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Friday, January 30, 2009


yesterday i went to the night market.anyone that had read my posted bulletin in friendster shall be familiar wif dis story. i just make it more elaborate 'ere. k,back to main topic here.i'm having a crave for sweet corn in cup,some steamy tau fu fah n maybe a lil bit of popcorn.and i need to get my old wristwatch replaced.i was dissapointed to see none of the food mentioned above are there so i went straight to the watch place.

and then i found it.the ideal watch.it simple,not overly decorated and it had tiny lines that represent every number scattered around it.plus, if u push a button at a right side and wham,there's a light!!isn't it incredible??and so come the dilemma.

that watch come only wif two colors-dark blue and orange.and by that time,my sasunaru fangirl mode come to surface and my mind got this weird thoughts that goes like these:

'aww~~fate must be laughing but the only two watch left are their favorite color'
'owh how sweet.damn,which one i shall pick'
-by this time,i was reluctant to choose any of it since the other watch might be lonely-
'i wish shara's here.she can take the blue one'

the pressure is so great.choosing between those two colors are like choosing one of those owh-so-hot guys from my all-time-fave manga series,which is them

"can u see it?blue,orange,hot bishies..find any connection yet?"

between papa n daddy,which shall i choose?blue is my fave color while orange is papa's official color.then, i made a drastic move.somehow i can use henge no jutsu and henge-ing myself to none other than..*dundundundu~n*

ITACHI!!dun ask me why,it fits the picture.so i tackle down the orange one as itachi did in the pic .hehe.

somehow,i feel it's awesome how someone(esp fangirls) can relate almost everything to their fave pairings (you-know-what in my case) from the colors of watch or color of shirts owned (in shara's case)

++ogling an orange clad bishie++

Saturday, January 24, 2009


i'm sorry for abandoning this site... i didn't mean it.i swear!!!here, let me hav syara's hot hubby apologizing for my behalf...teme!!!-insert applause here-

i got so caught up with devianting and you don't wanna know how hectic uni life had been recently.go drop by at deviantart whenever you feel you hav the strength to click on the link somewhere down there...i think..

it's only the start of d sem n you can't believe how fast my assignment piling up. we learn all lots of new subjects n it's killing me!!!!!!!!dignifying wateva piece of soul left with me after being bombarded with arduous shit, i heartily claim my peace by fangirling some hot guys whenever i have the time...wait up, it's actually one guy...n his companion which name have to be put in secret so that his emo-istic privacy respected.i think i can get his picture put up here..wait up..-scramming through hideous numbers of files and somehow clicking random file name-
ah here it is..

oh shit,how come this one turn out here???naru,your zipper dammit!!do it properly!!once again i apologize for putting up such inappropriate picture for your virgin eyes..no, i mean, for public view.though i can absolutely say he got such an interesting pose there.here,shall i call upon him once again and apologize?ok he's out now..

"i'm sowee~~pfft"

there i hope this shall compensate for wateva harm done, physically or mentally..uh..till then,goodbye.

++having such murderous intense aura,thanks to gedik++