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Monday, October 31, 2011


definition: a close but non-sexual relationship between two (or more) men, a form of homosocial intimacy.

1. Make a sentence using the word bromance.
-Arthur and Merlin have the best bromance ever,umm, in a tv show?

2.give reason(s) for your answer in (1).
-because they are!! I just took sample from season 4 episode 5:his father's son

M: off again?
     another week in the wilderness?
     eating weird animals, being eaten by weird animals,
     no hot water, no baths
    This would be the last time either of us get to sleep in a proper bed
A:  Merlin, I'm prepared to face all manner of horrors in this world but if you think I'm sharing a bed with you
M: (laugh) what? that's not what I meant.
A: right, good, comfort to know

 this is what i call teasing (Colin, why so cute~)

30:52 (before Arthur took off to his fight)
M: Arthur, do you really think this is worth the risk? You're king now.
     Camelot needs YOU....alive.
A: I don't know what'll happen...
     but for the first time since I became king, I know in my heart I've made the right decision.
M: well, whatever happens out there, um...
A : you're not about to start crying on me, are you?
M: (chuckle) no. just.... good luck.
A: thank you, old friend
-shake hands, intense eye-staring, interrupting-old-fart a.k.a Aggravaine enter-

I spy; two men shake (lol,it looks like holding) hands till me, Aggravaine come in. which is too long for a proper handshake.ha ha

I really wish I have the will to put Arthur's kicked-puppy face when all his knight come and pledge loyalty to him (I miss Lancelot, T-T). I especially like this one. I called it super-cocky-face-to-shut-you-up. am not satisfied with the recipient of that look.

crooked nose? who care. I'm offering you the jaw view. see~~

hahaha. this is pathetic. I am aware that people recognized this show as one of the show that have strong bromance. I can't help it...and I'm the type of person who took all underlying action as something. staring into each other eyes to speak, I squeal. Calling names, I squeal. ridiculous scene, I squeal..I am your typical fangirl.

and it is not helping when you are currently reading this fandom fanfic.lol
i'm out.ntah hapa-hapa

++can't wait for next week's episode.mcm best kan++

(edit on 1 nov 2011, 2345 hour)

another reason for why it have the best bromance. because bradley said it so..no hesitation.enjoyz, slash writers..

this is such an old clip.god.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

confession time 2

  1. bila saya naik kereta, saya jarang tidor.sebab saya akan pandang ke luar dan berangan sepanjang masa.tabiat dari kecik.tuh pasal saya senyap dalam kereta.kecuali klu saya naik kereta ngan adek2 saya.kami bising nak mampos.
  2. once, someone pernah tanya "have you ever feel like you wanna kiss a girl?" randomly dekat a few ppl. I nod.
  3. i dont think hari raya is a festive now. i hardly feel the aster whenever it comes around. in fact, i dread it.
  4. saya pernah makan tembakau waktu kecik2.apparently, sy muntahkan balik..highlighted by my mom.sebab saya pon x ingat pasal nie.tuh pasal saya selalu high.kecik2 telan nikotin..x main r takat sedut.hahaha
  5. saya ada kompleks dengan lukisan saya. saya x pernah rasa ianya cukup bagus.ianya x pernah bagus.ntah bile saya nak bagus, saya pon x taw.
  6. time saya 12 tahun, saya sangat lanky. penekanan ayat, SANGAT..saya rasa kelakar tengok struktur badan saya ketika itu. macam playwood bergerak.
  7. no, saya x bley nampak entiti dunia asing. tapi mostly orang di keliling saya pasti ada yg boleh.
  8. the reason i grew apart dengan my childhood fren is ncoz she grew up too fast and i am childish. still are, now.hehe
  9. saya beli barang kaler oren sebab papa. percayalah.
  10. saya jeles bila combi dapat kereta kaler kuning, yg boleh isi barang kat tempat duduk ye, pastu ade hon, and gagang telepon. itu mainan mahal. mana aci combi je dapat.hohoho.padan muke kene buli

++tu jelah dulu.hehe++

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

sometimes i wonder

do we really need to have boy problems just to connect? i mean generally, with girls.

sometimes, even i don't get woman after all. must u assume dat everyone have some boys-related story to talk with? obviously, if u got no boys story at all, u r d lamest person in the world. u will be as out of the loop as possible while we talk secret-code-womanly-stuff-bout-boys-dat-we-noe-or-friended-or-have-or-plain-ex.

it become worser if not only dat u dont have a boy, or a crush, or a scandal, you also got no male friend.as in friend that keep in touch with you like friends does.u'll be seen as socially-ineptitude, and borishly stupid, and a no fun.

fuck this. i feel stupid.


