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Monday, November 28, 2011

because I am a hopeless romantic (and not so subtle fic rec)

or I quote "woo~h, gile Awie dalam sembilu, jiwang siot aku" ( not like I watch the bloody movie :shrug:)

I am all for med fic. Have I ever tell you guys that? oh well, I'm telling you now. And I'm like drowning in Merlin fandom right now that I spent almost all my waking hours reading Merlin fanfics, and I'm not going to start on exactly how many good one are out there, begging me to read it (thank god for people who did enormous recs, coz they are saviours). And I just need to vent this somewhere, and FB is not an option, and no one want to hear me rant on Merlin fandom anywhere (usually Nadz will be my victim to rant on all good things. she's considerate enough to let me blow my steam off), so here I am, blogging this out (since no one really read what I put up here) ranting on my (current) OTP

there's this fic, fandom: Merlin, pairing: Arthur/Merlin. Med AU (though the med part isn't exactly been emphasized on much). Here we got Arthur as the doctor in ED (timeline between when he's an intern up to residency) and Merlin is an ICU nurse. Am not going to put blatant spoiler here, just stating a few facts why I just love this one. One is that, I can quite relate to them working in a hospital setting, what with Merlin working at ICU, and since I'm currently taking ICU course, I kinda get it. being busy almost all the time and have little time to spare with your social life. ED is quite a harsh setting, you got to be quick and all that, and like Arthur have once reasoned out, being in public hospital is honest, where you got honest cases coming in and when you're in ED, you got to witness a lot of thing. to tell you the truth, the nastiest thing I ever saw is this wound that this patient have falling from his bike, I think a large portion of his thigh is not there..really nasty.ha ha.

this fic is a story that have all those fairytale moment yet felt so real, dealing with work that left you with little time to spend together, the insecurities of admitting to yourself who you really are, what people think of you, what your family thinks of you or just keeping those who is important close to you. all those insecurities are there and almost real, and you watch how they (well, mostly Arthur, really) took all those baby steps of learning who you really are, admitting to everyone who he really is and showing them who is the one that matter, arguing, fighting and compromise, supporting each other along the side, getting the skeleton out from where they buried them. this fic is just gorgeous. the author write so that readers are in some kinda limbo, there will be the time that you are in the present, and then swept back to the time why things in present matter to them.

I have many favourite moments there. and I can't list them all. the supporting character are also solid, there are there, but just really supporting. this is totally the fic about them both...

okay, enough with the fic. Have I relished the fact that I cried watching the last few minutes of Merlin s4e9?
oh, Merlin crying look so tragic that I cannot help but shed my own tears. ok, spoiler. I don't really care at this point, Morgana being sore that Arthur is going to make Gwen his queen (oh, Morgana, you're not the only, I assure you. I'm with you in this one) and she use necromancy to call Lancelot from the dead, sending him to trick Arthur and all that. okay, I'm just going to view in Merlin side, coz I don't care much about canon pairing. Merlin is glad that Lance is back, but God know, he's the curious sort, and he know something is not right, and Lance outed himself when he hinted that he didn't know that Merlin have magic. and Merlin did some magic test or something, and found out that yes, Lance is truly dead, and the one prancing around seducing Guinevere is just a walking corpse and he was really sad about this. The most tragic scene is the last scene where he watch Lancelot died once again (he killed himself in prison as Morgana ordered, a loyal puppet to the end, truly not his fault) and when Arthur ask for him to be given a proper burial, Merlin is the one who did it. It just like Freya scene all over, though with lot more flowers and all, and Merlin did some small necromancy in his part, waking him a few seconds from death in which Lance called Merlin's name and say thank you. oh, and after he burned the corpse, just like he did Freya, he cried. a lot. and Merlin's crying face is so heart-wrenching that you are roped in and cry along. He have the right to do so, Lance is another friend that know he's magic. Will had died. Freya also died. and now, it's Lancelot. currently he just have Gaius to help him all along. it must be lonely to be him, with everyone single person that he indulged his secret in died.

annnnnnnnnddd I'm ranting too much.

here's the fic, Shelter by Kelly on LJ. 7 parts

++You just have to bear with me ranting on Merlin till it finally ends.ha ha++

Friday, November 25, 2011


I miss the feeling of having a crush on someone, or someone to fancy....

y ish there no ppl for me to adore n make me go thumpthumpthump??guh

i dun noe anymore....:facepalm:

I refuse to put my sig this time.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

footie SEA

I don't watch footie much, coz I'm not really interested in it.. the only thing I noe bout footie is that u hav a ball, and all player chase it and try to make a goal as much as possible. shoot me for that, but I think that's enough about footie for me to noe.

tho against my principle, I did watch the SEA footie game between Malaysia and Indonesia.. this is like one of the most hyped up game. It just, when u put both countries in a game, u really have to watch. It's like a principle that every malaysian have (and I believe, the Indonesian have). That night, two of our classmate from the block in front of us joined us, with two pots of tea and a tupperaware full of moist choco cake, we are pretty much in sugar-high and yell a lot throughout the game...hahaha. glad that we score a point there.

i dunno if i want to watch nother match tho.hahaha

++i want to much on cookies++

edit 22/11/11

WE WON!!!!!

we jumped, we scream, we are basically overjoyed!!!!!!!! with two big pots of tea, cucur udang, biscuits and banana cake, we are overwhelmed..the game is tense, and so do us...hahaha. this is like the first game that I watch right from the start, and stick to it until penalty kick...am enjoyed doing this with housemate+frontblockclassmate... the lovely thing bout watching footie wif ur girl friends is that u can keep commenting on the player's figure rather than the game itself without being reprimanded..we keep mentioning how this player *coughmuslimandapekcough* have this nice arse, and oh god, no.28's Yong pose before he enter the field, he had us screaming like pure fangirls..utterly gorgeous pose there, right dash of sexiness. can't believe people that are so young can do great thing...oh, and Muslim during the penalty kick, adorable :squee:

tho we cant say much about the indonesian player that erm...injured his reproductive organ..he keep touching his dick without being aware that he is the camera focus.tho am sorry that he injured such vital organ..haha. we can't help but notice that Bonai hav a weird ritual whenever corner kick is concerned...hav to say that both Indo and Malaysia have good keepers..

a tense and good game, from both country..hope that there will be no sore-loser-act that come up after this..cheers


i always crave for something.

and right now, i crave for a chocolate..the one that priced moar than RM2...I rarely bought the one that priced moar than RM5, u noe, like cadburry's big one..bcoz i things that is an impossible price to pay..but right now, I really wish i have it in the fridge...


++a cheapskate, no matter how u look at it++

Friday, November 11, 2011

updating for the sake of it.hah

I baked more in a week than I ever in life.
scouring net for recipe, and did it just for the hell of it.
should call this with something like getting-in-touch-with-your-feminine-site
let see, triffle pudding, choco pudding, choco cake..am seriously attempting to finish up Ibu's cocoa powder.
lol, hapakah.

will attempt on choco chip cookies later.for snacks to brought back to puncak alam

++yes, a short post.ha ha++