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Friday, May 29, 2009

naruto 449!!*spoiler*


and the villagers had come back to live!!!!

and pain is dead.......



papa is being cool all the time...come to think o it..it's not that hard to fight those strong enemy..you just come to his place, brewed some tea and say "hey, let's have a talk, surely you be good people after this". if a person like pain can be swayed by few simple words, think, how can papa convince daddy??

maybe with a few head-blown xxxxx?

++this is getting bad.rejoice, kakashi fan..and daddy's++

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

vocaloid 2

the first page.....it's a lil bit messy though

i got a feeling i'm messing up the story

totally messing it up...hahaha

++it's readable scan kan??++

vocaloid 1

this is the character design...the real things r too much fussy to be drawn and i hav to re-scan all 3 pages of aku no musume that i drawn earlier coz the file effing big and blogger won't have it.
i only drew 3 pages coz it's too much hassle..

aku no musume (daughter of evil) music and lyric originally done by akuno-p. utube has the vid.
there at least 2 parts of the chronicle:
  1. aku no musume sung by kagamine rin
  2. aku no meshitsukai (servant of evil) sung by kagamine len
and len.......i'd bawled my eyes every time he sang his part...uh. other song that regarding this chronicle r
  1. daughter of green by miku hatsune
  2. prince of blue by kaito
  3. daughter of vengeance by meiko
other sub part that can be regarded as story that happen after the 'daughter of evil' chronicle
  1. regret message by kagamine rin
  2. re_birthday by kagamine len
now, i need to re-scan all those bloody work..that might take about 24 hours? i'm a proscinator. if someone lucky and i fell up to it, they might be more than 3 pages. hopes r not to be up high.

++cursing all the hassle, from researching, to drawing, and scanning++

Sunday, May 24, 2009

yeah, so what?

warning ahead...may contain vulgarities in content or words used

people say i'm odd
and laling say i'm obscene
even my patient think
that one of my screw is missing
aiyah uncle, u can barely speak
how dare u say i'm 'chissin'?
nasib baik u think i'm pretty
hey i'm not lying
go ask that uncle
eh, wait..he's discharged already
n i'm not masok bakul angkat sindri
so what?
i only naik lif n tekan up button sindri

people say i draw not-so-good thingy
i say i draw whatever the hell i like to see
they point out fingers and say
"hey u draw the tits too big"
and i angkat brow and say
"it can hardly pass as breast honey"
and then they go screaming
"what's this? this man hardly wear a thing!"
i frown and say to them
"yunk i'm studying anatomy.plus can't you see?"
"this man....wear at least loincloth around his hips"
haha..pervy me
so what?

people say nursing don't suit me
i admit it
it not really is
but i acquire great skills from it
the skill to deceit
and conceit
to avenge
and be tahan maki
to duduk blakang kaunter
and ngumpat the person we benci
so what?

people say i'm a bit lessy
hey, i'm just a lil bit clingy
only if i wrap my arms around her hips
doesn't mean i got the hot for people with tits
or something equivalent to it
don't get the wrong concept of it
would u rather have me
clinging to men that is not mahram to me
just lyke 64% people out there been doing
so what?

people are uneasy with my straight forward attitude
i speak obscenities and i kuat maki
i mencarut tak henti-henti
especially when i'm angry
or hungry
but sometimes i duduk diam-diam and perhati
aiyah that orang pon sama suke maki
cuma diorang maki dalam hati
i do the same thing occasionally
admit it..as human being, u're not a perfect thing
not at all never maki in hati
just because i say it out loud
doesn't mean i'm insolent or x sedar diri
guyz,pikir sediri
so what?

somehow i got a feeling
len kali ade mende camnie laie

++makan hati sebab tak dapat cook that damn maggi++

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

may entry...done nothing yet

i want to write something grand...but nothing really good happen. i turned 20 (wuhuu me) with papa and daddy in front of me, looking all serious (and howt) facing the enemy and my friend, occasionally sleeping beside me. no cake whatsoeva. dumping my money on sushi already..hehe

i want to find good ideas for comics but i cannot find anything. and my younger brother keep getting sick..always demam, told him to take the medicine and NO PLAYING OUTSIDE yet dia x dengar, then sapa salah? o course the nurse wannabe! x de orang lain...hahaha

when i put my pensel on a paper, it turn out to be such a horror..i could go scream:

"wtf is this???y my leg look lyke stick..n ma hand look lyke chopstick been implanted there..n wat wif d look? i wanna sexy look...no bitchy-bitchy one..and y is arthur everywhere??where's papa??"

i really want to scream all the things mention above when i draw. and i'm in dire need of reinforcing my love to papa and daddy...my hetalia obssession have gotten bigger than i expected. i'm no longer scrambling the net for papa n daddy but for them instead. i got to watch all the MAD videos on arthur.they were all so..GREAT!! i bawled my eyes for a few of the video esp d one involving him, alfred and/or kiku. shite, i'm shipping others apart papa n daddy.
but i can't help it..

England Pictures, Images and Photos
one of the pic that taken from one of d vid. it made me cry...T-T

since papa story is nearing its end, i'm picking up a new fandom tapi nanti jadi cam laling..fandom abes tetengah jalan, papa n daddy nyew story still jalan...aiyah. don't want lah.

now i start to merepek alweady...what's d point i post this up?nevamind. let me put arthur up. this is purely for my own satisfaction,k? juz bear it.

England Pictures, Images and Photos

++currently lost her mind, obsessing arthur too much++