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Monday, October 27, 2008

hell time over!! translation: no more practical!!!

three weeks of hell!!!!

yup, i've just gotten myself a trip for one to hell, no thanks to Ketua Program kejururawatan. ah, how i (miss) that trip.i even get to go to various places...

first week, there's beringin..(sing-it-along:pohon beringin~~)it's more like a simulation to the real hospital.most of my time here were wasted on fooling around, going in out of others' lab sesuka hati, trying on the patient's clothes (so besar,saiz xxxxl kut), play with the wheel chair (wee~~) and duduk bersama senior, chatting (that's what normal girl do when they want to kill time, really). nothing much happen here. the only significant thing that happen here is that we did the last office or like other call it, LO. it nothing to do with jason lo but LO is what we do to the deceased. so sedey maa...(not really). with lagu salam terakhir as a background music and surah yassin humbly being recited by whoever-is-the-one-who-recite-it-and-get-it-recorded-so-that-you-can-play-it-on-your-phone, i do the LO to one of my senior.(T-T) *sniff* that take place on friday

ok,here comes meyat hidup!!!say peace~~~
after you see this picture, i'm sure, you'll be next.muahahahaha

second week-kajang
home sweet home..really.kajang is hectic as ever, you never really get a rest. i met many people here.cliche word: macam2 ada. i've got to met a makcik that sakit mental, guess what, she can speak english quite nicely,but well, she IS mental. there's a patient that are old and she got skin like a dried tomatoes. picture it guys. there was someone dead. i get to help the nurses to transfer the dead body to keranda bergerak (i kinda didn't know what that thing is so i used my own term). all in all, i got my first cross here *yeah!!*

my ward at kajang-ward 3; medical female

third week,selayang- worst eva!!
infection!!!!!!!!!!for god sake,the first time i got here, i've gotten myself a cough. i don't care if it's a mild one but it's kinda well more-to-annoying cough. the patient here didn't cough, i'm the only one. how's that? the nurses at my ward are quite strict,they don't hesitate to bully you all over but then you realise,it's only to teach you. the patients are nice.they chat with you and all that but madam toh,one of the patient is a bit fussy. sabar je r....i practically jump when the shift over at friday night. it marked the end of this hell tour.

this is madam TOH,the fussy auntie yet very generous with praises..

kesimpulannya di sini, praktikal x berapa nak sihat dari segi minda dan fizikal *COUGH,COUGH* ok, gua kena chow, nak makan ubat batuk cap ibu and anak...

-batuk dalam keadaan mengerikan-