woot) and the future is one that the light side is losing. Everyone is dead, and the final straw is when Harry himself is dead, so Scorp, somehow a potion-genius-mentored-by-Snape-and-schooling-at-muggle-school made a Time potion and go back to the past. At each new chapter, there will be excerpt of Scorp’s journal from the future. It’s an honest-to-god-heart-wrenching opening excerpt that you’ll ever read. I hate Future!Harry a bit. Too trapped in his own sadness to remember that Scorp needs him as he’s the only one left. At least it had that ambiguous happy ending stuff, with the future unknown, people get together, dear voldie dah kiok though Scorp had to go back to his time and live there, with limp dat he got at the present time.

And this particular fic I dug in LJ fics rec. I have to lock my door and barricade it with stuff coz I don’t want my sibling barge in when I’m tearing up. They’ll mock me. Endlessly. Title: The price we pay for wings and its sequel. Though the sequel is the one that made me tear up. Author killed Scorpius. Kejam gile. And Scorp died for Al. My heart yearns to comfort both Al and Draco. They both love him, and lost him to the new war. And Al, they’ve only been together for a year before he died. By the time Draco and Al both cried on Scorp’s death anniversary in Al’s room, I legitly cried. Why kill a likeable character? Suck big time author. Though it kick the angst bone somewhere in me.

Merthur brand of angst is mostly on the lie that Merlin is magic and he hides it, and they play on it. Even in modern AU, Merlin always has a secret. Sasunaru brand of angst lies on their life, and their personality (Sasuke is the epitome of emo-ness). HPDM brand of angst lie on their personality, the war, their past, their stance, the community, their everything. In HPDM, you can always dig in good amount of angst with enough fluff to balance it. And Plot. They own plot. They can write mysteries, with romance on the side. If you want a good romcom, flangsty stuff, Merthur Modern AU totally owned that. And a good, aww-gushing, PWP would be sasunaru forte (DMZ, till date, is still my fav).

Ahahahaha. I love Scorpius Malfoy. More so than Al. hahaha. blonde always appeal to me

++blonde n brunnette mmg cantik++

p/s: the fic by jinko is when time snt enough at ffnet

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


so I got a bit hormonal, and got easily off my handle, and i've got a bit of my mouth, and temper. Mom is hormonal, and stressed. period.

So we always, always, always get on a fight. She nag. I nag back. and we give as good as we get. And we (combi and I) learnt early on to not counter every argument she made, and let her nag till she let off her steam. And funnily enough, Kasim ada hati nak tegur me. ha ha. Yes, I made mum angry at me with my temper but Kasim on totally other level. me? Aenda didn't threaten to throw me out...yet. Fuck you Kasim. a man, 22 and still depends on ur family, no motivation and attached to ur phone? cut ur balls, be a girl and get some ride on other man's tail.

I didnt agree with the way their handling my younger siblings. I said this many time to my mum ( and got in a few fight because of it). They lack discipline. They talk back (esp Uki), and purposely be rude. we'll be moving back to Ulu Kelang, where the youngsters here are varieties of bastard-birthing girls, no-purpose man, a few ppl-that-involve-in-illegal-substance, kids that didn't finish their schooling. The one that come out decent is people that didn't step outside of their house and socialize with the ppl here (my neighbour's kids, whose children r our childhood fren, come out ok. the girls r going to be doctors. slum-born doctors, ha ha. osem wat?)

so yadda yadda yadda

nak terjun sungai. air tengah dalam.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

fast update on RL (pentingkah?)

currently in a staring-down contest with Uki, coz he is being a brat (ALWAYS!!) and god, kalau boleh, i piap piap leher dia sampai terpriak terus, hampas padi punya budak.

still diligently menanam anggur. might get serious once after convo. procrastination till the end bebeh. gaya hantu je bagi alasan kan.

Oyen dah baik dari sakit. and has the ugliest sound a cat can have. last night he was scratching the aquarium (which had two ikan puyu and one ikan keli). He had graciously dump us a loooooooooot of gold (poop!!) that he's been banished to sleep outside each night. He still listen to Tama best, that brat.

got hooked on Xfactor USA. fav contestants for now are Emblem3 (huzzah, inner teengirl), Paige and Beatrice.

Still pretty much reading every fics available on Merlin, tho I have incredible urge to read HPDM. Had read a few sasunaru again this past week ( a collection gifted by dear friend. thnk a bunch laling)

Merlin is almost reaching the half-series mark. ugh, sungguh cepat masa berlalu. dahlah series 6 nye khabar x berapa nak ada (no official say about whether there is S6 or not).

made kek pisang (pakai blender! org melayu mmg suka pakai shortcut) and biskut kacang mazola (this one selalu jadik pilihan any one of us yg pegi saroja utama-our local mart. they sell it for 20 cent each. heaven nak mampos kalau makan).

and now I am hungry.pfft

++bila lagi mak na nak muncul mak na tak taw++

p/s: saya sangat menyarankan anda tune in hot fm cerita cinta @ 11pm-1am weekdays. yes, the talks is sooooooooo lame but if I have a say in anything, I recommend it just because it have fab songs at that time. I know Sinar kinda rolling all the good 90's but this segment's songs just kick my jiwang mode. kemon, feminine?elite?KRU? all in their 90's glory? I so dig that. i might squeal a bit when there's innuendo (a decent malaysian vocal boy band.fourteen? x leh lawan dude)

Have heard of of monsters and men? I reccing it. coz I like it. am so listening to this kinda o english song. reccing little talks and king and lionheart. mountain sound kinda cool too. up to u guys.

found a site with flash stuff that u can click on plugin,slow,faster,andharder interesting buttons. tho anthro/furry sect hav the biggestmost flash n by far the funnest of em all. how i stumble upon dis one i don't know. pedo r so gonna like it. pfft  mak na pon likelikelike juga. hiburan waktu takde customer y'alllzz