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Sunday, December 27, 2009

ha..ha..effing ha

a pic of few words

Friday, December 25, 2009

what to do..what to do..

counting the days that i have to go back to uni is absolutely depressing..how much tyme i have left??lyke a week or so..damn, next sem gonna be a hassle.orienting to absolutely new and out-of-world syllabus..and a new language to take..aiyah.even my Arabic are very much tunggang langgang rite now.

annnnd today is christmas..merry christmas to everyone who celebrate. laling celebrate it...she woke me up just to wish me one and brag about her accidental christmas present from Maxis, a free RM5 credit to her phone..( I don't get it so i sulk..here).when you talk bout christmas, there's a new year coming along and when there's new year, people talk bout resolution and shit..and i have vowed one to myself (early huh?) i vowed to save money as much as possible so that i can spend as much as possible at CF.i swear i gonna find a way to go there..i've never been in one of this manganime convention and all but f*ck it, so much awesome goodies sold there this year (according to DA-ist's journal) and i not-so-secretly wish i have new lappie..i want one...

man, i'm cranked

++feeling the hols guys??++

Sunday, December 6, 2009

OMG!!!i MISS you!!!

bloggie-kun, I miss u so much~~

and i can finally talk to you again, after a long abstinence of doing so..
but I'm not keen on doing fancy entry today...we go the typical mode now then, shall we??

updating to the latest trivial thing of my life, nothing much 'cept my practical session started and my juniors are all some shitty stupid morons..they are to blame for that 'incident'.my hatred to that person had increased quite lovely...very lovely indeed. my artblock had started to clear off and i become particularly fond of drawing bitchy (and not so bitchy) ukes and woman figure (it's damn satisfying drawing boobs-it looks stupid and you can mess up with the size..hahaha) \\(-w-)//

seme-type bishies are hard to draw "OTL

my coloring sense seems dull ~like always~

and sayko keep updating her blog, make me jealous *pout*

just now, i realize...you can't fit three month story into one entry..

umm..melawati's pop corn is nice..not too sweet and not too bland..just feel nice

did i tell you i made a new OC? his name is keju..the real name is Kyle Edward Johannson Ulverick..i made the nickname first then i came out with the real name, thus the ridiculous name.i have to fit it in..blame me.my OC is easy to draw..i kept in mind that if you want to draw someone regularly you have to make it as easy as you can..draw a distinguish identity to him. keju didn't really have one (i can't draw his pink highlight, can i?) he got quite a penchant for feminine fashion.uh, if you look at my drawing, most of it have that kind of feminine aura emitting from 'em. Keju got a bit of pedo-streak with him..young boys and girls are appealing to him..he's one of those who had borderline morality..don't you think that people with corrupted morality is amusing..hahaha

sayko's psycho streak been inflicted to me..ugh

God knows how hard to convert nursing student to become a fangirl..i failed..they're far too strong. i need back up, but who can be one??

I don't make sense in this entry

++yesterday, sayko and kyoko came..wee++