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Friday, January 27, 2012

plays the detective games

or more like, silly tittle to flaunting off my crush on BBC"S Sherlock..watch it yet?? if you haven't, IT A MUST!!

this may contain spoiler so~~~

okay, so apparently this Sherlock took place in the 21st century, well, a visit to wikipedia will help to answer lots of your question regarding this series, so I won't explain much on that regard...I'm just going to blabber off why I like it.

for one thing: Sherlock himself
Benedict Cumberbatch is super awesome here, he brought personality to this Holmes. no more those typical icon for sherlock here, u know, magnifying glasses, pipe and all that. This Sherlock wore nicotine patch, long coats and use text, net and all those technology that the new age brought on. Sherlock is eccentric, super-awesome, totally self-centric and super awesome. did I say super awesome yet? yeah, super awesome. He must be regarded with all the awesome thing in this world.

tell you the truth, I didn't finish up the whole series, i still got episode 2 and 3 of season 2 to watch but I cant just keep it in, it threaten to burst out. haha, maybe bcoz sherlock in Scandal Of Belgravia is super smexy that I can't stop fangirling. I even thought that he was romantic, in a sense of word. I do gave my respect to the woman a.k.a Irene. She may play up the ploy according to Moriarty's plan but she got gut. a dominatrix with brain, gut and looks (is nude really is ur battle dress?) ugh, I might scream myself hoarse when he bust her out bout her sentiment towards him. apparently the women likes him, and use his name for the passcode to her phone that contain formidable info.oh, for all the hetero love, sherlock, don't whisper. ugh.

I do take a pity on John, dumped bcoz everyone thought he was gay...gay for Sherlock.hahaha. there might be some bromance here, but it can't beat Merlin! (hey, bromance is a valid tactic to attract viewers, lol, women like this, and apparently woman watch tv more than man so yeah, fanservice is a must)

i didn't tell much about season 1 didn't I? I got carried away with this episode, as you can see. CSI got nothing on this, a pure revamped classic.hahaha. I'm not a big fan of crime series or anything but I got hooked.

I suffered at first trying to understand what Sherlock is saying, no subtittle, and he shooting up words like gun spewing up bullets, pardon this non-english user. I'm just starting to get the hang of it. though I would be lost again whenever he start his deduction.too fast!! hahaha, I need to improve on the language it seems.

this series can't be justified with words. just really, watch it. for all the thing sane.

let the power of scientific deduction carried you away

++people die, because that's what they do, like Moriarty said++