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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

right now~

I'm totally besotted with this show

Merlin Pictures, Images and Photos

I always wanted to watch this series but I never have the chance to do so and right now, I'm hurrying to make up most of it by trying to watch as many episode as I like.

what I like bout 'em? I dunno, maybe the relationship between arthur and merlin? their bromance is the best! I always like the way arthur insults merlin, his arrogant attitude, his bratty prince side, his chivalrous side,His blonde hair and his blue eyes, I'm a sucker for it

and merlin? I absolutely love how awkward he is~ He did many foolish stuff but he always appear cute <3 he gave the lamest answer or explanation but he manage to get it through. orz, I totally dunno why but seeing he interacting with arthur is always funny.

Merlin Pictures, Images and Photos

If I can cut this picture, morgana, gaius, Uther and Gwen will not be there. oh and just because I can put up something here

Arthur Smiling Pictures, Images and Photos

++I love mordred's eyes.Am I a pedo then?++

Sunday, March 20, 2011

i wish for

i wish for a lot of things

but what I truly wish for right now is hot meals.
specifically pasta and lasagna. and two or three piece of pizza to boot. a vanilla shake.or those fancy-looking drink with ice cream on top of it,with sprinkles of course. a slice of cheesecake, and maybe a bar of chocolate. a blueberry cheese tart. oh, and big apple donuts. and kaya-butter waffles.and some sushi, as side dishes.and ice cream. the one that sold for RM 10 a tube.oh, throw a lipton fresh green tea for me.

give me all those, and I declare my undying love to you.

the greatest way to a woman heart is through her stomach. I kid you not!

++love me? buy me those stuff++

Thursday, March 17, 2011

suicidal project

yeah~my current WIP artwork. looks hideous kan? I have to postpone finishing this artwork since I need to read for my mandarin test tomorrow (yet I still have time to update my blog.what the..).

don't you guys think that the color pink seems fluffy? with lotsa sweetness and all those girly feelings. planning on pink-gray kinda theme but I wouldn't say that that will be my final product.

pray that I got the will to finish this, and it wouldn't look so garish,and by the end of it, I wouldn't kill myself.

++pray..for me?++

Saturday, March 5, 2011

spewing crap...and art?

ppl like this make me wish that i have a pro education on graphic art/design or something art-ish. i took art till form 3. i wish to take art for my spm but i have my hands full already. i have to juggle 13 subjects. (okay, at firt me n my bestie were kinda greedy, we took 14 but eventually we drop one subject, the simplest subject -tasawwur- and took bloody account as our additional subject.luckily we both bag A1 for that shit)

the tyme I seriously involved in manganime was when I'm 13. I start to draw seriously. and god, what a crap i drew back then. I don't have fren that enjoy drawing as much as I do. And i knew a few seniors that draw seriously good. But I was shy to approach em at first.i'm a shy girl, get it. I'm shy and awkward.still are, now. I have no one to teach me how to draw. but my imagination made it up for me. I daydream a lot, I draw every single day, and I read story book almost every day. and i snuck out of school to buy comics and bloody keep it hidden since comics are forbidden there. I was on roll back then. I dunno nets and sorely miss out what they offer. I'm totally shy with my artwork. duh.and so does my fren. Bai, don't keep ur drawing hidden!

when I'm at matrix, i met frens that have the same interest wif me. we draw a lot, and brainstorming become fun. I always have someone to share my ideas and drawing. and I get to know fanfiction. and fuck me, addicted to it lyke u never know. i squeal, and hola net, we met.

once I got net access at uni, I start to learn digital color. I want to know how to color better. I can see a lot of good artist with dashing skill of coloring. i pick up tutorial. i start to take more notice on how ppl blend color. and i uograding my drawing skill (which is still lacking) i wanna be good. this is something i enjoy and i seriously want to get better in it. fuck my programme, but this is what i feel at ease with. and english. english made me at ease. i mean, reading english stuff made me at ease. especially fanfiction. i don't have money to buy books but i got net to access. every single day, i would read fic. academical book is not an option. When I was in my primary school, I'm not bright in english. that's why I spent every single free tyme at secondary school reading english book.

and i write lotsa shit. enough with it. just so you wonder why the cuss, I watched shane dawson beforehand.not good.

++so long, fuckers+