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Sunday, December 27, 2009

ha..ha..effing ha

a pic of few words

Friday, December 25, 2009

what to do..what to do..

counting the days that i have to go back to uni is absolutely depressing..how much tyme i have left??lyke a week or so..damn, next sem gonna be a hassle.orienting to absolutely new and out-of-world syllabus..and a new language to take..aiyah.even my Arabic are very much tunggang langgang rite now.

annnnd today is christmas..merry christmas to everyone who celebrate. laling celebrate it...she woke me up just to wish me one and brag about her accidental christmas present from Maxis, a free RM5 credit to her phone..( I don't get it so i sulk..here).when you talk bout christmas, there's a new year coming along and when there's new year, people talk bout resolution and shit..and i have vowed one to myself (early huh?) i vowed to save money as much as possible so that i can spend as much as possible at CF.i swear i gonna find a way to go there..i've never been in one of this manganime convention and all but f*ck it, so much awesome goodies sold there this year (according to DA-ist's journal) and i not-so-secretly wish i have new lappie..i want one...

man, i'm cranked

++feeling the hols guys??++

Sunday, December 6, 2009

OMG!!!i MISS you!!!

bloggie-kun, I miss u so much~~

and i can finally talk to you again, after a long abstinence of doing so..
but I'm not keen on doing fancy entry today...we go the typical mode now then, shall we??

updating to the latest trivial thing of my life, nothing much 'cept my practical session started and my juniors are all some shitty stupid morons..they are to blame for that 'incident'.my hatred to that person had increased quite lovely...very lovely indeed. my artblock had started to clear off and i become particularly fond of drawing bitchy (and not so bitchy) ukes and woman figure (it's damn satisfying drawing boobs-it looks stupid and you can mess up with the size..hahaha) \\(-w-)//

seme-type bishies are hard to draw "OTL

my coloring sense seems dull ~like always~

and sayko keep updating her blog, make me jealous *pout*

just now, i realize...you can't fit three month story into one entry..

umm..melawati's pop corn is nice..not too sweet and not too bland..just feel nice

did i tell you i made a new OC? his name is keju..the real name is Kyle Edward Johannson Ulverick..i made the nickname first then i came out with the real name, thus the ridiculous name.i have to fit it in..blame me.my OC is easy to draw..i kept in mind that if you want to draw someone regularly you have to make it as easy as you can..draw a distinguish identity to him. keju didn't really have one (i can't draw his pink highlight, can i?) he got quite a penchant for feminine fashion.uh, if you look at my drawing, most of it have that kind of feminine aura emitting from 'em. Keju got a bit of pedo-streak with him..young boys and girls are appealing to him..he's one of those who had borderline morality..don't you think that people with corrupted morality is amusing..hahaha

sayko's psycho streak been inflicted to me..ugh

God knows how hard to convert nursing student to become a fangirl..i failed..they're far too strong. i need back up, but who can be one??

I don't make sense in this entry

++yesterday, sayko and kyoko came..wee++

Sunday, August 30, 2009

dear bloggie

dear bloggie,
i'm actually in a midst of browsing through utube ogling over tom felton aka draco malfot.why? i dunno...it just an urge that i got...since this is the only time that i can actually fully utilize my pa's lappie to open up this site and write something...i might as well do that.

dear bloggie,
since last i broke my lappie screen i have been ignoring you..it's been like a few months since i last write here...i'm starting to get active in my facebook and decently active at DA.just last night my lappie had gone through a major system brokedown.i can't open up the net or else it will go..CRASH!! like that.i'm pretty sad about it..totally..the only bright side of thing is that i have actually bought an external hard disk and save almost all my precious data there...so i'm not actually unprepared for the so-called broke down..i'm anticipating it,frankly said.

dear bloggie,
life at uni had been bitch this sem..there's a lot i have to do, and my uni had gone a bit haywired due to H1N1..those week worth break that they suddenly give had make my life gone crashing down..now we all are struggling through valiant effort to keep up with new schedule...and those miniature batu cave's stairs are killing me.



