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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

tell you what

If you ever went to medan selera Taman Melawati (at jalan negara.quite a lot of art shop there), there is a bookshop. It situated right in front of the sport toto place and printing shop called Achik. that bookshop is the mamak-kind of shop, where it sells heaps of mags, comics and etc but it was owned by a Malay. According to my pa, this shop had been around about 20 years. He spent his money there when he was young, buying sweets and stuff. my pa is an avid Hong Kong comic reader till now (he's 50 in 23 days). he started way before he got me. And he bought it from this pak cik. every week, without fail. I spent my childhood reading Pedang Setiawan (Stormrider by Ma Wing Shing) and some comics tittled Juara Wira (can't remember who's the artist). He never brought us there tho. My first comic that mum bought me was Sailormoon from Stor Johan (the shop is still there in Melawati) and Dragon ball for my bro.

when I was 11, we moved to Kuantan. but we will go down to Ulu Kelang everytime my pa had the time for it. And he always went there to buy his comics. And he brought us. It was like the first time he introduced his kids to the pakcik. I bought my first gempak there. When we moved to Sepang, my pa still frequently went to UK. and we always go to the shop together, he bought his stuff, I bought my own (I was in my secondary school, in which I started to seriously collect comics).

We only went there sometimes once in a year when we lived in Sepang, but everytime me and my siblings went there to browse (minus the 2 youngest and ma parents) he will always asked about my pa. to think he actually recognized us.hahahaha.

once I was in uni I rarely went there. plus the time in matrix. so that pakcik actually saw me around 2/3 years once, and I usually went there without my pa. but what made me happy is that he still recognized us. rasa macam ada kedai buku sendiri, walhal pak i loyal customer dia.

lately i brought my youngest two siblings there. Adila has an unhealthy fixation with shoujo manga (as was I, once) n marzuki buy anything that struck his fancy. come to think, nanti pakcik dapat the whole family jadi customer dia. haha, pakcik always ask the same thing when he saw me 'ayah mana, x datang sekali?' nampak sangat ayah aku kaki komik.huhuhu.

come, datanglah ke kedai pakcik, walaupon i x taw nama pakcik tu. come, buy his stuff. i am promoting him.hahahaha.

++reminiscing like an old lady++


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