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Sunday, December 21, 2008

senile-my latest state

recently i made an account in deviantart. it goes under the name of kaizudeadhead. suit to say there will be no other drawing uploading in this site by me..

++menyelongkar lukisan lama ntok dinaikkan ke da++

Monday, December 15, 2008


the only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never any use of oneself

-oscar wilde-

I found out about Oscar Wilde when I was reading one of my many Harry Potter fanfic. After a vain research about him in wikipedia, i now have little grasp about his life. the most noticeable thing about him is that he's an Irish play writer, remarkably famous during late of Victoria age and a flaming gay. Wait up, the term bisexual may apply more accurately since he's married and have two sons. the gay thing aside, i found that most of his quotation are full of sinister remark about society at that time and somehow it implied in the world that we live today. maybe because the way he's thinking is different from everyone else.one that I particularly notice is the one quoted above.

in term of the quote, i have to say that he correctly speaking of it. no one really use the good advice for him/herself. i rarely do so. i bet other people does the same, unless i'm such an abnormal person that i think differently from other people, well in a certain aspect i do. good advice are to be heard, stored in your brain, waiting the right time to make its appearance.tell me, how many of u actually listen and do what other told you to do so? i for one never really do. advices sound nice when u're in trouble but mostly it's a mere nice words, said only to please you. yet it comforting.really...

i think i'm off, finding someone to give good advice on how to treat my current mental illness..

++currently hallucinating...hey, it's that naru i see? geez++

Thursday, December 11, 2008

~cuisine bliss~

if u're on ur break...the most heavenly thing that u will have in ur home is ur favourite dishes...

for example...

Udang Pictures, Images and Photos

yes...my beloved udang goreng...i'm in love with udang goreng..gimme!!!

Ikan Keli Stim Pictures, Images and Photos

hohoho...ikan keli...although i preferred it to be masak lemak cili api..since i got d pic from other site..don't bother..

Cheese Cake Pictures, Images and Photos

a slice of my fav cake...ehehehe

McD Pictures, Images and Photos

u know what is this...though u can get it anywhere besides ur own home..wait, u can't get this at home..and cake too...sorry my mistake though..

++currently hungry..++

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

sem break thingy...

tick tock tick tock

turn on my lappie

type in my password. hint: two hottest bishies eva..*giggle*

log on...*pliing*

uh,hello Sebastian. hello Ciel. long time no see. *wave hand*

click, click


the fox in fire logo pop up.

type in!!!type in!!!

blush, giggle, laugh, frowning, cursing, typing, watching, hearing, feeling mushy

click, click

god, 4 am already???

click click

bye guys...tomorrow we'll meet again 'kay. *throw kisses at Ciel n Sebastian*

log off


++routine had become boring, yet the content is aways something++