Monday, June 15, 2009

sketch dump


++frustated over her huge artblock.damn++

Saturday, June 13, 2009

i really did this!!

no kidding.though the artline was done by benitora53. credit goes to her. download the lineart at deviantart for coloring practise using photoshop..ah, it really felt lyke hell, dragging the mouse over the damn lineart...it's a good thing that she draw such magnificent bishies. i only practise to do the skin part and eyes is not a real prob to me. i did the hair only with base color coz i don't want it to look awkward~~i'm so not gonna do the whole pic.i might *die*.i'm proud o myself..huhu (if u look at any colored photoshop-colored artwork by me, u'll know y i'm proud o meself).ah~~~i really want some tabbie!!

++having back pain,pondering whether she shall color her own artwork.using mouse,dammit++

Friday, May 29, 2009

naruto 449!!*spoiler*


and the villagers had come back to live!!!!

and pain is dead.......



papa is being cool all the time...come to think o it..it's not that hard to fight those strong enemy..you just come to his place, brewed some tea and say "hey, let's have a talk, surely you be good people after this". if a person like pain can be swayed by few simple words, think, how can papa convince daddy??

maybe with a few head-blown xxxxx?

++this is getting bad.rejoice, kakashi fan..and daddy's++

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

vocaloid 2

the first page.....it's a lil bit messy though

i got a feeling i'm messing up the story

totally messing it up...hahaha

++it's readable scan kan??++

vocaloid 1

this is the character design...the real things r too much fussy to be drawn and i hav to re-scan all 3 pages of aku no musume that i drawn earlier coz the file effing big and blogger won't have it.
i only drew 3 pages coz it's too much hassle..

aku no musume (daughter of evil) music and lyric originally done by akuno-p. utube has the vid.
there at least 2 parts of the chronicle:
  1. aku no musume sung by kagamine rin
  2. aku no meshitsukai (servant of evil) sung by kagamine len
and len.......i'd bawled my eyes every time he sang his part...uh. other song that regarding this chronicle r
  1. daughter of green by miku hatsune
  2. prince of blue by kaito
  3. daughter of vengeance by meiko
other sub part that can be regarded as story that happen after the 'daughter of evil' chronicle
  1. regret message by kagamine rin
  2. re_birthday by kagamine len
now, i need to re-scan all those bloody work..that might take about 24 hours? i'm a proscinator. if someone lucky and i fell up to it, they might be more than 3 pages. hopes r not to be up high.

++cursing all the hassle, from researching, to drawing, and scanning++

Sunday, May 24, 2009

yeah, so what?

warning ahead...may contain vulgarities in content or words used

people say i'm odd
and laling say i'm obscene
even my patient think
that one of my screw is missing
aiyah uncle, u can barely speak
how dare u say i'm 'chissin'?
nasib baik u think i'm pretty
hey i'm not lying
go ask that uncle
eh, wait..he's discharged already
n i'm not masok bakul angkat sindri
so what?
i only naik lif n tekan up button sindri

people say i draw not-so-good thingy
i say i draw whatever the hell i like to see
they point out fingers and say
"hey u draw the tits too big"
and i angkat brow and say
"it can hardly pass as breast honey"
and then they go screaming
"what's this? this man hardly wear a thing!"
i frown and say to them
"yunk i'm studying anatomy.plus can't you see?"
"this man....wear at least loincloth around his hips"
haha..pervy me
so what?

people say nursing don't suit me
i admit it
it not really is
but i acquire great skills from it
the skill to deceit
and conceit
to avenge
and be tahan maki
to duduk blakang kaunter
and ngumpat the person we benci
so what?

people say i'm a bit lessy
hey, i'm just a lil bit clingy
only if i wrap my arms around her hips
doesn't mean i got the hot for people with tits
or something equivalent to it
don't get the wrong concept of it
would u rather have me
clinging to men that is not mahram to me
just lyke 64% people out there been doing
so what?

people are uneasy with my straight forward attitude
i speak obscenities and i kuat maki
i mencarut tak henti-henti
especially when i'm angry
or hungry
but sometimes i duduk diam-diam and perhati
aiyah that orang pon sama suke maki
cuma diorang maki dalam hati
i do the same thing occasionally
admit it..as human being, u're not a perfect thing
not at all never maki in hati
just because i say it out loud
doesn't mean i'm insolent or x sedar diri
guyz,pikir sediri
so what?

