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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the blessed stumbling

that girl have so many dreams
and most of it are far-fetched
she dreams of a good ending
or a lovely fairytale story
she knew life was harsh
so she root for her dream
she set up her sight
up to the wide sky
as ignorant as it seem
there, lay all her dreams
never then she set her view to the ground

one day, she stumbled
knocked off by a painful reality
her eyes that never set upon the ground
she see it for the first time
her dream she sees
right across her standing
it was like a blessed stumbling
she then realized the wrong in her doing
if she lower her gaze
and broaden her view
in the reality she find the true

++after this the omake++

alkisah poem ini diilhamkan oleh diri saya yang asyik pandang kat bahagian atas pokok mata kucing di rumah saya, dengan harapan adalah sebarang dua biji buah yang boleh dikunyah~alih-alih,ntah macam mana saya TERpandang bawah dan TERnampak rimbunan mata kucing kat bahagian tepi pokok yang alahai dekat giler ngan tanah~betapa saya rasa bengap sekejap.tapi buah tuh x masak lagi~hadoyai