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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

otokke??? -contain too much hetalia ramble-

i can't make up my mind!!

I use to really ship usuk before, though i still like gerita. but then somehow, sometimes, GerIta overshadow USUK~not to mention the tears that fall when i read this pairing doujin, it almost the same amount wif usuk. when they make the chibitalia arc into anime i really ship hrexchibitalia~they got the saddest story..ever! though feliciano got ludwig when he grow up. but then when spain oyabun and his cute lil henchman arc is out i couldn't help to think that "ah, oyabun, romano, why so cute~~buuyoo"

seriously, with hetalia you can't really stick to solely one pairing. I used to ship asakiku before usuk but then suddenly asakiku got shadowed by usuk. it's quite rare for me to ship both blonde partner but well. come to think of it, i don't mind iggy being paired up with whom. there's some fruk stories that r quite good. esp when the dysfunctional family is in the picture.lil!america and lil!canada is so cuuuute~buuyoo~

then come the romaheta vid that i watch on utube~ROMAHETA!!!WHY SO EPIC!!! i mean it! it totally epic. I can understand why it got so popular in japan till the maker have to stop it, just so that the game wouldn't outshine the real series. to think something that a fan made can get this high recognition. though the game is done by amateur, the plot of the story is totally cool~game program got error (all kiku's fault, that otaku.tho i can understan his desire) and bla bla bla. the particular player choose Al as her main chara and the story progress on from there, gaining EXP and weapons, cure all infected person from error. the Holy!Italy brothers is totally awesome. meh, i'm really weak when feliciano show his melancholy and serious side. i got goo-goo if i saw him like that.he in that state is total moe~ah, and you must like Ivan in this game.that yandere sister of his, also cool.there's quite many good romaheta MAD vid at utube. aaah~~so many idea pop up when i was watching this.eh~ i think i might doodle a few. I really want to draw Holy!Italy but the cross~eh, i find a way so that i don't have to draw em.

i am in so much passion when i write about romaheta i can't stop. here let me try to give some MAD vid to this game

this vid is a little light with emotion but it portray some important event in the game.game goes error, chara flood in 2D world, the bad trio kicking up some ass (triangle attack FTW~) etc. but it only goes up till they have to destroy error so called power source.

this one is appealing to you if you have watched the game vid. lean a lil bit on the emotion side. though liecht's word to natalya when they're in Ivan (whatever that mean) was very touching~ liecht, you're the little sister that everyone want.omomomo

help me decide~~what to do~~hetalia got so many new chara popping up~aiyo~should i just ship every pairing??i think i should?? yeah, i should.let's not restrict our choice and enjoy.more fun with the pairing.yeah, since my doujin collection consist variety of pairing, IMMA SHIP ALL PAIRING. SLASH OR HET, BOTH ARE WELCOME TO BE SHIPPED BY ME!! ♥ ♥ ♥

f*ck, i ramble too much.is it because all the kueh raya give me too much sugar and get me hyped up?ee~~h, maybe coz the vids i watched non stop. test tomorrow will be damned. for only a litt...lot of tyme tho.

++papa n daddy is still my OTP, no matter what++

Thursday, September 9, 2010

random facts...about me

1."Sweating bullets" is literally what happens when chepazana gets too hot.

2.chepazana make onions Cry.

3.chepazana died ten years ago, but the Grim Reaper can't get up the courage to tell her.

4.chepazana does not "style" her hair. It lays perfectly in place out of sheer terror.

5.When chepazana goes to out to eat, she orders a whole chicken, but she only eats its soul.

6.chepazana doesn't go on the internet, she has every internet site stored in her memory. She refreshes webpages by blinking.

7.chepazana eats a bowl of diamonds every morning.

8.If you spell chepazana in Scrabble, you win. Forever.

9.chepazana once ate an entire bottle of sleeping pills. They made her blink.

10.When chepazana wants an egg, she cracks open a chicken.

++i hate people who nag++

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If they have given me the role as an ignorant useless bumbling head who is so irresponsible then I'll gladly assume the role. thankyou.