somehow i got a feeling
len kali ade mende camnie laie

++makan hati sebab tak dapat cook that damn maggi++

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

may entry...done nothing yet

i want to write something grand...but nothing really good happen. i turned 20 (wuhuu me) with papa and daddy in front of me, looking all serious (and howt) facing the enemy and my friend, occasionally sleeping beside me. no cake whatsoeva. dumping my money on sushi already..hehe

i want to find good ideas for comics but i cannot find anything. and my younger brother keep getting sick..always demam, told him to take the medicine and NO PLAYING OUTSIDE yet dia x dengar, then sapa salah? o course the nurse wannabe! x de orang lain...hahaha

when i put my pensel on a paper, it turn out to be such a horror..i could go scream:

"wtf is this???y my leg look lyke stick..n ma hand look lyke chopstick been implanted there..n wat wif d look? i wanna sexy look...no bitchy-bitchy one..and y is arthur everywhere??where's papa??"

i really want to scream all the things mention above when i draw. and i'm in dire need of reinforcing my love to papa and daddy...my hetalia obssession have gotten bigger than i expected. i'm no longer scrambling the net for papa n daddy but for them instead. i got to watch all the MAD videos on arthur.they were all so..GREAT!! i bawled my eyes for a few of the video esp d one involving him, alfred and/or kiku. shite, i'm shipping others apart papa n daddy.
but i can't help it..

England Pictures, Images and Photos
one of the pic that taken from one of d vid. it made me cry...T-T

since papa story is nearing its end, i'm picking up a new fandom tapi nanti jadi cam laling..fandom abes tetengah jalan, papa n daddy nyew story still jalan...aiyah. don't want lah.

now i start to merepek alweady...what's d point i post this up?nevamind. let me put arthur up. this is purely for my own satisfaction,k? juz bear it.

England Pictures, Images and Photos

++currently lost her mind, obsessing arthur too much++

Sunday, April 26, 2009

a diary entry...of a kind

damn my scanner juz make itself available at land of the crashed but i really want to put it up so i juz snapped a pic o it, still readable though. cannot put up the second part. that one is totally..udhue

++still not sleeping though it's 649 am. shucks ++

Thursday, April 23, 2009

when u're stressed out, u discover new thing

apparently that was a long tittle but somehow that's the right things to be said with my new discovery. due to one depressing paper, i have an insomniac night which i spent on drawing and tadaa~ i can draw with a new style.

i was actually tempted to do a template on consistent expression but at the end i was somehow drawing a realistic character, which are not that realistic at all.

a potrait of myself that i try to draw. one glance of the potrait you can't say that u know that that was actually my potret.

i was actually trying to do draw bai but at the end the result was not that good. ignore the random sketch.

this time it's a caricature. all i can say that new things are enjoyable to be explored but all in all, the result may not be that good.

++suffering the side effects of the insomniac night++

Sunday, April 19, 2009

i go to sleep

When I look up from my pillow
I dream you are there with me
Though you are far away
I know you'll always be near to me

I go to sleep
And imagine that you're there with me
I go to sleep
And imagine that you're there with me

I look around me
And feel you are ever so close to me
Each tear that flows from my eye
Brings back memories of you to me

I go to sleep
And imagine that you're there with me
I go to sleep
And imagine that you're there with me

I was wrong, I will cry
I will love you till the day I die
You were all, you alone and no one else
You were meant for me

When morning comes again
I have the loneliness you left me
Each day drags by
Until finally my time descends on me

I go to sleep
And imagine that you're there with me
I go to sleep
And imagine that you're there with me

-sia, i go to sleep-

especially for papa n daddy.don't u think so, laling??

you guyz shall listen to sia's breathe me. the song r magnificent though the lyric don't really make much sense to me.

++eating bubur jagung and ubi rebus, some kopi ensues++

Friday, April 17, 2009

my latest...erm fav past-time??

i'm totally shipping ollian..absolutely..gosh, they are cute, hot,sweet and *poof* they're real person. not any fictional character. ok, they are but at least i can oggle some real thing this time. i've been doing marathon on varbotene liebe. that nanna guy only cutting excerpt from it, focusing only on olli and christian, with persons that are involved with em.and gordon are so...howt? well, he's chris bro after all.figure.

and i can say that olli is a perfect model for a boyfriend. he's caring, supportive, cool, fun to hang out with,patient and he's hot....ah, i envy that git.

while i was writing this, i watch part 89 of that series and it's been a long time since i squeal like fanatic fangirls. right after the most important match of life, in front of handfuls of audience and the clicking camera of the press, that kiss is one of the romantic thing i ever watched on a show.

and i learn one phrase from that series. ich liebe dich. ciao.