++it's a lonely world out there++

Sunday, October 16, 2011

confession time

Ok, confessing right away

1.I don't know much about cooking but I am very interested in craft.specifically crocheting and knitting
2. I still didn't get my scarf done, though it's been 3 weeks now (I'm lazy yo~)
3. I am VERY interested in making amigurumi right now.at least it's easier to make, have the chance of money-making product aannndd it's cute as hell. (I might consider spending money at Daiso again for felt fabric, crochet stuff and yarn)
4.Currently flailing my fangirl-self for BBC's Merlin. I stay up late, checking London's timezone, waiting links to be put up, practically squeal everytime Merlin and Arthur interact, rolling over my bed everytime Merlin smile, or do ridiculous joke, or just being Merlin.guh
5.I like Morgana, and her actress Katie. Morgana have fabulous sense of fashion, her gown, her hair, her everything. a dark sense to her presence, yet Katie like to tease, laugh and make jokes all around.
6.I still sleep with the light on at home. And here at Puncak Alam, I tweak the light of my lappie to its fullest and put it on my bedside table when I went to sleep (we switch off light here)
7. I'll pull my curtain over until I can't see the window, at night.
8.I refuse to sleep with a mirror near my vicinity. if there is one, it's for the best that I can't see my reflection or any kind of reflection there.
9.Am basking myself in ArthurxMerlin (or the other way around, don't care much at this point) fanfics.and very happy to have a long list of fic recommendation
10.Yes, I did scream a little during al-Hijab. it's more like a horrible chocked ahh that come out after you are laughing till u got tears and suddenly get shocked .am horribly embarassed with it.

ten for now, and more for later.

++I don't curse much right now yeah++

p/s: confession no 11: I still didn't finish up my bloody assignment, all of it.fuck it.and ICU test next weak.and fyp proposal to hand in.and two presentations.self, go die.soul departed to hell already.night biatche

Thursday, October 13, 2011

jangan bagi Pierre Andre bwat filem lagi dah

I quote something that my friends heard at cinema:

"Lepas nieyh jangan bagi Pierre Andre buat cerita laie dah"

I practically regressed to 5 years old watching Al-Hijab~hiding under my shawl almost all the time the ghost made appearance (which is like at least half of the movie?) okay, to justify this, I actually open my eyes, but the shawl covered half my view, so..ummm, yeah, I watched it.

Movie review by me:

Pierre Andre sekali lagi membuktikan kredibiliti beliau sebagai pengarah filem bengenre seram. walaupon plotnye ntah hape-hape dan x brape nak masok akal, Andre  berjaya menebusnya dengan membuatkan setiap adengan seram filem itu meyakinkan~ kamon, pompuan tu dan Andre agak kayu bila berlakon jadi couple, Andre macam pasang sugar daddy, since pa gf dye belikan die macam2 (Audi pon?) beberapa adengan yg x perlu diulang, diulang juga. Kudo diberikan untuk lakon layar babak horror. dye x perlu bwat CG  gempak, cukup sekadar merealisasikan segala cerita yang kita pernah dengar atau baca. kesan audio yang menjadi, hantu2 style pop up jenis yg ko jumpa kat tenet. so yeah. saya rasa orang plg x kayu adalah bell ngasri and the gang, saya gelak sambil terkejut n terjerit sekali.maaf, saya terperanjat. kawan housemate saya kata hantu2 kat situ buruk sangat. housemate saya yg hijabnye agak terbuka memberi komen bahawa entiti yg die jumpa pon x seburuk itu.saya hanya mampu gelak tawar pada statement itu. kesimpulannya, cerita ini fail dari segi film berplot fantastik tapi berkredibiliti sebagai filem seram bwat takut2 orang. 

saya masih tidak berpuas hati kenapa siang lambat sangat muncul dalam cerita tuh.

sekian, wassalam.

