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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i got bored -R15-

so i'm gonna rant on shits here. i ain't got nothing to do and i'm outta my mind. i don't know why but i really want to use lotsa improper and crude language in this post.so warning ahead, that this post ain't for you untainted virgin mind or whatsoeva. i didn't expect that many people clicking the fucking link on my profile at FB or you memorised this site. no bloody way you guys gonna do shit like that.

and so, i have an epiphany to write in my blog.what else to do? i've done my daily chores of cleaning my DA account and playing the effing game at FB. and i roam around to watch anime (currently following kuroshitsuji 2,uraboku, and hetalia) and the shitty fanfic site that only got updated like once in a full moon. no new chapter was up for komahoshi, fucker.i've been waiting for that shit to come up since january.and i lost the link to where i can read kuroshitsuji and god knows why i am so partial to blonde.why do i need to really be partial to them? it's not like i can find a single person here in malaysia. it's fucking impossible. why is it so hard for me to look away from a blond character?? and those hunk that got this fancy eyes color, and oh god, yummy abs. and why the fuck do i have to watch a show like that? or go to that site? fuck those who taught me, but god, i love you guys for that. now, why the hell, really, that i can stumble upon this series. i'm not even done yet with the one that got this loads of romance and fluff in the air but then i found this one that apparently focusing on sexing up another guys right through the weekend and then the unwitting daily questions of life being arouse throughout the series~the us series was quite bold. i'm gonna find the uk version and compared this two series together and have fun watching guys.yummy yummy guys.

oh, and a very potter sequel gonna come out on youtube this saturday. crowds are getting impatient waiting this so fantastic things to come out. i'm not supposed to hold high hope in case i dissapoint myself when i watch it but i cannot help it.this shit, it's fucking awesome. i'm so laughing my ass off when i watch the first series. i'm at the point where i can re-enact every single shit that they spew out of their awesome mouth. And i just found out that you can actually fake your ass with this ass-looking thing snugged inside your cloth,ok more like your pant.and your crotch too? (for man, women got their breast looks bigger by position,push-up bra and extra padding)

now,sleep tight asshole

++feeling just the tiniest bit of bitchy today++

Sunday, July 11, 2010

tahi lembu jantan

I'm not cut up for any movie that contain death scene.especially the one that involve accident,killing and the like. I dislike movie that have things go boom and there's super gun to shoot the enemy with this super cool pose. I don't like movie that the character play with other's life like it's some shit. I hate horror film that involve lotsa bloodshed. Film that contain how easy people die but just slipping on the road and got hit by car.






i'm gonna cry

++choco didn't work this time++

Monday, July 5, 2010

a bit on kuroshitsuji 2

WARNING:CONTAIN SPOILER (for those who hadn't watch it yet)

seriously the whole tyme i watch that series i kept frowning at my own screen. Alois is totally on different level from ciel. that brat are like totally lose screws up on his head (might due to circumstances that are quite disturbing at the start of the episode). his clingyness,random mood swing (bipolar maybe?) want some glittering BL awesomeness? don't worry,Alois and Claude can provide it all~those two...ok this is my personal view, i mean BL is awesome, when the fandom give only subtle hint of it,but if it was blatantly use as fanservice,is not really that awesome anymore.seriously.

i think the episode get to its awesomeness level when sebby came. though he wearing a long high-collar trench coat and a hat that almost cover his eyes, you can still detect his sexiness pouring out of him, carrying his beloved master in a big trunk,apparently want to find something at the basement of the Trancy mansion. okay guys, the main point here is that we're not gonna lose our awesome sebby and ciel. i was afraid of that actually.

now,kuroshitsuji off topic, laling called and told me she left her lappie.i pity her.ha ha.

++still frowning++