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Saturday, December 4, 2010

let us talk regarding...

men in (ktm's) ladies coach
-personally i think that they are either blind, too stupid to read and understand the big bold pink notice or just don't have enough balls to go at their respective coach. pun definitely intended

fb link on dream hubby, good man should... etc
-personally i think that they just have to stop looking for unrealistic dreams and ground their feet to something solid and face it, life isn't what is it. sumpah den naik jelek tengok komen macam "omg so sweet~" "oh, laki seperti ini lah dicari olehku" coz i think that ppl yg comment like that seriously need life, even more so than i do. and that is saying something

sore throat and cough
-it's annoying.even with the super-duper creamy big delicious yummy vanilla McD's ice-cream it won't heal. but it soothe it for a while. just wait till it get worser,tomorrow perhaps? aww~

harry potter 7 part 1
- a total awesomeness, watched with and equally awesome buddies, with humongous size pop-corn, and newly-bought hand mitten, with o-god hpdm fanservice, a disturbing image of both voldermort and dumbledore (it look like a part from yaoi manga), ron being a sweet chara, laling's sudden obsession of talking bout bulu dada, and the whole lot more. it's bloody awesome

++can't think much due to fatigue and cough++