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Sunday, March 25, 2012

the late late late entry of recent event!

because I got to hang out wif my bestie!!
which practically spend most on making memories at kedai makan and The Car. we really really does spend most of our time fooling around at kedai makan. first the one near Kyoko's house, then at Cyberjaya's kedai mamak..

I am too lazy to transfer pictures from my phone to the pc and upload it, but fear not, I will find a way to do a suprise pop up picture featuring Laling, a helmet, a car and tons of craziness.haha. those mamak must be sulking seeing our empty dishes and all. it's never a fun task to wash chili sauce. what with the soy sauce and the pepper. cruel thing to do when u left me there. I am serious when I say that I would fall asleep with my face on the food. doing the trick of eating with closed eyes in attemp to savour the roti canai taste to cover up the super sleepy feeling.

fyi, i still got the blisters. it had yet to heal, but it wont scar. macamlah u guys nak taw pasal my blister kan..

on side note, dont u think that kyoko a bit scary when she discussed inappropiate use of drug to human being with her colleague that day? is this how pharmacist generally talk to each other? I mean, nurses are girly, what with gossiping around and girly tantrum on workloads, ungrateful fussy relatives and higher ups, and patient with lotsa lotsa procedure...haha, paling tinggi pon nak joke bout killing ppl is when u grab those KCL vial and proclaimed that u want to inject it directly to IV line. more than 80% chance of success of killing a person.

yes, we need to gather up moar.

++ensuring no active RP-ing happen when we go out++