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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

crash updates

behold, my love for merlin fandom is still going on strong, so god help you guys, I'll be wearing, ummm, what , your eyes out, reading all these words.

oh, I did seemed like I'm dead. with no updating and shit, but goodness, a lot of thing is going on with real life, and boo hoo for my broken lappie and being poor as a church mouse which made access to net is predictably limited (believe me, it's related).

Spend the whole time during my time on blog-hiatus with not drawing much, clinical practice and yeah, inhaling all those wonderful merlin fics. (also, some appropriate stalking on the production of Merlin season 5) which leads to me dolling out a few recs.

If you are new to the fandom, I think that they are quite a few classics that you need to read. Merlin fanlore ( http://fanlore.org/wiki/Merlin_%28TV_series%29 ) will help a lot in that department. Once you have done enough digging on it, try on those few classics ( I think they did put it up there, coz, let be honest, I didn't even know this thing exist the first time I plunged my head in this fandom and just now stumbled upon it). once u tasted enough classics, let us see where ur taste lies in, The Canon, The Canon AU, The Modern AU, The Reincarnation, The Modern Magic AU and all others subtypes. then go google. Recommending you guys to google all the fic recs, coz u might get overwhelmed with all the fics out there. It's serious business, finding good fics.

If one ask me, what is my favourite subtypes, I will answer it accodingly to my flavour of the day. though I am a huge sucker for Flangst (does this word exist? pretty much use it wif my friends like nobody business, yo) and h/c. definitely recommending Lady Ragnell, FuzzyTomato, an oh god, so much more, and oh, FootLoose. oh this person is a must.

okay, The awesome FootLoose did an awesome series of Loaded March (currently on part nine). Fabulous modernmagicAU. she wrote the most plotty, engaging, emotional fics with characters, including the king-arthur-related-OCs that have more personality than ever. each one is strong in their character, with all the main characters pretty in much in character despite the setting (Merlin in military, will wonder ever cease?) and interacting enough to make all characters Important. ugh, and the building up towards the relationship, it's paced good enough that you didn't feel rushed, you can definitely see the attraction on the earlier stage, growing deeper as the plot thicken, and oh, The Scenes. It will definitely made people go flailing about. This series is divided by part, by each part have their own plot (and ended necessarily) to contribute to the main plot of the series, which is the war that magic users are trying to start. You wont feel necessarily cliffhanged, enough that it feed your fill. And goodness, do read her HS fest fics and her Paperlegend Merlin BB entry. Her Merlin BB is enthralling, with Arthur being deaf made you adore his strong, silent character, and the speech he made at the beginning of the story made me and u by all mean want to cry. It captivated me like honestly and brutally true, vivid in the sense that you thought you heard it instead of reading it, despite he being deaf, and he used Merlin's voice to deliver it. owh, and the HS fest fics will have its sequel, as a part of merlin unifest. All the fest that people in merlin fandom do make me happy person.

Her Awesome AO3 channel: http://archiveofourown.org/series/9979

now quickie update on real life. I cant draw normal chara, apparently shota pretty much self-drawn itself that i have no problem in drawing it, I found the knotting kink and oh god, it's hot as fuck, might be moving to UluKelang permanently, still hav and outrageous crush on Mr.Morgan, finished my degree with AD for the last sem only, currently slaving my brain for nursing board exam, have 4 new kitties (Oyen, Mar, Zue, n Qi and if somehow u can pronounce my bro's name in one go, blame him, suka hati je kan), my lappie being absolutely beyond repair (for now, burned motherboard and faulty screen), a :nameless: not-so-much-stalker-than-person-that-didnt-get-a-hint  owh, and did you guys noe, u can so call me zaza now?

hahahaha, laughing away.

++ zaza sukeeeeeeee ++