++papa and daddy still are my liebe.such heiss are them++
that one is a sore spot. she hit it all right. who am i without bugging her off? she keep helping me out of pinch and i never really do anything for her. i really want to do something for her but i don't know what, how and when can i do that.

really sorry for that. since she's the one that i really harbor my trust too, i confine in her. she did help...she really did, and she's done it for useless me. instead of making use out of thing that she help, i gleefully doing some fucked up thing here. sorry then.

i shall not take things lightly after this.

and try to be useful for once

at least once..

i try..
maybe i will

++bugger off. need to clear my head a lil bit++

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

lokk....my kiddie!!!

introducing my new kids....naru and cheeha. their names click something in your mind? figure. i named them after papa and daddy, of course. that sleepy-head is cheeha and that cutie beside him is naru.

that's belle.their older sis. and cheeha, in his own crib.

together they're taking a stroll down my own bloody table with oh-so-gayish pink pram. not that they complain. apparently they can't talk.

oh, look!! a -cat- guy. he's Niles, a butler that take care of all my child. and no, he's not a pedophile or anything vulgar. the reason he being half nay-ked is because i..urm..strip him myself??? and my god, doesn't my child look cute, going all clingy with a guy other than their father. shall punish them for that...i want to make a scene where Niles help Belle up but it looks lyke he kiss her and stuff. what with the close gone.( well, you see, that cloth have a very interesting design and i somehow forgot to give it back to Niles)

all the family having dinner!!! they even invited Mong jr. ( see that monkey, he's mong. my friend props.not mine.honestly, monkey??) cheeha refuse to have cake and slep in his shared pram. can you guess i use what for table and ooh, niles have his cloth back!!!
a very loving butler and caretaker of my child, despite looking like a pedophile

++miss her child and niles already++

Monday, March 30, 2009

i got to be this hetalian???WTF??!

Hetalia: Canada Pictures, Images and Photos

this is canada.bear in mind that this is a fanart.his real name is matthew williams. god!! i don't want to be him!! let me have england.give me uk!!! *pout*

Hetalia: UK is a Pimp Pictures, Images and Photos

see the one in the middle?? *wiggle brows* that's my uk a.k.a arthur. oh, world domination!! he got france a.k.a francis licking his pansy-high-heeled-looking-boot *in denial with dat*, though i can say that he look like he want to lick his ***, canada kneeling by him and USA a.k.a alfred on his hand. wait up.this pic look a lil bit ahufgwcveuf or is it juz me??wateva..i'm so gonna raep him...uk-san~~*grin*

p/s that arthur pic is also fanart.please find the ori one by urself. hetalia owned by hidekaz himaruya

++thinking that uk will make a nice uke.woot++

Thursday, February 12, 2009

and so i lie

i want to put tis up at deviant but then suddenly aku pikir...wat semak jerk, bkn canggih pon aku kaler mende alah nieyh.laiepon artline die aku dah campak kat situ...so korang tatap r tetiap lksn yg aku kaler pastuh aku x nak campak kat DA kat cnie.slagi aku rasa aku x pandai kaler slagi tuh lah aku x kan campak lksn berkaler kay c2.aku tensi.kira aku tipoo r time aku kater aku x up lksn kat cnie....

++maafkan aku++

and so i do talk bout valentine too

now everyone, pick a glass of your choice and held it high up coz we're going to make a hell of toast to

