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Sunday, August 31, 2008


two tiny hands linked together
their old memory give a sincere smile to each other
he knew that he is the only light that he can grasp
yet he just stand there, seeing the light disappear
and he knew that the other will fall into darkness
if only he can open his eyes and take him back
too bad that the Weaver of Fate inclined that
the sun will stay in the day
cherishing the life of others
except him
and the moon will stay in night
agonizing in the world of darkness
without him by his side

-i wrote this last night after i watch naruto epi 134.u can actually guess i wrote bout which guyz if u watch dat episode.it sound a lil bit gay but tell me,who d hell care coz i don't give a damn!hehe-

the art of being discreet by the infamous chepa

Have u eva wonder, how can one talk so hush-ly, voice impossibly audible to others when they're on phone? believe me,it's a wonder. And this wonder is what i called the art of being discreet. I noticed that a few of my frenz can actually do this, some have d ability while others are hopeless(which include me).well, I can't really put this act either annoying or somehow compromising. It will be compromising when we were learning,studying our ass off,trying to stamp our brain with god-knows-what-written-on-the-thick-obnoxious-book. But it get annoying when you try to sleep and here goes the hushing voice,sometimes high enough to be audible but most of the time are hushed mumbles.oh, don't forget the annoying occasional bitchy giggles. Hello, someone try to sleep here?!Knock some sense into that puny lil' brain will ya' coz I'm itching to throw a kick to ur face,puke my gut out at ur skinny worthless figure and stamp my feet on ur damn nokia phone.Yes lady and gentleman.Being discreet is not actually pleasant at all,albeit people that can actually bear with it.I dunno why they go all so secretive over a phone call but I have some presumable theory:

1.they have sore throat(as if!!)
2.they're sleepy(hell,sleepy person won't talk for hours)
3.they're feeling mushy("ala awak nie...teeheehee..mana dew,awak nie kan~~" imagine saying that with a faking-bitch tone that pura2 manje)
4.they need to jerk off(u can't actually do d dirty talk loudly or people will throw out n die!)
5.they talk bout something that they don't want others to know(i.e how long u hav been wearing d same underwear for weeks.ha ha)
6.they don't want to disturb people who r asleep(how bout d one who's trying to get one??)
7.they r malu-malu(g mati r!!!)
8.they want to show-off dat someone from the opposite sex called them,let it be boyfren,admire,etc(tell me, is d guy who call ya' a multi-billionaire genius blond bachelor wif oh-god-so-sexy figure n make u melt when u stare into his bright blue orbs that is full of love coz if not,then don't.bugger.)
9.they juz want d other party's bill goes up(n dat explain d slow,long,dreadful erm....... everytime they talk.i don't hav any objection for this)
10.they all sesaje nak sakitkan hati korang(coz they know u go all over bitchy bout it n will write it in ur blog.that's a way to get known by others)

aku tulih mende nie sesajerk n ini personal view.klu korang nak flame coz aku mencarut or coz korang terasa,ske ati janji aku puas!!!



Wednesday, August 20, 2008

naruto shippuden movie 2 trailer!!!!

ohmygawd!!!!!! I practically scream at this trailer..i try to enclose it here...both sasuke and naruto!!!!!! kyaaaaa~~~~~~

Sunday, August 17, 2008

my happy day!!!

ahhh~~~~~~~~I'M HAPPY!!!!!!

holiday decided to give us a week of bliss..now,now I can surf d net almost 24 hour without paying anything, since that's my pa's work..and god bless Dr.Hamzah, he let us go without any assignment.wait up, he did...he say:

"my assignment is that you all enjoying your holiday. and come back in one piece"

owh, how i love him....and i don't have to spend my money on food. n i have hours of time to spend on my bike.....hekhekhek ..juz, maybe, still lack of eye candy..

these two guyz

Monday, August 11, 2008

summary of the week...or not

ok..I'm not going to ramble bout my week actually...juz randomly putting the tittle up there...more likely i want to vent out my disagreeable on something....

obviously this someone had started to make my heart drenched in obvious disgust everytime she-yeah, it's a she-opened her mouth...and how bad can that be...my feeling for her is not that of hatred but a pure raw disgust....her voice juz make my hair stood up.don't even try to ever watch her face expression, it crawled under you skin like shit. god,even when i imagine her face i wanna puke. why, ever in this world there is someone who exist like she does....

i totally can't bear her so faking pronounce-it-like-a-british-words everytime she speak english..i'm disgusted...totally disgusted,gross,gross,gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

god, if this is not a place where everyone read this stuff, i swear you'll find lots of inappropriate swearing here

roger n out

Sunday, August 3, 2008

owh..take note of these artis

sometimes i go n seek 4 good eye candy at deviant art...some r really good..i'm listing them..mind,you should know who i'm referring to as eye candy..


the list will go on...
take time to know all the good artist