++baca smut nak erase trauma.haha++

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Getting sick

It's like 2 or 3 years since last I got sick~lol, I dunno. I rarely got sick, but yesterday I cant get up from my bed. Felt like having a big hangover~keep throwing up~I even sleep at 10 o'clock.hahaha.

Mom scold me for not taking meds.I hate meds. I rather keep my liver relaxed and all that. I love my liver~no need to extra works bcoz of meds though i did take one tab of PCM at 9 o'clock .  Now I have to wait for another 2 or 3 years to get sick again ( unless I get another case of food poisoning in near future).

currently reading as much arthurxmerlin fanfics that I can find. I've been meaning to read fanfics from this fandom for quite sometimes~found a list of good recs, hell yeah. at least I got new reading stuff. lol, keep lurking on this fandom like forever~go to utube and find stuff about them.haha. Merlin season 4 just make me deliriously happy.  Arthur is still the biggest prat ever, and Merlin is just damn adorable~ the off-screen Merlin cast is damn adorable too. Katie is one hella fun, Bradley is an adorable attention whore, and Colin is the one who didn't talk much ( his accent is too thick, I can't even gather what he's talking about. Irish, like that explain much).

read this one fic, in which arthur is a fic writer on lj, and merlin beta-ing for him.total epic!!! i squeal so much reading the last line~hell yeah. though they write fics for starz's camelot~( dunno much bout this show.haha).

dude, hapakebenda yang i merapu nieyh. sorry, still dizzy lagi. my headache refuse to ebb away~haha

++lotsa fic to read, lotsa stuff to do++

Thursday, October 6, 2011

mak na berkata-kata

meh kita mengumpat jap~hahaha.mak nieyh susah sikit nak tangkap isu2 semasa dalam colleague mak, tapi kalau dah tangkap seghonoklah mak~hahaha. tapi mak bukan nak mengumpat pasal si polan dengan si polan, mak cuma nak mengata je.

ingat ye, mengumpat ngan mengata tu lain ye nyah. x sama. ejaan pon dah lain, apatah lagi kalau bukak thesaurus edisi bahasa melayu~memang x jumpa gitu.

alkisah, hari nieyh mak memang dalam mood nak melancangkan mulut. mulut mak memang jenis lepas gitu, tapi sebab mak nieyh jenis hidup dalam ,bak kata omputih, bubble sindri, so mak nye lepas tuh x sebanyak tyme mak muda2 dulu. Alkisah, mak punya tempat belajar hari ni ade prezentesyen (aih, mak terasa cam ucopwilcha jap).nak kata hari2 mak ade prezentesyen. mak duduk belakang budak nieyh. mak besa-besa je dengan budak nieyh.yelah, x sama kutu, x sekufu.takat hai2 bye2 bolehlah.mak mana nak sama taraf dengan dye. mana nak layak nyah oii, dye anak ikan ramai, mak satu ikan pon xde kat jala.haha

mula-mula lagi mak nye telinga berbulu~yelah, dye dekat sebelah sini, dijerit tanya orang sebelah sana.."yuuuhuu, apa u pegang tuh??" macam semua orang nak dengar dye announce tanya orang~eih nyah, walaupon mak nieyh sumbat tisu dalam bra,pakai spenda ketat2, mak pon taw adab lagi taw nyah..kalau jauh, mak pegi datang dekat.kalau x leyh datang dekat, mak tunggu kejap lagi..bukan laghi pon manusia tuh..
kot mak cakap dengan muka poker face "perlukah nak jerit panggil~" o yeah. mak x taw die dengar ke x~mak pakai nada bass tyne tu ye nyah

pastuh tyme prezentesyen, minah present tuh budak baik ye nyah, pakai tudung, pakai stoking semua, ala jenis2 yang nyah nampak besa pegi sekolah agama. orang tanya die, pe dapat kalau u pandai bwat doodle, dia bagitau kawan die buat komisyen untuk doodle, tapi die gune 'he' ye nak refer kawan dye tuh. huih, pastuh mak dengar pompuan depan mak cakap ngan orang sebelah die "he?he??" gaya orang lain pekak gitu nak ulang banyak kali.ye, ada unsur2 sinis gitu.mak tengok gaya dye macam x caye pompuan camtu bley ade kawan laki.haish, naik meluat lah mak.