  1. Man that happily deflating their purse for their girl, happy condemning your money
  2. girl that manage to coax up their lovely little man to abide their very tedious whimsical request, happy bitching
  3. man and girl who are out in joyous day indulging in a blissful day full of youthful love, may you all grace the day as graceful as you can coz next year, a more potential partner shall replace the other place, so now, happy spending time with your loved one
  4. girl who make an ultimate sacrifice by presenting her whole self, heart and soul, body and mind to their beloved on this screwed up day, happy planning your soon-to-become-pregnant self
  5. man that are eager for this day to somehow prove his masculinity in a very bestial approach, please put on some protection. happy protecting yourself from STD or in case you have a loophole in your brain, that's a short for Sex Transmitted Disease
  6. all playgirls who have different present from different male, grace yourself please and share with us some of those delicious and exquisitely expensive chocolate. happy sharing. you can keep the flower for yourself. we're allergic to it.
  7. all playboys be sure that you have a very secure hiding place. this blissful day is not what you should really looking forward with horde of girls hunting you down with means to terminate. happy 'hide-and-seek'
  8. all the cute girls but single, known bestowed that you are still appreciated, by mean less that you yourself love thyself. happy glooming and dreading with your current condition that are lack in the male company department.
  9. all the cute guys but single,shall you gays better off be gay rather than to stay a single and not making any effort to pick up any single cute girls for this was the better option top retain your precious life. happy converting yourself to homosexual or asexual. whichever float your boat.
cheers for those enjoying valentine while you aware that there is nothing really beneficial come out of it. cheers for those who know that Islam is not that please with this kind of thing.cheers for those fools.cheers for yourself.

++happily watching her fave pairing making out on valentine++

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


i may practically aware that most of you have a very tight schedule. yet the latest,dramatic,damned verse of pure bad luck struck me and i think somehow i was gifted with the most eff-ing schedule.my pharmaco lecture changed her lecture time to thursday where i will have my lesson from 8 friggin morning till 10 f**king pm.

i shall die before i endure such continous lesson.

with luck guyz

++balding her head off,stressed out++

Friday, January 30, 2009


yesterday i went to the night market.anyone that had read my posted bulletin in friendster shall be familiar wif dis story. i just make it more elaborate 'ere. k,back to main topic here.i'm having a crave for sweet corn in cup,some steamy tau fu fah n maybe a lil bit of popcorn.and i need to get my old wristwatch replaced.i was dissapointed to see none of the food mentioned above are there so i went straight to the watch place.

and then i found it.the ideal watch.it simple,not overly decorated and it had tiny lines that represent every number scattered around it.plus, if u push a button at a right side and wham,there's a light!!isn't it incredible??and so come the dilemma.

that watch come only wif two colors-dark blue and orange.and by that time,my sasunaru fangirl mode come to surface and my mind got this weird thoughts that goes like these:

'aww~~fate must be laughing but the only two watch left are their favorite color'
'owh how sweet.damn,which one i shall pick'
-by this time,i was reluctant to choose any of it since the other watch might be lonely-
'i wish shara's here.she can take the blue one'

the pressure is so great.choosing between those two colors are like choosing one of those owh-so-hot guys from my all-time-fave manga series,which is them

"can u see it?blue,orange,hot bishies..find any connection yet?"

between papa n daddy,which shall i choose?blue is my fave color while orange is papa's official color.then, i made a drastic move.somehow i can use henge no jutsu and henge-ing myself to none other than..*dundundundu~n*

ITACHI!!dun ask me why,it fits the picture.so i tackle down the orange one as itachi did in the pic .hehe.

somehow,i feel it's awesome how someone(esp fangirls) can relate almost everything to their fave pairings (you-know-what in my case) from the colors of watch or color of shirts owned (in shara's case)

++ogling an orange clad bishie++

Saturday, January 24, 2009


i'm sorry for abandoning this site... i didn't mean it.i swear!!!here, let me hav syara's hot hubby apologizing for my behalf...teme!!!-insert applause here-

i got so caught up with devianting and you don't wanna know how hectic uni life had been recently.go drop by at deviantart whenever you feel you hav the strength to click on the link somewhere down there...i think..

it's only the start of d sem n you can't believe how fast my assignment piling up. we learn all lots of new subjects n it's killing me!!!!!!!!dignifying wateva piece of soul left with me after being bombarded with arduous shit, i heartily claim my peace by fangirling some hot guys whenever i have the time...wait up, it's actually one guy...n his companion which name have to be put in secret so that his emo-istic privacy respected.i think i can get his picture put up here..wait up..-scramming through hideous numbers of files and somehow clicking random file name-
ah here it is..

oh shit,how come this one turn out here???naru,your zipper dammit!!do it properly!!once again i apologize for putting up such inappropriate picture for your virgin eyes..no, i mean, for public view.though i can absolutely say he got such an interesting pose there.here,shall i call upon him once again and apologize?ok he's out now..

"i'm sowee~~pfft"

there i hope this shall compensate for wateva harm done, physically or mentally..uh..till then,goodbye.

++having such murderous intense aura,thanks to gedik++