bukan mak sesaje nak naik meluat nyah.tapi semua orang taw dye jenis pompuan macam mana. mak panggil pompuan macam die jenis pompuan loose. pantang nampak jantan, terus basah bawah. jenis orang macam kene tabur miang buluh. mak dengar crite die dah ade simpan satu kayu, tapi yg minah ni jenis meliar biji mata.skandal bersepah..kamonlah, jantan paling buaya dalam kelas pon x sanggup nak main dengan die. x kuasa. maw laju mulut mak sound "loh, macam salah ade kawan laki" sambil buat poker face. X taw lah kalau die dengar ke x. mak dah x mampu nak kesian dengan pompuan jenis pathetic macam die. hey, mak kalau tengok die ala2 miss universe mak x kisah taw, at least entitle lah lagi nak bagi brand buaya kat die ye nyah, but puhliz, nyah, kaum kite jenis reject kat blakang jalan haji taib tuh lagi syiok taw~hahaha

tapi yang x bestnye nyah, mak still x leyh tangkap ikan.macam mana nie nyah~pompuan loose orang nak, mak yg gilang gemilang nieyh xde nak lekat.bukan apa nyah, mak x berani nak main cam budak2 zaman skunk. dah habis jiwang2 pastuh putus. mak nak yg laki yang nak bawak mak naik pelamin teros..dengan syarat mak pon suke dielah nyah.amacam~malas jugak tetiap malam minggu jenjalan kat KL pancing ikan. mak tahu le nyah tuh petik jari datang beribu..haha, jeles mak ngan u nyah.

oklah nyah, mak taw u bz.mak nak gi fapping jap. ada barang baru mak jumpa kat tenet.macam best cube.nanti mak bagi nyah pinjam ye.

p/s: pah tadi pesan kat mak jangan jahanamkan blog die.lambatlah u pah, I dah bantai ntah hape2.nasib u lah pah.

++mak na++
++glameeeerrr gituuuu++

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I can't make up my mind

Okay, like seriously, I'm swamped with projects and lotsa assignments this sem. Not to mention my FYP proposal.

But Goddammit, I really~ want to increase my drawing skill~And these few days I keep prowling around DA for RP groups~there's a few that caught my attention~It's because I have no real prompt to draw and my skills get lousier.And I really don't want that.October is like the busiest month ever~ there's a few RP group that are taking new enrollment right now, but I'm afraid I cannot whip out a character that's fast~lol.Not to mention, I really lack the skill to create a character..really, It's not hard to draw some random OC but when it comes to creating a character, I do suck so much at it..what to do..

on further note, I'm actually excited about our batch's project. we will commence it on 28th October till the 30th. we called it OPKIM (lol, but I dunno it stand for what, suck to be me lol). this programme is a community-based programme, in which all 57 students of my class will go to this aborigine settlement at perak. Kg Banun if I'm not mistaken. though my work really on publicity only~I'm under them, what to do lol..really looking forward to it~hahaha.do really it will go on well.It is a big project for us anyway~

++I see no point for this point lol++   

Sunday, October 2, 2011

hong kong, u just the best lol ever~

Dragon Pout Hong Kong - Hetalia Version

Dragon Pout Hong Kong - Gen. Version

Dragon Pout Hong Kong - Tea Family Version

I think the tea family meme is the awesome-est ever!! Hong Kong, u cheeky brat.LOL (especially the last one, it's epic..Iggy give u moar food, yay?)

taken from:http://hetalia.livejournal.com/11550659.html

++sometimes I forgot that michael is Hong's human name++